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Times Cryptic 27560

Much of this went in smoothly but I had some problems  in the SW corner and became bogged down so that I finished way over my target half-hour. Also I discovered a careless error at 3dn whilst writing the blog.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]. I usually omit all reference to positional indicators unless there is a specific point that requires clarification.

1 Motor-racing company accepting a second disaster (6)
FIASCO : F1 (motor-racing) + CO (company) containing [accepting] A (a) + S (second)
5 GP, say, keeping various items around the house (8)
DOMESTIC : DOC (GP say) containing [keeping] anagram [various] of ITEMS
9 In time to keep river out of public view (2,6)
IN CAMERA : IN + ERA (time) containing [to keep] CAM (river). 'In the chamber'.
10 European city that never sleeps? Not quite (6)
NAPLES : NAP-LES{s} (never sleeps?) [not quite]
11 City and Italian city-dweller about to appear in US city? Magic (10)
NECROMANCY : EC (city - of London) + ROMAN (Italian city-dweller) + C (about) contained by [to appear in] NY (US city - New York). Originally the art of prediction by supposed communication with the dead, but subsequently covering magic more generally.
13 Cultured person losing head (4)
ARTY : {m}ARTY (person) [losing head]. The random first names are becoming ever more random; last week I had Arnie on my watch. On edit: Thanks to Kevin for pointing out that the setter may have intended {p}ARTY (person) [losing head].
14 Recalled best mark (4)
SPOT : TOPS (best) reversed [recalled]
15 Opening for Surrey, vital to get on this? (10)
SCOREBOARD : S{urrey} [opening], CORE (vital), BOARD (get on). The statutory cricket clue.
18 High-minded headmaster dismissing a limited version of education? (10)
PRINCIPLED : PRINCIP{a}L (headmaster) [dismissing 'a'], ED (education) with 'limited version' helpfully indicating the abbreviation
20 Horse covering miles in search (4)
COMB : COB (horse) containing [covering] M (miles)
21 Acclaim, losing no time (4)
HOUR : HO{no}UR (acclaim) [losing 'no']
23 Great to keep remaining Northern soldiers in control (10)
GOVERNMENT : GT (great) containing [to keep] OVER (remaining) + N (Northern) + MEN (soldiers)
25 Theater, the last word in comfort originally, heading west (6)
CINEMA : AMEN (the last word) then I {n} + C{omfort}  [originally] all reversed [heading west]. I am at a loss to explain the American spelling of 'theatre' here.
26 Uncontrollable oil gush — hot and revolting (8)
GHOULISH : Anagram [uncontrollable] of OIL GUSH H (hot)
28 Call back about fire in the sky (8)
EMPYREAN : NAME (call) reversed [back]  containing [about] PYRE [fire]. My LOI, unknown and arrived at from wordplay. SOED has: Of or pertaining to the sky or heavens.
29 Time with former lovers consuming Frenchman's cuisine (3-3)
TEX-MEX : T (time), then EX + EX (former lovers) containing [consuming] M (Frenchman)
2 Bar manager from sounding out popular goalie (9)
INNKEEPER : INN sounds like [from sounding out] "in" (popular) , KEEPER (goalie). I think strictly speaking the definition's a bit wobbly here as a person styled 'bar manager' is unlikely to be an INNKEEPER, but in very general terms I suppose it works.
3 Radio announcement's to recognise a worry: coastal fog (3,4)
SEA FRET : SEA sounds like [radio announcement's] "see" [recognise], FRET (worry). I misremembered this expression from previous outings and wrote SEA FRIT without thinking it through properly.
4 Individual going East (3)
ONE : ON (going - running), E (East)
5 Contract excluding wife's tax (5)
DRAIN : DRA{w} |IN (contract) [excluding wife]
6 One with particular interest in offering ready supply (11)
MONEYLENDER : Cryptic, with 'ready' indicating an association with money.
7 Singer, very good, keeping musical work organised (7)
SOPRANO : SO (very good - as in 'just so') containing [keeping] OP (musical work) + RAN (organised)
8 Useless writer is shown up in it (5)
INEPT : PEN (writer) reversed [shown up] contained by [in] IT
12 Decorator's accessory: staff retaining piece to copy (7,4)
MASKING TAPE : MAST (staff) containing [retaining] KING (piece - chess], APE (copy). Also known as painter's tape I believe.
16 Bird that hurts gerbil's tail (3)
OWL : OW (that hurts), {gerbi}L [tail]
17 Think back regarding main road south into French city (9)
REMINISCE : RE (regarding), M1 (main road), then S (south) contained by [into] NICE (French city)
19 New expedition from east of London to secure Kentish garden centre? (7)
NURSERY : N (new), 'URRY (expedition) [from east of London - yer actual Cockerney] containing [to secure] SE (Kentish - South East)
20 Difficult enough after losing answer in guide (7)
COMPLEX : {a}MPLE (enough) [after losing answer] contained by [in] COX (guide - a person who steers a rowing boat)
22 Disapprobation over simple-minded besieging University (5)
ODIUM : O (over), DIM (simple-minded) containing [besieging] U (University)
24 Promoter of diet, say, in the forefront (5)
VEGAN : EG (say) contained by [in] VAN (forefront). After the excesses of the festive season are there any 'Veganuarians' out there, |I wonder?
27 Unconscious in fight, getting head struck (3)
OUT : {b}OUT (fight) [getting head struck]
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