chrisw91 (chrisw91) wrote in times_xwd_times,

Times Quick Cryptic 1526 by Joker

Smooth sailing until I was left struggling with 8dn, 3dn and 1ac which fell in that order in 11 minutes. A well crafted QC in my opinion - what’s yours?

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Couldn't get into this at first, with nothing happening in the top half until 11ac. So, I put it down for a bit and when I returned everything seemed to fall into place. As a result, it took a good hour, but following on from yesterday was very enjoyable with some excellent clues.

Potential COD's included 13ac "Elf" (great surface), 12dn "Prominent" (took an age to see the parsing but couldn't see what else it could be), 23ac "Enter" and 7dn "Double Check".

Only query was that I was looking for two "S's" for 19dn "Surge", as I thought the plural in Sons meant there should be more than one. Obviously not.

FOI - 11ac "Buttercup"
LOI - 7dn "Double Check"
COD - Any number of the ones mentioned above.

Thanks as usual.
There were some nicely worded clues in today's puzzle and, for once, the anagrams didn't prove too much of a problem. FOI was Probationer, but only after I rejected my initial Prototyping biff. After that it was a fairly steady solve, filling in gaps as and when the crossers allowed - I had the Double part of 7d straight away, but couldn't see Check until 21ac Climber was in place. 18ac, Abstinent, was a cracking clue and would have been my CoD, but I thought the misdirection in 15d, Torsion, just gave it the edge. Loi today, just short of 25mins, was 23ac Enter, as it took me ages to see why it was the answer. Invariant
Found this hard. ABSTINENT needed all the checkers and a good headscratch too. Quite a few not that easy and so first came to a standstill with quite a few spaces - then filled in from SW.
... Thank you to John_Dun for pointing me at it yesterday. And it seems I must learn how to type on a small screen! Three mistypes in an otherwise correct solution needed re-entering so slowed me to 8.51.

A good puzzle, and like others I was at first misled by "Twisting" in 15D, thinking it was the pointer to an anagram meaning unusual. But 18A gets my COD, for the image of an abstainer "going without the can" (and the bottle too ...)

Thank you for the blog and to Joker for the puzzle.


January 14 2020, 13:44:47 UTC 6 months ago

I found this tough and only succeeded because of guesswork as I could not work out the clue in 4 cases. Pleased to have got there in the end!


January 14 2020, 13:48:11 UTC 6 months ago

Tough I thought, but very enjoyable. Good challenge.
....was hasty and careless - but arguably not PERFUNCTORY. A rare occasion when my COD is an anagram.

BALLERINA and ENTER were parsed afterwards. I thought the clue for REFIT was surprisingly poor in an otherwise excellent QC. Finished comfortably within target.

I glanced at 1a and then 7d and thought I was going to be in for a lengthy solve. My FOI (and my COD) was 9a OFFAL and then things proceeded apace with the exception of the PROMINENT/ABSTINENT intersection (ENT does appear frequently in the grid!). LOI at just over 10 mins was 8d PERFUNCTORY.
Pleased to almost meet our 30m target. Dragged up half remembered words for 8d and 15d, but being anagrams helped. A satisfactory solve, thanks to all.
I started off at a good lick with 1a and most of the downs coming off it going in straight away. I didn't slow down much as I made my way around the grid until left with PERFUNCTORY, INADVERTENT and LOI PROMINENT. Finished in 11.26 with my favourite being ABSTINENT.
Thanks for the blog


January 14 2020, 22:28:18 UTC 6 months ago

Just 2 minutes over my target 20 and feel okay about that having read the comments! I really enjoyed the challenge. There are far too many impressive clues today to single one out. Thank you, Joker, and thanks to Chris too. MM

Lovely puzzle done on my phone lying on a hotel bed after a tough day’s work, one of many recently with more to come. At least it didn’t throw my solve which was a highly respectable 1.5K for a Very Good Day. Thanks Joker and Chris.



January 18 2020, 11:16:43 UTC 6 months ago

Dnf as I found this very difficult. One for the more experienced I feel
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