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Mephisto 3097 - Don Manley

Greetings from North Carolina where we are currently under a tornado watch. It's pretty horrible out but I still have power and internet for right now, so hopefully I can get this all written up.

I did most of this on a plane but needed the dictionary for the last few (ending with 20 down where I wasn't sure if it ended in an E or Y).

In Mephisto puzzles all definitions (the first of which is underlined) can be confirmed in Chambers, so this write-up will focus on the wordplay.

Away we go...

5 Choose to engage any number, in charge of cross-examination (8)
ELENCTIC - ELECT(choose) containing N(any number), then IC(in charge)
11 A stain to get shifted — not one produced by orange dyes (7)
ANATTOS - anagram of A,STAIN,TO minus I(one)
12 Humble but not leader as member of parliament? (4)
OWLY - LOWLY(humble) missing the first letter
13 Abraham’s father having change of heart (5)
TERAH - anagram of HEART
14 Foot coming down heavily in street approaching slope (6)
STRAMP - ST(street) by RAMP(slope)
15 Born to a true rogue, I admitted being so much the richer (12, two words)
TANTO UBERIOR - anagram of BORN,TO,A,TRUE containing I
16 Get rid of language containing first hint of animosity (5)
ERASE - ERSE(language) containing the first letter of Animosity
17 Savage queen maybe featured in women’s magazine (6)
SCATHE - CAT(queen, maybe) inside SHE(women's magazine)
18 Bird, one coming to river in meadow (6)
LEIPOA - I(one), by PO(river) inside LEA(meadow)
24 Way the old man rolls over in a subhuman condition? (6)
APEDOM - MODE(way), and PA(the old man) all reversed
26 Lord, that is tiny on some islands! (6)
PEERIE - PEER(lord), IE(that is)
27 Holy scriptures not a source of light (5)
VESTA - AVESTA(holy scriptures) missing A
30 Reasons a creationist is misguided (12)
31 Ease old member in time (6)
ALEGGE - LEG(member) inside AGE(time)
32 Sports club has managed to collect money (5)
FRANC - F.C.(sports club) containing RAN(managed)
33 Imbecile decapitated flower (4)
NILE - ANILE(imbecile) missing the first letter
34 Cordial human being cut short, interrupted by one that’s cold (7)
PERSICO - PERSON(human being) missing the last letter, containing I(one), C(cold)
35 Old-style physician a little man probing heart (8)
GALENIST - A, LEN(little man) inside GIST(heart)

1 Be in debt at Oxford? Sounds like a struggle (6)
BATTEL - homophone of BATTLE(struggle)
2 A French female, a revolutionary not able to listen? (7)
UNEARED - UNE(female "a" in French), A, RED(revolutionary)
3 Very small buffalo in an Indian group? (5)
VARNA - V(very), ARNA(buffalo)
4 Position not superior, as shown by data (5)
STATS - STATUS(position) missing U(superior)
6 Having Chambers, find bits of unusual language therein (8)
LOCULATE - LOCATE(find) containing first letters of Universal Language
7 Remark on church devoid of modern gimmickry (6)
NO-TECH -  NOTE(remark) on CH(church)
8 Get worn down, as a record being played (7)
CORRADE - anagram of A,RECORD
9 See some enthusiast wait eternally for a fish (6)
TWAITE - hidden inside enthusiasT WAIT Eternally
10 Tree must be cut as a matter of legal principle (6, two words)
CY PRES - CYPRESS(tree) missing the last letter
17 Specifies about four verbs of a particular type (8)
STATIVES -STATES(specifies) containing IV(four)
19 Through one exclamation of surprise makes an astronomical point (7)
PERIGEE - PER(through), I(one), GEE(exclamation of surprise)
20 Military formation’s rare power (7)
POTENCE - double definition
21 Without kids, made a call — appeared suddenly? (6)
SPRANG - SP(sine prole, without kids), RANG(made a call)
22 Once again explain about Swiss hero (6)
RETELL - RE(about), william TELL(Swiss hero)
23 Element of protoplasm? Big one undergoing change (6)
BIOGEN - anagram of BIG,ONE
25 Arts graduate’s to study lots of dense material (6)
MASCON - MA'S(arts graduate's), CON(study)
28 Signs of sorrow beginning to end formerly, but not now (5)
EARST - TEARS(signs of sorrow) with the first letter moved to the end
29 Scottish colt’s gait’s awkward (5)
STAIG - anagram of GAIT'S
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