Jeremy (plusjeremy) wrote in times_xwd_times,

Times Quick Cryptic No 1522 by Noel


Hey all. On vacation here, on an unfamiliar laptop, so forgive the terseness and messiness. At the very least, have a look at the answers in the four corners of the grid.



1 Trees seen by pressman stuck in traffic? (6)
CEDARS (trees) = ED in CARS

5 Little son, worried and frightened (6)
SCARED (frightened) = S + CARED

8 Sacked from bar finally, I scarpered (6)
RIFLED (sacked) = last letter of BAR + I + FLED

9 Rascal's given one seafood (6)
SCAMPI (seafood) = SCAMP + I

10 Some area's education facility (4)
EASE (facility) = hidden in AREA'S EDUCATION

11 Mr Leslie, out of tune, is humming more? (8)
SMELLIER (humming more?) = MR LESLIE anagrammed

13 Doctor instructs dire visiting health worker (8,5)
DISTRICT NURSE (visiting health worker) = anagram INSTRUCTS DIRE

16 US lawman overwhelmed by rage, for example? Possibly (1,4,3)
I DARE SAY (possibly) = DA inside IRE + SAY (for example)

18 Snapper caught row of celebrities, first of all (4)
CROC (snapper) = first letters of CAUGHT ROW OF CELEBRITIES

20 Accept pet auk must be replaced (4,2)
TAKE UP (accept) = PET AUK anagrammed

22 Good work with shed is to come to nothing (2,4)
GO PHUT (come to nothing) = G + OP (work) + HUT

23 Little bag, scarlet, that one can't touch (6)
SACRED (that one can't touch) = SAC + RED

24 Rogue concerned with small revolutionary groups (6)
CADRES (revolutionary groups) = CAD + RE (concerned with) + S


2 I have raised volunteers for show (5)
EVITA (show) = I'VE reversed + TA (volunteers)

3 No one can stand being in such a stadium (3-6)
ALL-SEATER = cryptic definition: this is a stadium wherein all patrons have an assigned seat (of course, patrons could stand, but never mind that...)

4 Fizzy drinks help to keep a daughter on the up (5)
SODAS (fizzy drinks) = SOS (help) around A + D (daughter) reversed

5 Dubious sects up for reorganisation (7)
SUSPECT (dubious) = SECTS UP anagrammed

6 Gang mad that odd characters are not in range (3)
AGA ([cooking] range) = GANG MAD without the odd-numbered letters

7 Politician arriving in before soldiers evacuated Victoria?
EMPRESS (Victoria?) = MP in ERE (before) + SOLDIERS without middle letters (evacuated)

12 Platform united in wild handclap (6,3)
LAUNCH PAD (platform) = U (united) in anagram of HANDCLAP

14 State home attended by lady of the hunt? (7)
INDIANA (state) = IN + DIANA (lady of the hunt, from mythology)

15 Tasteless sauce mostly isn't one for picking up (7)
INSIPID (tasteless) = DIP (sauce) + almost all of ISN'T + I, all reversed

17 Shy about hugging US private into posturing? (5)
YOGIC (into posturing?) = COY reversed, around GI (US private)

19 Old electrical device, valuable (2,3)
OF USE (valuable) = O + FUSE

21 Hesitate on run, and get lost? (3)
ERR (get lost?) = ER (hesitate) + R (run)

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