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Times Quick Cryptic No 1519 by Tracy

A bit of a slow start with 10A being my FOI, but, apart from an initial miscue at 1D, I got through this without further mishap in just over 5 minutes. A little tricky in places, I thought. There are one or two red herrings to avoid, a sneaky definition or two and a definition by example. Some of the  UK-centric General Knowledge (and pronunciation) may be unfamiliar to some of our overseas solvers, too. I liked 14A and 13D in particular, but I thought it was all good. Thanks Tracy. How did you all get on?

Definitions underlined in bold italics, (Abc)* indicating anagram of Abc, deletions and [] other indicators.

1 Genre of film associated with boldness in a war zone (7,5)
WESTERN FRONT - WESTERN (genre of film) and then [associated with] FRONT (boldness). The "in a" is just filling, I think, although it did get me wondering whether there was some one-word-in-another type stuff going on.
8 Picture that is enthralling the old lady, first in guidebook (5)
IMAGE - I.E. (id est; that is) outside [enthralling] MA (the old lady) and the initial letter of [first in] Guidebook.
9 Dodgy two-star, taking the most pessimistic view (2,5)
AT WORST - [Dodgy] (two-star)*.
10 Unforeseen difficulty in mine before collapse (7)
PITFALL - PIT (mine) [before] FALL (collapse).
11 Long tale about Melibee, ultimately (5)
YEARN - Fortunately, we don't need to know (as I didn't) The Tale of Melibee is one of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. We take YARN (tale) and put it [about] the last letter of MelibeE [ultimately].
12 Declare invalid's wife released from old London gaol (6)
NEGATE - A bit of a sneaky definition. You take NEwGATE (old London gaol) and remove the W [wife released from].
14 Arrived ahead of artist, producer of pictures (6)
CAMERA - CAME (arrived) [ahead of] RA (artist). No. Not a person in charge of movie production or a painter of paintings. Nice one.
17 Flog wood (5)
BIRCH - Double definition. Yes I'm old enough to have received the birch in school.
19 Second, perhaps, to have spoken about loud noise (7)
ORDINAL - A definition by example (hence the "perhaps"). ORAL (spoken) [about] DIN (loud noise).
21 Russian leader travelling in style (7)
YELTSIN - [travelling] (in style)*. As in Boris of that ilk.
22 Tear off to collect ten more (5)
EXTRA - It is tempting to think "Tear off" is the definition, but it isn't. (Tear)* [off] outside [to collect] X (ten).
23 Produced German wine entertaining one unmarried French girl (12)
MADEMOISELLE - MADE (produced) MOSELLE (German wine) outside [entertaining] I (one).
1 Stealing floats, they say? Scapegoats found (8,4)
WHIPPING BOYS - WHIPPING (Stealing) BOYS, sounds like [they say] BUOYS (floats)... if you live in the UK,that is, but not, I believe, across the pond. Don't we love homophones? Oh, by the way,  it's not often you see a definition that's not at the front or end of the clue.
2 Celebrity, last in event to jump (5)
START - STAR (celebrity) [last in] evenT. What you do when you're startled.
3 Stylish member in neat pants (7)
ELEGANT - LEG (member) [in] (neat)* [pants]. "Arm" and "leg" for "member" come up quite often and "pants" as an anagram indicator has become quite fashionable.
4 Nobleman entering New York? Just about (6)
NEARLY - EARL (Nobleman) inside [entering] N.Y. (New York). "Just about" entering a city is a curious concept, methinks.
5 Noisy mob, heading off before end of rally (5)
ROWDY - cROWD (mob) without its first letter [headling off] [before] [end of] rallY.
6 English sailor hurried over to tell the story (7)
NARRATE - E (English) TAR (sailor) RAN (hurried) all reversed [over].
7 We lament goal scrambled in college match (4,4,4)
ETON WALL GAME - (We lament goal)* [scrambled]. Never heard of it? Read all about it here.
13 A lot of blood over area surrounding sick animal (7)
GORILLA - all but the last latter [a lot of] GORe (blood) [over] A (area) [surrounding] ILL (sick). Nicely constructed, but a bit of a sad image.
15 Plug clothes in speech (7)
ADDRESS - AD (advert; plug) DRESS (clothes).
16 Carried round island in the Pacific (6)
BORNEO - BORNE (carried) O (round-looking letter). I never thought of it being in the Pacific, lying between the Java and South China seas, but they are both part of the Western Pacific. Read more fun facts about Borneo here.
18 Hospital teas prepared in great speed (5)
HASTE - H (hospital) (teas)* [prepared]. That will be NHS fast food then.
20 In Medina, tales of birth (5)
NATAL - Snuck in at the end, our hidden word clue of the day... [in] MediNA TALes. I hope you all remembered this word from Wednesday's QC. What did I know about Medina? Er.. not a lot. Luckily we don't need to here. But this told me it's in Saudi Arabia. A whimsical oblique reference to the Arabian Nights, perhaps? I'll get my coat...
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