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Times Cryptic 27518

Solving time: 28 minutes. This was an easy puzzle but blogging it was much harder work.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]. I usually omit all reference to positional indicators unless there is a specific point that requires clarification.

1 Fellow politicians going round boundaries of Atlas range (7)
COMPASS : CO-MP'S (fellow politicians) containing [going round] A{tla}S [boundaries]
5 Earnest South American touring eastern port (7)
SERIOUS : S (south) + US (American) containing [touring] E (eastern) + RIO (port)
9 Management originally supplying musicians for a king in haste (9)
HUSBANDRY : S{uppplying} [originally] + BAND (musicians) replaces [for] the first R (a king) in the word HU{r}RY (haste)
10 Prickly shrub, one accommodated by Remus's brother (5)
BRIER : I (one) contained [accommodated] by BR'ER (Remus's brother). This is a reference to the Uncle Remus Stories by Joel Chandler Harris (1848-1908) in which most of the charactes were titled 'Br'er', short for 'brother'. Br'er Rabbit was the main one. Disney made these into a film called Song Of The South (1946) containing some great songs enjoyed in my childhood innocence, but it's all very controvorsial stuff now so unlikely ever to be seen on TV again.
11 Most of message received about high-class cosmetic (5)
ROUGE : ROGE{r} (message received) [most of...] containing [about] U (high-class)
12 Many go ashore, united in this idyllic place (9)
LOTUSLAND : U (united) contained by [in] LOTS LAND (many go ashore). It sounds a nice place but I didn't actually know the reference. Collins has it as: 1. Greek mythology, the land of the lotus-eaters.2. an idyllic place of contentment and ease.
14 Hard finance can supply a Quebecois, perhaps (6,8)
17 Rating part of Mass, calls back to cover front of altar (8,6)
ORDINARY SEAMAN : ORDINARY (part of Mass), then NAMES (calls) reversed [back] containing [to cover] A{ltar} [front]. Again I turned to Collins for enlightenment: ordinary - the unvarying parts of a Roman Catholic service, esp. those which form a sung Mass.
21 Like some rock male member initially explained in exam (9)
MARMOREAL : M (male), ARM (member), then  E{xplained} [initially] contained by [in] ORAL (exam). Like marble.
23 Elizabethan navigator finally turned libertine (5)
DRAKE : {turne}D [finally], RAKE (libertine)
24 Get up close to one, not early! (5)
ELATE : {on}E [close], LATE (not early)
25 In which properly dressed soldiers are lamenting breaking up (9)
ALIGNMENT : Anagram [breaking up] of LAMENTING
26 Misfortune revealed by our education supplement, initially? (7)
SETBACK : TES (our education supplement, initially - Times Educational Supplement) is reversed [BACK]. One of those self-referencing clues where the reversal indicator is in the answer.
27 Ageing English lord residing at first in cathedral city (7)
ELDERLY : E (English), LD (lord), then R {esiding} [at first] contained by [in] ELY (cathedral city)
1 "Stick together" - something eg colonel may say on phone? (6)
COHERE : Not a soundalike clue as 'may say on the phone' might suggest, but if you read it it as "C.O. HERE" where C.O. stands for  Commanding Officer you'll get the idea.
2 Entertainer in Paris that's restricted by mother's resistance (7)
MASQUER : QUE (in Paris 'that') is contained [restricted] by MA'S (mother's) + R (resistance). This is a person who takes part in a masquerade or a masque. It can also be spelt 'masker'.
3 A brave man disheartened about a Mycenaean king (9)
AGAMEMNON : A, GAME (brave). M{a}N [disheartened], ON (about)
4 Ride this ultimately - and go off heroin? (6,5)
SADDLE HORSE : {thi}S [ultimately], ADDLE (go off), HORSE (heroin). 'Ride' here is a noun meaning a horse for riding.
5 European leader banished from island? Heavens! (3)
SKY : SKY{e} (island) [European leader banished]
6 Puzzle concerning rising press employee (5)
REBUS : RE (concerning), SUB (press employee - sub-editor) reversed [rising]
7 Rejection of a bank arrangement primarily means independent paper folding (7)
ORIGAMI : A + GIRO (bank arrangement) reversed [rejection of...], then M{eans} + I {ndependent} [primarily]
8 Walk purposefully over books in grating? (8)
STRIDENT : STRIDE (walk purposefully], NT (books - New Testament)
13 Star in Nepal travelling across certain mountains (11)
TRANSALPINE : Anagram [travelling] of STAR IN NEPAL
15 Gave up being promiscuous? (9)
ABANDONED :Two meanings
16 Stupid to procced without the Marines? (8)
GORMLESS : GO (proceed), RM-LESS (without the (Royal) Marines). There is a misprint in the third word of the clue.
18 Lethargic porter dropping round at end of shift (7)
DORMANT : DO{o}RMAN (porter) [dropping round - O], {shif}T [end]
19 Layman in a primeval city imbibing milky infusion ... (7)
AMATEUR : A + UR (primeval city) containing [imbibing] MATE (milky infusion). Collins has: Maté 1. an evergreen tree cultivated in South America for its leaves, which contain caffeine, 2.  a stimulating milky beverage made from the dried leaves of this tree.
20 ... one in a box dispatched by public transport? (6)
SENTRY : SENT (dispatched), RY (public transport)
22 Last letter from girl in borders of Oklahoma (5)
OMEGA : MEG (girl) contained by [in] O{klahom}A [borders]
25 Diver from area to north of this country (3)
AUK : A (area), UK (this country). It's a bird.
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