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27514 Thursday, 21 November 2019 Consuming passions

An amiable puzzle with not too much to send you diving to the reference books, which I resolved in a tad under 17 minutes, the top right resisting most. There is, for me, an impression of a lot of inclusion clues, perhaps prompted by two adjacent clues that use “consuming” as the indicator. I did like the long and rather apposite anagram at 10, even if the numeration made it a bit of a write-in
My commentary includes clues, definitions and SOLUTIONS

1 Your band playing as a four, sometimes two more (8)
BOUNDARY A rare sight from England’s opening pair in Mount Maunganui (so far, at least) A ball smitten by the batsman that crosses the boundary is a four, and if it does so without bouncing it’s a six. You need to be “playing” with YOUR BAND to score. It’s an anagram
5 Classic of the Chinese to install bible for church in Washington (6)
IRVING Author of Rip Van Winkle (1819) and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1820). This is a substitution clue, starting with the I CHING of ancient Chinese philosophy and divination, and replacing the CH of Church with the RV, the now little used Revised Version of the Bible
10 Remarkably unfailing growth that is easy to secure (3-7,5)
LOW-HANGING FRUIT An anagram (remarkably) of UNFAILING GROWTH, an &lit in which the whole clue is the definition
11 Intolerance in art-house, head finding a new position (7)
ALLERGY I see I ignored the wordplay for this one, but it’s GALLERY for art-house, with the head, G, being moved to a new spot.
12 One in the sea grabbed by crazy fool (7)
MISLEAD One in the sea being ISLE “grabbed” by MAD for crazy
13 Perhaps foundation of the universe cracked by alien (8)
COSMETIC Of the universe is COSMIC, ET our alien who cracks his way in
15 The retreat from Moscow? (5)
DACHA A Russian’s country house, this being a cryptic definition playing on “retreat”
18 Tricky part of climb, perhaps, needing some spare tents (5)
ARÊTE “a sharp ridge of rock that is formed between glacially created valleys”, such as on Everest. Today’s hidden, some of spARE TEnts
20 A rule I instilled in fellow African (8)
MALAWIAN A, rule: LAW, I inserted into fellow: MAN
23 Facade awkwardly flat, no rustication initially in it (7)
FRONTAL An anagram (awkwardly) of FLAT NO R(ustication). The words “in it” are only there to enhance the surface, otherwise the NO R would have to go in in that order.
25 Agree artist makes a fabulous creation (7)
CHIMERA Agree is CHIME, and the artist our generic RA, Royal Academician
26 The undoubted leader? (8,7)
DEFINITE ARTICLE A simple charade, leader here being such as found in a newspaper
27 Very funny appeal by a young girl booked (6)
LOLITA “Booked” by Nabukov. LOL for very funny in textspeak plus IT for appeal and A
28 Finally appear with one dropping round security equipment (8)
SHREDDER The last letter of appeaR with SHEDDER for one dropping, surrounding it.

1 A couple of lines in dreadful poem (6)
BALLAD A, plus two L(ine)s in BAD for dreadful
2 Almost indisposed to show up, coldly received (9)
UNWELCOME Indisposed gives UNWELL, which you only almost write in, add COME for show up
3 Plan to plunge Indian city into dark (7)
DIAGRAM AGRA is our Indian city, plunged into DIM for dark
4 Finally arriving in Stone, a Midlands town (5)
RUGBY The last letter of arrivinG within RUBY for stone. For what it's worth, Stone is indeed a Midlands town on the River Trent in Staffs.
6 Wouldn’t agree to be given another meal without our people (7)
REFUSED Given another meal could be REFED, without here means outside as US is “our people”
7 Engaged by English paper, I turned up (2,3)
IN USE E(nglish) plus our beloved sister paper, the SUN, plus I all “turned up” or reversed
8 Be overambitious, sacking Romeo from production of tragedies (3,5)
GET IDEAS Remove NATO Romeo from TRAGEDIES, then make a new production of the remaining letters. I was very slow to spot how to do that.
9 Consuming mineral, I love being hostile (8)
INIMICAL I love gives you I NIL, and the mineral is MICA to be “consumed”
14 Model of Parthenon, say, consuming a ton (8)
TEMPLATE More consuming to the same end: A T(on) inside TEMPLE, of which the Parthenon is an example
16 Integrated student drinking beers at clubs (9)
COALESCED The student is a CO-ED drinking (more consuming) ALES for beers and C for clubs
17 In parliament, stand up to remove one waving a trumpet (8)
DAFFODIL The brand of Parliament you need is the Irish DAIL, then within it “stand up” DOFF for remove
19 Not burning to be incorporated into new text (7)
EXTINCT Incorporated provide the abbreviation INC, (placed) into and anagram (new) of TEXT
21 Vainly seek suit for Londoner (7)
WHISTLE Vainly seek gives WHISTLE as in the phrase “you can whistle for it”. WHISTLE (and flute) is also CRS, Lahndonese for suit
22 Full of energy, social worker makes progress at work (6)
CAREER For once, the social worker is not an ant, but a CARER. Fill with E(nergy)
24 Refuse to kill American, a Liberal (5)
OFFAL Chambers indeed lists OFF for kill as US slang, though I wild goose chased it around Shakespeare believing it might be there too. The AL comes from A Liberal
25 Argument from Conservative whip (5)
CLASH And to preserve political balance, the Conservative donates his C to LASH
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