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Times Cryptic 27512

Solving time: 52 minutes. There are some quite complicated constructions here but easy stuff too so that it was not difficult to get footholds around the grid and build from there.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]. I usually omit all reference to positional indicators unless there is a specific point that requires clarification.

1 Impressed by onset of emotional charge (8)
STAMPEDE : STAMPED (impressed), E{motional} [onset of...]
5 Sort out hostelry? I'm amazed about that (6)
WINNOW : WOW (I'm amazed) containing [about] INN (hostelry). SOED advises that 'winnow'  is to expose (grain etc.) to the wind or to a current of air so that unwanted lighter particles of chaff etc. are separated or blown away - sorting the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. It can also be used figurativly and more generally to mean  separating things of value from the worthless.
10 Wears effeminate clothes below the belt (15)
UNSPORTSMANLIKE : UNMANLIKE (effeminate) contains [clothes] SPORTS (wears). I'm not risking any further comments on this one.
11 Cypriot man's broken handle (10)
PATRONYMIC : Anagram [broken] of CYPRIOT MAN. A name derived from that of a father or ancestor, esp. by addition of an affix indicating such descent. Being of Ukrainian descent I know all about these.
13 Classical writer of film given Oscar at first (4)
OVID : O (oscar), VID (film)
15 Mike donning American cowboy's garment (7)
ROMPERS : M (mike) contained by [donning] ROPER'S (American cowboy's)
17 Blow up general engaging in manoeuvres (7)
ENLARGE : Anagram [engaging in manoeuvres] of GENERAL
18 The writer's twice musing (7)
PENSIVE : PEN'S (the writer's #1), I'VE (the writer's #2) [twice]
19 Awful   drivers may stop here (3,4)
THE PITS : Two meanings
21 Eastern ruler open to the west (4)
RAJA : AJAR (open) reversed [to the west]. When is a door not a door?
22 Wholly good air introduced by singer (10)
ALTOGETHER : ALTO (singer), G (good), ETHER (air). I'm guessing this may upset some of our resident scientists, but 'ether' in literary usage can just mean the clear sky or air.
25 Sadly banking most of payment (like this) (15)
PARENTHETICALLY : PATHETICALLY (sadly) containing [banking] REN{t} payment [most of]. There's always a lot like this in my blogs.
27 Hard - of hearing? (6)
TRYING : Two meanings
28 Bill collecting £50 for surveyor (8)
POLLSTER : POSTER (bill) containing [collecting] L (£) + L (50). A busy time for these at the moment! And a very similar clue has just appeared in a puzzle that's currently under wraps.
1 Sink second drink (7)
SCUPPER : S (second),  CUPPER (drink). I always thought it was spelt 'cuppa' but apparently this alternative is valid.
2 Like swallowing first of beers in six-pack? (3)
ABS : AS (like) containing [swallowing] B{eers} [first of...]. As a beer-drinker, the irony of 'six-pack' being used to describe toned and well-developed abdominal muscles is not lost on me. 'Party 4' might be nearer the mark!
3 Attractive, e.g. on being shot in image? (10)
PHOTOGENIC : HOT (attractive) + anagram [being shot] of EG ON contained by [in] PIC (image). The defintion is &lit.
4 Races through homework, a simple piece (5)
DITTY : TT (races - Tourist Trophy) contained by [through] DIY (homework - Do-It-Yourself). Shades of Barry Bucknell, famous on TV in the 50s and 60s for covering up historic features of older houses such as fireplaces and panelled doors with plywood and hardboard and then adding a lick of gloss paint. Formica was another option and didn't need painting.
6 Somewhat paranoid about where Scots live (4)
IONA : Hidden [somewhat] and reversed [about] in {par}ANOI{d}
7 Polish cop to go AWOL, crossing river (4,7)
NAIL VARNISH : NAIL (cop), VANISH (go AWOL - Absent Without Leave) containing [crossing] R (river)
8 Flatter, like vehicles with raised base (7)
WHEEDLE : WHEELED (like vehicles) becomes WHEEDLE when the D (its base - in a Down answer) is raised
9 Two versions of the writer's books at hand (8)
IMMINENT : I'M (the writer's #1), MINE (the writer's #2), NT (books - New Testament) [two versions]
12 Alcoholic drink   animated couple (3,3,5)
TOM AND JERRY : Two meanings, the first of which is an Americanism of which I was unware. I understand it's a hot rum cocktail or highly spiced punch.
14 Suppress dodgy licence, pub losing 100 litres (4-6)
BLUE-PENCIL : Anagram [dodgy] of LICEN{c}E PUB [losing 100 - C], then L (litres). SOED has: (vb) to score through or obliterate with a blue pencil, make cuts in, censor.
16 Copy what used to be your secret (8)
STEALTHY : STEAL (copy), THY (what used to be your)
18 Do like to put in some defensive work (7)
PARAPET : APE (do like - copy), contained by [put in] PART (some)
20 Dispenser of liquid sulphur supported by petition (7)
SPRAYER : S (sulphur), PRAYER (petition). Glad so see we have the correct spelling of the element today.
23 Wrong note gives beat (5)
OUTDO : OUT (wrong), DO (note)
24 Before Norman's denial, answer shortly (4)
ANON : A (answer), NON (Norman's denial - yer actual French)
26 Good deal for item to be sold (3)
LOT : Two meanings
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