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Times 27,509: You May Take Our Lives, But You'll Never Take Our 3 Down!

I bustled through this in an efficient 6.5 minutes but this may have been a wavelength thing - all the right possibilities occurred to me at all the right times, but looking at the parsings now I think some of the clues might not have been so easy if you didn't "just see them".

FOI 11ac closely followed by 18ac, but the down clues were easier than the acrosses. LOI 22dn when I finally realised that it wasn't an S we were trying to contain in a word for "ring". Hard to choose a COD when economy is the watchword of most of these clues, but I drank more than a couple of whisky and sodas tonight so I'll give a shout out to the boozy clues at 12ac and 20ac. The Scottish history subtheme was also appreciated, thanks setter!

Everyone starting to feel ready for Champs I hope? Just a few weeks away now!

1 Shed, important office by the sound of it? (6)
THROWN - homophone of THRONE [important office]

4 Massive loss in the end, heavy defeat (8)
STONKING - {los}S + TONKING [heavy defeat]

10 Scottish queen ruled, perhaps, English admitted (9)
MADELEINE - MADE LINE [ruled, perhaps], "admitting" E [English]. Madeleine of Valois, the "Summer Queen" of the Scots who married James V but died before her 17th birthday in 1537.

11 Shipping lanes are visibly affected, not initially heading westward (5)
NAVAL - L{anes} A{re} V{isibly} A{ffected} N{ot}, read from east to west

12 I gasp on spilling wine, dropping one drink (9,5)
SINGAPORE SLING - (I GASP ON*) ["spilling"] + R{i}ESLING [wine, "dropping" I = one]

14 Could girl be in difficulty? (5)
ISSUE - or IS SUE [could girl be?]

16 Surrounded by rocks only? Wrong (9)
INJUSTICE - or IN JUST ICE [surrounded by | only | rocks]

18 Disaster may last centuries, following destruction (9)
CATACLYSM - (MAY LAST C C*) ["destroyed"]

20 Drink inspiring oenophiles, primarily? (5)
PINOT - PINT [drink] "inspiring" O{enophiles}, &lit

21 Extremely hungry, so food's eaten when rotten — now all seems hopeless? (3,2,5,4)
ONE OF THOSE DAYS - (H{ungr}Y SO FOOD'S EATEN*) ["rotten"]

25 More or less on (5)
ABOUT - double def

26 Time-saving preference working (9)
OPERATION - OPTION [preference] "saving" ERA [time]

27 Novel was liked — where Capote would have put his foot down? (8)
SIDEWALK - (WAS LIKED*) ["novel"]. Capote or any other resident of America.

28 Sign racket backfiring for Brezhnev, say? (6)
LEONID - LEO [sign] + reversed DIN [racket]

1 Setter's device, one casting spell on our readers? (4,6)

2 Controlled squeezes make gas (5)
RADON - RAN [controlled] "squeezes" DO [make]

3 Scottish hero in defence, brilliant (7)
WALLACE - WALL ACE [defence | brilliant]

5 Sappers present (5)

6 Puzzle always negative? (7)
NONPLUS - or NON-PLUS, i.e. never positive

7 Popular opening subject of my autobiography, touching story (9)
INVENTION - IN VENT I ON [popular | opening | subject of my autobiograpy | touching]

8 Hoodwink flapper (4)
GULL - or a flapper as in one that flaps its wings

9 Popular novice upstanding in my youth (8)
MINORITY - IN [popular] + reversed TIRO [novice] in MY

13 Black shaded binding is discarded (10)
JETTISONED - JET [black] + TONED [shaded] "binding" IS

15 Town sad, I suspect, about old tree (9)
SATINWOOD - (TOWN SAD I*) ["suspect"] "about" O [old]

17 Gathering pace finally, force trial to go ahead (8)
JAMBOREE - {pac}E, after JAM BORE [force | trial]

19 Temple erected in support of sweet native American (7)
CHOCTAW - reversed WAT [(Cambodian) temple] in support of CHOC [sweet]

20 Ecclesiastic punctual, it's implied? (7)
PRELATE - or PRE-LATE, i.e. early or on time

22 Secured by ring, second bit of fresh bait (5)
TROLL - {f}R{esh}, "secured by" TOLL [ring]

23 Flier: a through train at last (5)
AVIAN - A + VIA [through] + {trai}N

24 Deep swimmer (4)
BASS - or a swimmer as in one that swims
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