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Times Quick Cryptic No 1482 by Hurley


Solved this one while on the most obnoxious phone call with Amazon, trying to locate some missing packages. Despite being highly distracted, I didn't find this one too difficult. It did seem that there were many UK-centric terms, which I'll have to figure out while writing the blog.



6 Clever bishop, unsettled? (6)
BRAINY - B (bishop) + RAINY (unsettled?)
I guess 'unsettled weather' means any sort of weather that isn't calm and pleasant.
7 Person who writes [of] a universal god (6)
AUTHOR - A (a) + U (universal) + THOR (god)
'U' is a film rating in the UK, akin, I imagine, to 'G' in the US.
9 Some freedom, I think, to exclude (4)
OMIT - letters in (some) FREEDOM I THINK (freedom I think)
10 A titan in North Korea initially [finding] sort of weapon (8)
ANTITANK - A (a) + TITAN (titan) in (in) NORTH KOREA (North Korea) reduced to first letters (initially)
11 Bully unhappy about Director General appearing (8)
BLUDGEON - BLUE (unhappy) around (about) DG (Director General) + ON (appearing)
13 Former librarian advising trade exhibition, just starting (4)
LATE - LIBRARIAN ADVISING TRADE EXHIBITION (librarian advising trade exhibition) reduced to first letters (just starting)
15 Multitude, crazy, leaderless (4)
ARMY - BARMY (crazy) without its first letter (leaderless)
Didn't know 'barmy' at all.
16 Unusual step — rest [in] Church in Rome (2,6)
ST PETERS - anagram of (unusual) STEP REST (step rest)
18 Get away with a daughter on board [for] adventure (8)
ESCAPADE - ESCAPE (get away) with (with) A (a) + D (daughter) inside (on board)
20 Rugby Union — the French hold sway (4)
RULE - RU (Rugby Union) + LE (the [in] French)
21 On radio, might Catherine briefly be successful? (4,2)
MAKE IT - homophone of (on radio) MAY KIT (might Catherine briefly)
22 Wrongly arrest rubberneck (6)
STARER - anagram of (wrongly) ARREST (arrest)


1 Good — find out Romeo [is] the one complaining (8)
GRUMBLER - G (good) + RUMBLE (find out) + R (Romeo)
I imagine 'rumble' is Cockney Rhyming Slang? I hadn't heard of it but it felt right.
2 Annual production — [of] bakery I’d chat about? (8,4)
BIRTHDAY CAKE - BAKERY I'D CHAT (bakery I'd chat) anagrammed (about)
3 Spin energy raters conceal (6)
GYRATE -  ENERGY RATERS (energy raters) contains the letters of the answer (conceal)
4 Join football administrators’ team, one short? (6)
FASTEN - FA'S (football administrators') TEN (team, one short?)
Eleven on a football team.
5 Timely midpoint unchanged after revolution (4)
NOON - cryptic definition
'Noon' being a time in the middle of the day, and the word is a palindrome.
8 Describing one-party system — attritional, beginning to age terribly (12)
TOTALITARIAN - ATTRITIONAL (attritional) + first letter of (beginning to) AGE (age) anagrammed (terribly)
12 Cereal plant royalty oddly ignored (3)
OAT - ROYALTY (royalty) without the odd-numbered letters (oddly ignored)
14 Stream entering the river [in] type of film? (8)
THRILLER - RILL (stream) in (entering) THE (the) + R (river)
16 Hut / song (6)
SHANTY - double definition
17 Parking contract to give satisfaction (6)
PLEASE - P (parking) + LEASE (contract)
19 Poles meeting extremely annoying hitch (4)
SNAG - S + N (poles) + (meeting) first and last letters of (extremely) ANNOYING (annoying)

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