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Times Quick Cryptic 1480 by Trelawney

My solving time was 9 minutes but I lost at least a minute towards the end trying to find something to fit the checkers at 1ac. After a couple of QCs with very few anagrams (3 each last Thursday and Friday) we have 7 today, all of them 'pure'.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Remove heart of beloved tree (6)
POPLAR : POP{u}LAR (beloved) [remove heart]. As mentioned in the intro this was my LOI and presented me with problems that nearly took me over my target solving time. Eventually I thought of POPLAR as the tree but I'm still having difficulty equating 'popular' with 'beloved' as one seems somewhat more extreme than the other.
4 Praise mysterious ancient land (6)
PERSIA : Anagram [mysterious] of PRAISE
8 Rough tech Sky developed (7)
SKETCHY : Anagram [developed] of TECH SKY
10 In the morning, I leave friend in Madrid (5)
AMIGO : AM (in the morning), I, GO (leave). An unsignalled DBE.
11 In summer I captivate a lady... (5)
ERICA : Hidden [in] {summ}ER I CA{ptivate}
12 ...and tour decrepit domed building (7)
ROTUNDA : Anagram [decrepit] of AND TOUR
13 Secret agent cunningly amends job (5,4)
JAMES BOND : Anagram [cunningly] of AMENDS JOB
17 Scotsman at home with one Italian composer (7)
ROSSINI : ROSS (scotsman), IN (at home), I (one)
19 Tear at recoiling animal (5)
TAPIR : RIP (tear) + AT reversed (recoiling)
20 Old French city where champagne may be stored? (2,3)
ON ICE : O (old), NICE (French city)
21 Making a mistake pocketing a piece of jewellery (7)
EARRING : ERRING (making a mistake) containing [pocketing] A
22 Hustle drunk detective (6)
SLEUTH : Anagram [drunk] of HUSTLE
23 Fail to bring fake tan, initially (6)
FORGET : FORGE (fake), T{an} [initially]
1 Badger to look around edges of sett (6)
PESTER : PEER (look) contains [around] S{et}T [edges]. A great surface, given that badgers live in setts.
2 Lyrical judge's fitting end? (6,7)
3 Praise a declaration in speech (7)
ACCLAIM : Sounds like [in speech] "a claim"
5 Precise demand (5)
EXACT : Two meanings, the second being to demand and enforce payment
6 Barely swimming? (6,7)
SKINNY DIPPING : Cryptic definition
7 Nerd starts to acquire new obsession: rare African knives (6)
ANORAK : First letters [starts] of A{cquire} N{ew} O{bsession} R{are} A{frican} K{nives}
9 Rosy hiker moves around northern county (9)
YORKSHIRE : Anagram [moves around] of ROSY HIKER
14 Oration composed for Canadian province (7)
ONTARIO : Anagram [composed] of ORATION
15 Thieves beginning to capture valuable pieces (6)
CROOKS : C{apture} [beginning], ROOKS (valuable pieces - in Chess). Chess players will know about the values of the pieces. Here's one version with rooks being second only to the Queen: Pawn - 1 point, Knight - 3 points, Bishop - 3 points, Rook - 5 points, Queen - 9 points.
16 Scare boxer, finally, during bout (6)
FRIGHT : {boxe}R [finally] contained by [during] FIGHT (bout)
18 Useless in record time (5)
INEPT : IN, EP (record - remember those?), T (time)
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