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Times Quick Cryptic No 1478 by Orpheus

Tough enough from Orpheus today - I found this on a par with Tuesday's, which I did just before, each taking close to 12 minutes. I managed six of the acrosses on a first read through (1,8,10,14,16,17), but one of those (8ac) was sufficiently un-8ac to be wrong. There was a bit of tricky-ish vocab, some of which I might have had to give more thought to had their undefined husks not lodged somewhere in the mind from crosswords past. Not an entry-level QC, despite a couple of generous, long anagrams - but hey, staring blankly at cryptic crosswords makes the non-staring blankly bits all the more fun, eh? Very nice puzzle, many thanks to Orpheus!

1 Disturbing a French kid he produces a nose rag (12)
HANDKERCHIEF - anagram (disturbing) of A FRENCH KID HE
8 Secure area of the sea (5)
SOUND - double definition. I entered SHORE fairly confidently, despite both definitions needing something of a squint.
9 Buccaneer’s reportedly indelicate manner (7)
CORSAIR - CORS (reportedly indelicate = sounds like COARSE) AIR (manner)
10 Stories appearing in American anthologies (3)
ANA - "appearing" in the letters of americAN Anthologies. Stories or anecdotes about people or places of note, as in Shakespeariana. But is it Ghanana or Ghana-ana? And if you had lots of pineapple anecdotes, would that be ananana? Questions questions. Anyway, much like "ism", it can be used in its own right.
11 Beg to get church involved in ballet movement (9)
ENTRECHAT - ENTREAT (beg) to get CH(urch) involved. So not pirouette then. It's appeared a few times but not in a QC as far as I can see. If I'd seen the word without context I'd probably have guessed it was a cut of meat (hopefully not of cat).
13 High-ranking Asian woman say taken in by tramp (5)
BEGUM - E.G. (for example = say) taken in by BUM (tramp). Not sure what I'd have guessed a begum is... an animal perhaps, which I suppose isn't technically incorrect.
14 Hard man with practical skills (5)
HANDY - H(ard) ANDY (man)
16 Stupid British artist getting out more? (9)
BRAINLESS - B(ritish) R.A. (artist), and if you are "IN LESS", you are presumably getting out more.
17 Churchyard tree the solver talked of (3)
YEW - sounds like YOU (the solver). The yew is regarded as symbolic of sadness.
19 Austere knight leaves climb in Cairngorms, primarily (7)
ASCETIC - N (knight in chess) leaves ASCENT (climb), I C (In Cairngorms, "primarily")
21 Single chap from east embracing old woman (5)
NAOMI - I (single) MAN (chap) "from east" = reverse, embracing O(ld)
22 Seedy soldiers kept in subject to argument (12)
DISREPUTABLE - RE (Royal Engineers = soldiers) kept in DISPUTABLE (subject to argument). I was a while on this, thinking the definition was "argument."

1 Book house overlooking ocean (5)
HOSEA - HO(use) overlooking/above SEA (ocean)
2 Rule again, suffering spasmodic pain (9)
NEURALGIA - anagram (suffering) of RULE AGAIN
3 Person teasing cleric, one leaving Worcs town (13)
KIDDERMINSTER - KIDDER (person teasing) MINISTER (cleric), with I (one) leaving
4 Deliver poem perhaps about spectacle mentioned in speech (6)
RECITE - RE (about), CITE which in speech sounds like SIGHT (spectacle)
5 Her sons cut the damaged tree (5,8)
HORSE CHESTNUT - anagram (damaged) of HER SONS CUT THE
6 One reigning over a long period (3)
ERA - ER (the Queen = one reigning) over A
7 As well-placed models presumably are when sitting? (6)
PRETTY - cryptic definition: sitting pretty = well placed, and models are presumably pretty things.
12 Fellow doctor supports beloved, a source of sweetness (9)
HONEYCOMB - CO (fellow) MB (doctor) supports/sits below HONEY (beloved)
13 Sort of lynx bishop caught in seagoing vessel (6)
BOBCAT - B(ishop) C(aught) inside BOAT (seagoing vessel)
15 Military policeman in preferred capacity (6)
REDCAP - "in" the letters of preferRED CAPacity
18 Grumble when husband gets in hock, perhaps (5)
WHINE - H(usband) goes in WINE (hock, perhaps)
20 Endlessly stylish Greek character (3)
CHI - CHIC (stylish), endlessly = dock the tail.
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