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Times Quick Cryptic 1477 by Mara

Sluggish to get off the ground, but completed in an average time. I was slowed down by clues that ended up seeming rather simple in hindsight; so touché setter. I'm left wondering about 'you' in 19 down, as the only reliable source I have at home is Chambers, and it's not in there...

Definitions underlined.

1 Plant herb, so winding around us (8)
ROSEBUSH - anagram of (winding) HERB SO around US.
5 Musical — crowning glory perhaps? (4)
HAIR - double/cryptic definition.
9 Strength of unusual wines (5)
SINEW - anagram of (unusual) WINES.
10 Managed, chief position (7)
RANKING - RAN (managed) and KING (chief).
11 In need of a drink, GP maybe ending in distillery (3)
DRY - DR (doctor, GP maybe) with the last letter of (ending in) distillerY.
12 Never-worn garment in a state? (3,6)
NEW JERSEY - NEW (never-worn) and JERSEY (garment).
13 Two letters did you say? Too much (6)
EXCESS - sounds like (did you say?) 'x' and 's' (two letters).
15 Going up a trace (6)
ASCENT - A SCENT (a trace).
17 So fine art hewn, if sculpted (5-4)
WAFER-THIN - anagram of (sculpted) ART HEWN IF.
19 Joke: little one (3)
KID - double definition.
20 Cleaner back (7)
SWEEPER - double definition, the second referring to a sporting position.
21 Chuck to leave for game (5)
BINGO - BIN (chuck) and GO (leave).
22 Grass shoot (4)
RUSH - double definition.
23 See a nerd performing romantic song (8)
SERENADE - anagram of (performing) SEE A NERD.

1 Remaining bits reused, I gathered (7)
RESIDUE - anagram of (gathered) REUSED I.
2 Name of son, also Yankee (5)
SANDY - S (son), AND (also), and Y (yankee).
3 Sad brown cape changed for fawn (3,3,6)
BOW AND SCRAPE - anagram of (changed) SAD BROWN CAPE.
4 First in sewing team, one has a thread (5)
SCREW - first letter of Sewing, then CREW (team).
6 A paper under consideration (2,5)
AT ISSUE - A TISSUE (a paper).
7 Good breaking stone in game (5)
RUGBY - G (good) inside (breaking) RUBY (stone).
8 Excessive labour seen travelling around North America (12)
UNREASONABLE - anagram of (travelling) LABOUR SEEN surrounding NA (North America).
14 Drinks: concerned with price to fill empty cups? (7)
COFFEES - OF (concerned with) and FEES (price) inside (to fill) the first and last letters of (empty) CupS.
16 Time pedalo moved for young swimmer (7)
TADPOLE - T (time), then an anagram of (moved) PEDALO.
17 More intelligent, a little nephew is erudite (5)
WISER - hidden in (a little) nepheW IS ERudite.
18 Animal in hospital, sore unfortunately (5)
HORSE - H (hospital) and an anagram of (unfortunately) SORE.
19 Nation understanding you (5)
KENYA - KEN (understanding) and YA (you).
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