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Times Quick Cryptic 1476 by Izetti

Yet another 12 minute solve - but I’ll settle for that for an Izetti with many long answers. There's plenty of tricky anagrams and so many silky surfaces that it's hard to pick a COD. It's been really fun to lay out the blog - hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

1. Arrive to take care of male with minimal energy (4)
COME - care of (CO - as in addressing an envelope to someone at another's address), male (M), minimal energy (E).
3. Bishop, worn out, blustered (7)
BRAGGED - bishop (B), worn out (RAGGED as in clothes). Bragged=blustered didn’t immediately sit well but Collins has bluster as 'to speak or say loudly or boastfully'.
8. Unusual pattern a ruler re-established (13)
PRETERNATURAL - anagram (re-established) of PATTERN A RULER. anyone thinking that 'unusual' was the anagram indicator has my sympathy.
9. United achieved victory, we hear (3)
ONE - homophone (we hear) of won.
10. Cleric, very holy within? The reverse — a venomous type! (5)
VIPER - cleric (REV) with very holy (PI) within - all reversed.
12. Risks with daughter and son full of wrath (7)
DANGERS - daughter (D) and son (S) full of (inside which is) wrath (ANGER).
14. Godly type goes round in leisurely walks (7)
STROLLS - godly type (ST - Saint), goes round (ROLLS).
16. Crime of minister wanting leader removed (5)
ARSON - minister without the first letter p(ARSON).
17. Illustration from India engraved in copper (3)
PIC - India (I) inside (engraved in) copper (PC - police constable).
20. Food dish absurdly presented to heathen idol (4-2-3-4)
TOAD-IN-THE-HOLE - anagram (absurdly presented) of TO HEATHEN IDOL.
21. Spooner's appearance for what reason? Conceited fellow? (4,3)
WISE GUY - a spoonerism is a mistake made by a speaker in which the first sounds of two words are changed over, often with a humorous result - here we have appearance (GUISE) and for what reason (WHY) giving us WISE GUY.
22. Not all of the athletes in preliminary race (4)
HEAT - some of t(HE AT)hletes.

1. Prisoners upset by past vice (8)
CAPTIVES - anagram (upset) of PAST VICE.
2. Gather food for the audience (4)
MEET - homophone (for the audience) of food - meat.
3. Discarded item of furniture outside pub (6)
BINNED - item of furniture (BED) outside pub (INN).
4. A concept a kid worked out, full of excitement (6-6)
ACTION-PACKED - A (A) then an anagram (worked out) of A CONCEPT KID.
5. Good morsels thrown out? That's stupid (8)
GORMLESS - good (G) then an anagram (thrown out) of MORSELS. The origin of gormless meaning stupid/dull is a variant of C18 gaumless, from dialect gome, from Old English gom, gome, from Old Norse gaumr heed (thanks, Collins). I'd have thought that 'gorm' would have meant the opposite of gormless but the English language (from the same source), displaying its lovable quirks, has gorm as a foolish person.
6. Buck's other half receives pounds as handout (4)
DOLE - buck's other half (DOE) received pounds (L).
7. Mad religions, sadly causing dismay (12)
DEMORALISING - anagram (sadly) of MAD RELIGIONS.
11. Strict believers making jokes about educated female (8)
PURITANS - jokes (PUNS) about 'educated female' - film reference to 'Educating Rita'.
13. Feeling tense in front of teacher being nasty (8)
SENTIENT - anagram (being nasty) of TENSE IN and (T)eacher.
15. Initially sitting on child’s toilet suffering from rash? (6)
SPOTTY - (S)itting on top of child's toilet (POTTY).
18. Fret when drippy folk are in the ascendant (4)
STEW - drippy folks (wets) in the ascendant (upwards) - WETS.
19. See some memories being conjured up (4)
ROME - ecclesiastical see - some m(EMOR)ies- conjured up - upwards - ROME.
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