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Times Cryptic Jumbo 1405 - 12th October. Curse and verse

Hi everyone.  I will have to be brief as I’ve had a millionty things to do.

My solve looked at first like it would be pretty brief too (for a kitty), but alas it was not to be.  Several answers held out much longer than the rest, and eventually I had to look a few things up to finish.  I’d be interested to hear how you found it.

Definitions are underlined in the clues below.  In the explanations, quoted indicators are in italics, [deletions] in square brackets, and I’ve capitalised and emboldened letters which appear in the ANSWER.

1 Successful entertainer bursts out with energy in rush (3,4)
POP STAR — Starting with POPS (bursts), we are then instructed to remove (out with) the E (energy) in T[e]AR (rush)
5 Novel about Churchill's bunker? (3,6)
THE WARDEN Novel by Anthony Trollope.  THE WAR DEN might also describe Churchill’s bunker
10 House warming's ending with a fine foxtrot (4)
GAFF — We take warminG’s last letter (ending) with A (from the clue), F (fine) and F (foxtrot)
14 Put off edited satanic report (13)
15 Two toys are nearly maximum price (3,6)
TOP DOLLAR TOP and DOLL (two toys) plus ARe without the last letter (nearly)
16 Outfit with green energy (3-2-3-2)
GET-UP-AND-GO — A charade of GET-UP (outfit), AND (with), and GO (green)
17 No time for sexy poetry after hard alexandrines (6,5)
HEROIC VERSE ERO[t]IC (sexy) without T (no time for …) and VERSE, all after H (hard).  I should have got this from the wordplay, but it was one of my fails and I needed to look up alexandrines
18 Wife aggressively masculine, daughter not born (5)
DUTCH — [b]UTCH (aggressively masculine) with D (daughter) in place of (not) B (born)
19 Hatred of how much senior management take (10)
EXECRATION EXEC RATION might be how much senior management take
21 Sea wall gone extremely rapidly in a storm (6)
GROYNE GONE and the outer letters of (extremely) RapidlY, anagrammed (in a storm)
23 Chief steward brought round tea for customer (9)
PURCHASER PURSER (chief steward) around (brought round) CHA (tea)
25 Girl half rejecting modern times (5)
DONNA Half of ANNO Domini (modern times), reversed (rejecting …)
26 Piled up, a sea enveloping a ship (7)
AMASSED A (from the clue) plus MED (sea) around (enveloping) A (also from the clue) and SS (ship)
28 What some loose women had on highly embarrassed landlord? (7,6)
SCARLET LETTER SCARLET (highly embarrassed) + LETTER (landlord)
31 Poet's good book very cheap? (4,5)
EZRA POUND EZRA (good book) + POUND (very cheap?).  Ezra is a book of the so-called “Good Book”, but I can’t see that “good book” really works to clue it, whereas just “book” would be fine.  So maybe I’m missing something …
33 Flag officer goes by state during round of duty (9)
TRICOLOUR COL (officer, colonel) goes next to (goes by) RI (state, Rhode Island) inside (during) TOUR (round of duty)
35 Sympathetic as firm friend admits strong agitation (13)
COMPASSIONATE CO (firm) + MATE (friend) contains (admits) PASSION (strong agitation)
37 A number working across one's back for stiffness (7)
TENSION TEN (a number) and ON (working), around (across) IS (one’s), reversed (back)
38 Affair takes one out of office work (5)
FLING — Our answer removes I from (takes one out of) F[i]LING (office work)
40 Think about where to move: coast (9)
FREEWHEEL FEEL (think) around (about) an anagram of (… to move) WHERE
42 Lock up enclosure ahead of time (6)
ENCAGE ENC (enclosure) before (ahead of) AGE (time)
44 Piles on underclothes one may get down to (5,5)
BRASS TACKS STACKS (piles) next to (on) BRAS (underclothes)
46 Very much gas around -- died (2,3)
NO END NEON (gas), reversed (around), plus D (died)
48 One will go for a spin, churning up terrible mud (6,5)
TUMBLE DRIER — An anagram of (churning up) TERRIBLE MUD
50 Soldier at attention; Marlowe, for example (7,3)
PRIVATE EYE PRIVATE (soldier) next to (at) EYE (attention)
52 Angry reaction engulfing small character (9)
BACKSLASH BACKLASH (Angry reaction) surrounding (engulfing) S (small)
53 Said to have gone out wearing fleece, unlikely to change? (4-2-3-4)
DYED-IN-THE-WOOL — Sounds like (said) DIED (to have gone out) + IN THE WOOL (wearing fleece)
54 Austen novel's central characters take a step back for another woman (4)
ELLA E[MM]A (Austen novel), where the central letters (central characters) change to the letter one place earlier in the alphabet (take a step back): LL
55 Frightfully secretive after short retreat (9)
HIDEOUSLY SLY (secretive) after HIDEOU[t] (retreat) without the last letter (short)
56 Tried to get help after letter read out (7)
ESSAYED — A homophone of (… read out) AID (help) after ES (letter)

1 Immature creature raised in a year (4)
PUPA UP (raised) in PA (per annum, a year)
2 One in favour of street rioting? (9)
PROTESTER PRO (one in favour of) plus STREET, anagrammed (rioting), &lit
3 Story in the Mirror? (7,3,7,5)
THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS — “in the mirror” could be a literal interpretation of the title of this story
4 Deer's round bottom, reddish (7)
ROSEATE ROE (deer) is around (‘s round) SEAT (bottom)
5 What master mason has leads to serious questioning (5,6)
THIRD DEGREE — A master mason is a freemason who has attained the THIRD DEGREE
6 Besotted with slinky demeanour (9)
ENAMOURED — An anagram of (slinky) DEMEANOUR
7 Drink at pub for leading character (5)
ALEPH ALE (drink) by (at) PH (pub)
8 Go off outside, denied kiss during tryst (11)
DETERIORATE E[x]TERIOR (outside) without (denied) X (kiss) inside (during) DATE (tryst)
9 A need for baby, so sleep with cousin (6)
NAPKIN NAP (sleep) with KIN (cousin).  Hmm!
11 Good to move down exhibition hall showing sensitivity (7)
ALLERGY — G (good) is to move towards the end (to move down, in a down answer) in GALLERY (exhibition hall)
12 Police perhaps paid to break hunger strike? (5-4)
FORCE-FEED FORCE (police perhaps) + FEED (paid)
13 Having run down, rare warmth envelops players (13,9)
18 Start to type one's newspaper article up, to put by for later (7)
DEPOSIT — The first letter of (start to) Type, IS (one’s) and OP-ED (newspaper article), all reversed (up, in a down answer)
20 So much French booze leads to furious scene (7)
TANTRUM TANT (so much, in French) + RUM (booze)
22 Around part of eye, note the foreign pattern of stitches (4,4)
FAIR ISLE Around IRIS (part of eye), we have FA (note) and LE (the, foreign)
24 Arrange fielding position for critical moment of match (3,5)
SET POINT SET (arrange) + POINT (fielding position)
27 One bowing to audience in Buddhist shrine (5)
STUPA — Sounds like (… to audience) STOOPER (one bowing)
29 Chinese perhaps like Scotsman? (5)
ASIAN AS (like) + IAN (Scotsman)
30 Alarms heard when no poisonous gas remains in cans (7)
TOCSINS O (no) + CS (poisonous gas) is inside (remains in) TINS (cans)
32 Fought -- as road was widened -- to be heard? (7)
DUELLED — A homophone of (…to be heard) DUALLED (as road was widened).  I couldn’t quite believe that a road could be “dualled”, but it’s there in the dictionary
34 Judge vase one to discard, house being this? (11)
REFURNISHED — A charade of REF (judge), URN (vase), I (one), and SHED (to discard)
36 Power to arouse emotion when one collapses fifty and active (11)
AFFECTIVITY — The answer can be formed when one makes an anagram of (collapses) FIFTY and ACTIVE
37 Soprano suppresses a tear regularly, not beyond recovery (9)
TREATABLE TREBLE (soprano) contains (suppresses) A + alternate letters of (… regularly) TeAr
39 Obtained work on ship to produce magazine perhaps (2,2,5)
GO TO PRESS — The combination of GOT (obtained), OP (work), RE (on), and SS (ship).  Very smooth charade, I thought
41 All energy, extremely desirable at first in youth (9)
EVERYBODY E (energy) and VERY (extremely) followed by the first letter of (… at first) Desirable in BOY (youth)
43 Throw speaker's aid into burner, causing scream? (7)
COMICAL — Put (or throw) MIC (speaker’s aid) into COAL (burner)
45 To keep off alcohol, mostly locked away port (7)
SEATTLE SEALEd (locked away) without the last letter (mostly) containing (to keep) TT (teetotal, off alcohol)
47 Sorcerer initially hated terrible old curse (6)
‘SDEATH Sorcerer’s first letter (initially) plus HATED, anagrammed.  Another surprise that this was a thing, only this time I didn’t get the answer unaided.  Curses!
49 Travelled over for round-up (5)
RODEO RODE (travelled) + O (over)
51 Happy to wander round lake (4)
GLAD GAD (to wander) around (round) L (lake)

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