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Times Quick Cryptic No 1469 by Jalna

My first Jalna Quick Crossword to blog today, and just the second from this new setter after his/her debut on 20th August. Many found that one tough and there are a few tricky clues here today, I think, including one (23A) that I have difficulty in getting to work. But there are some lovely surfaces, clever misdirections and neat wordplay. I had several candidates for Clue Of the Day, but I vote for 7A as the pick of the bunch. Thank-you Jalna. I was surprised to find I got through this in a well-under-average 4:46. How did everyone else get on?

Definitions underlined in bold italics, (Abc)* indicating anagram of Abc, deletions and [] other indicators.

1 After party, knock back drinks, dance! (3-1-3)
DOS-A-DOS - DO (party) with SODAS (drinks) reversed [knock back] -> SADOS. I had vaguely heard of this but didn't know it is a dance move. The phrase also, I learnt, refers to a type of book-binding, that turns two books into one.
5 Put in order? That’s kind! (4)
SORT - Double definition. My first thought for this was TYPE, with the first definition as a verb, but I luckily remained unconvinced and didn't bung it in.
7 Those at the forefront of satire often laugh at readers of The Sun (5)
SOLAR - A lovely surface and nice misdirection with the definition. It is the initial letters [those at the forefront] of Satire Often Laugh At Readers. Nice!
8 End of privet edged and pruned (7)
TRIMMED - [End of] priveT RIMMED (edged). As one will have done with ones privet hedge to keep it neat.
10 Regret being endlessly cruel (3)
RUE - cRUEl without it's outer letters [endlessly].
11 Winners cash in: MP furious about nothing (9)
CHAMPIONS - (cash in MP)* [furious] [about] O (nothing). A crossword convention to remember... the letter O looks like a number zero, 0.
13 Hit book has extraordinary editor (6)
BASHED - Another neat misdirection. We need to look for 'hit' the past participle. B (book) (has)* [extraordinary] ED (editor).
14 Exactly where drivers go? (2,1,3)
TO A TEE - Double definition, second cryptic. When you are going to be playing your next golf shot with a driver, that's where you will be heading.
17 Give somebody a ring, then elope in disguise (9)
TELEPHONE - (then elope)* [in disguise]... to Gretna Green, perhaps?
19 Staff boy (3)
ROD - Double definition.
20 Country exchange named before return of kroner (7)
DENMARK - [exchange] (named)* [before] [return of] KR (kroner) -> RK. Kroner, of course, being the currency of the said country. Neat.
22 It's an odd discolouration (5)
STAIN - (it's an)* [odd].
23 Hammer time! (4)
BEAT - Yet another double definition, but I'm not quite convinced by this one. Yes you beat time in music and I suppose a beat is the duration, i.e. time of a pulse. Have I missed something?
24 Pointers after end of construction contracts (7)
NARROWS - ARROWS (pointers) [after] last letter of [end of] constructioN. We had the reverse of this in a QC I blogged recently.
1 Delivered small eulogy after senior cop died (11)
DISTRIBUTED - This takes a bit of assembling.. Put S (small) TRIBUTE (eulogy) [after] DI (Detective Inspector; senior cop) and add D (died).
2 What are said to be places for wine merchants (7)
SELLERS - This sounds like [what are said to be] CELLARS (places for wine).
3 Tattered hat priced at a very low cost (4,5)
DIRT CHEAP - [Tattered] (hat priced)*.
4 GPS device oddly starts getting vehicle to reverse (6)
SATNAV - Alternate letters of [oddly] StArTs with VAN (vehicle) [getting... to reverse] -> NAV.
5 Extremely sick, I go downhill fast (3)
SKI - Another great surface. Take the outside letters of [extremely] SicK and add I.
6 Young lover runs rings around me (5)
ROMEO - R (runs) and O O (rings) [around] ME. Another O convention to remember.. O for ring as that is what the letter looks like.
9 Who form lines and swoop down on insects (11)
DESCENDANTS - A bit of a tricky definition, I think, but the wordplay is clear. DESCEND (swoop down) [on] ANTS (insects).
12 Declare love and, primarily, respect for a teacher (9)
PROFESSOR - PROFESS (declare)  O (love; zero, as in 11A) and first letter of [primarily] Respect.
15 Strong wind ripped a door’s top half (7)
TORNADO - TORN (ripped) A and the first two letters of [top half, writing it downwards) DOor.
16 Can your relatives pay a quick visit? (4,2)
LOOK IN - LOO (can; both informal terms for a toilet in UK and US respectively) KIN (your relatives). Another lovely clue.
18 Fine fabric used to sheathe knight's weapon (5)
LANCE - LACE (fine fabric) outside [used to sheather] N (knight, in chess notation).
21 Bacon pieces, for example, in quiche with no topping (3)
ART - Francis Bacon's pieces would be of his ART derived by removing the first letter [no topping] of tART (quiche).
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