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Times 27,491: You *Still* Can't Wash Your Hands In A Hetero

Well this was a lot of fun, wasn't it? Nothing too hard but a lot of devious definitions and general mischief-making to keep us guessing. My LOI was 23ac which I forced myself to think about hard to avoid biffing in TWINE, which would have been a DEVONPORT moment indeed.

Lots of fun clues, but I think I'll give my COD to the sweet &lit at 11ac, thank you setter! I'm sure this puzzle will have engendered all sorts of smiles though so... what were your favourite clues?

1 Digger’s mate cut length from clothing (6)
COBBER - C{l}OBBER [clothing, minus an L for length]. "Digger" as in an Aussie.

4 Gradually extract ten from between the teeth of cutting tool? (3,2,3)
BIT BY BIT - BIT{ten} BY BIT, with the word TEN "extracted"

9 Consider muscle in relaxed state (7)
RESPECT - PEC [muscle] in REST [relaxed state]

11 Nothing covering animal’s coat? The reverse of that (7)
LANOLIN - reverse NIL ON A{nima}L, to find something that *does* cover animal coats!

12 Mayonnaise sent back contains this bug (5)
ANNOY - hidden reversed in {ma}YONNA{ise}

13 Common or garden species of stork sang discordantly (9)
KNOTGRASS - (STORK SANG*) ["discordantly"]

14 Call time in middle of day that’s first challenge for humanity? (6,4)
TURING TEST - RING T [call | time] "in middle of" TUES [day] + T{hat}

16 Lots of money including marks, shillings (4)
BOMB - including M [marks], BOB [shillings]

19 Band of commandos at hospital (4)
SASH - SAS [commandos] at H [hospital]

20 Extremely wide cube is a burden (4,6)
DEAD WEIGHT - DEAD W EIGHT [extremely | wide | cube (of two)]

22 One’s dashed off to pay the rent (9)
POTBOILER - cryptic definition

23 Link with facilities interspersed in Times2? (5)
TWICE - TIE [link] with W.C. [facilities], "interspersed"!

25 Many an official who may call out youth (7)
UMPTEEN - UMP [an official who may call out] + TEEN [youth]

26 Payment deadline ducked, deducting middle bit (3,4)
DUE DATE - DU{ck}ED + ATE [bit]

27 Cautiously said tough editor restricts extreme letters (8)
HAZARDED - HARD ED [Richard Rogan] "restricts" A Z [extreme letters]

28 It’s a blinking requirement (6)
EYELID - cryptic definition

1 Seven-act plays comprising run for writer (9)
CERVANTES - (SEVEN-ACT*) ["plays"] "comprising" R [run]

2 Lad with an eye for the male or female cattle (5)
BISON - or BI, as in bisexual, SON

3 Always those old English seeing the whole world (8)
EVERYONE - EVER YON E [always | those old | English]

5 I shall start off cleansing leg with florid rash (3-10)
ILL-CONSIDERED - I'LL [I shall] + C{leansing} + ON SIDE [(cricketing) leg] with RED [florid]

6 African republic welcoming good kind (6)
BENIGN - BENIN "welcoming" G

7 Put a water pipe on account for Australian backwater (9)

8 Tool to pick up name on inside of clothing (5)
TONGS - N on inside of TOGS

10 Army to maintain forward movement — about half of them form a union (4,3,6)
TAKE THE PLUNGE - T.A. KEEP LUNGE [army | to maintain | forward movement] "about" TH{em}

15 Pink stone went as high as Bolivian city but not LA (4,5)

17 Ultimate death of wading bird: died after swallowing ecstasy (6,3)
BITTER END - BITTERN D [wading bird | died], after "swallowing" E

18 Young children holding each article with a light touch? (8)
FEATHERY - FRY [young children] "holding" EA THE [each | article]

21 Journey excluding a grand tour, to put out an excited sightseer? (6)
VOYEUR - VOY{ag}E [journey "excluding" A + G for grand] + {to}UR [tour, with TO "put out"]

22 Quiet sound of pain in body cavity (5)
POUCH - P OUCH! [quiet | sound of pain]

24 Irishman with his head down, counting everything (2,3)
IN ALL - take NIALL [Irishman], and drop his first letter one place downwards
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