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Times Quick Cryptic 1467 by Oink

Nothing too scary here. Plenty of footholds and generous clueing meant I was only held up at the very end by 17ac, which I did not know and took ages to switch gears from the usual abbreviations for doctor. No piggies today (well, they do eat noisily) but we have a different farmyard creature, so that's okay.

Definitions underlined.

1 Out of place as a teacher? (5)
AMISS - A and MISS (teacher).
4 Best pot I foolishly presented to old lady (7)
OPTIMUM - anagram of (foolishly) POT I, then MUM (old lady).
8 Passage from old pamphlet (7)
EXTRACT - EX (old) and TRACT (pamphlet).
9 Weaken finally in bankruptcy dispute (3-2)
RUN-IN - last letter of (finally) weakeN inside RUIN (bankruptcy).
10 In prison, where landlords ought to be? (6,4)
BEHIND BARS - straight/cryptic definition, the second referring to publicans.
14 Prices tumbling? Goodness me! (6)
CRIPES - anagram of (tumbling) PRICES.
15 Hope that you may find in church? (6)
ASPIRE - straight/cryptic definition, although really you might find a spire on a church.
17 Doctor pointed at university contingent (10)
DEPUTATION - anagram of (doctor) POINTED AT and U (university).
20 Noisily eat lunch, enjoying different starter (5)
MUNCH - {L}UNCH with a different first letter (starter), in this case M.
22 Soldier scowls occasionally, shading head with this? (7)
PARASOL - PARA (soldier) and every other letter from (occasionally) ScOwLs.
23 Bright around north-east for Mrs Mop? (7)
CLEANER - CLEAR (bright) surrounding (around) NE (north-east).
24 Delete some camera settings (5)
ERASE - hidden in (some) camERA SEttings.

1 Only half of the 26 letters help (4)
ABET - half of alphABET (26 letters).
2 Island postman regularly delivering letter (4)
IOTA - I (island) and every other letter from (regularly) pOsTmAn.
3 Men at test making declaration (9)
STATEMENT - anagram of (making) MEN AT TEST.
4 Get better of old fool, nabbing last of Cointreau (6)
OUTWIT - O (old) and TWIT (fool) surrounding (nabbing) the last letter of cointreaU.
5 Reversing right round a sailor (3)
TAR - reversal of RT (right) surrounding (round) A.
6 Fruit for senior civil servant (8)
MANDARIN - double definition.
7 One visiting cathedral: Foreign Secretary perhaps (8)
MINISTER - I (one) inside (visiting) MINSTER (cathedral).
11 Sid back on track in speech (9)
DISCOURSE -reversal of (back) SID then COURSE (track).
12 Scholarly chap of no practical help (8)
ACADEMIC - double definition. Or maybe just a definition!
13 Son has 9p — or a little less? (8)
SIXPENCE - S (son), IX (nine), and PENCE (p). The definition refers to the rest of the clue, i.e. sixpence is a little less than 9p.
16 Puts up other ranks in drunken state (6)
STUPOR - reversal of (up) PUTS, then OR (other ranks).
18 Like India, having a large land area (4)
ASIA - AS (like), I (india), and A.
19 Run away with circus performer, you say? (4)
FLEE - sounds like (you say) "flea" (circus performer).
21 Glasgow woman found in Parthenon (3)
HEN - hidden in (found in) partHENon.
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