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Times Cryptic 27488

I've no solving time to offer for this one as I was distracted and forgot to note how long I was away from it. There were a couple of answers unknown to me and an unknown meaning required for parsing, but much of this was straightforward enough. I thought we were in for a pangram but we are missing V and J.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Seeks sustenance over a long time (7)
FORAGES : FOR AGES (over a long time)
5 A person barely to be seen on such a beach? (6)
NUDIST : Cryptic definition
8 Worker on drug getting advantage (5,4)
UPPER HAND : UPPER (drug), HAND (worker)
9 Money is spurned by saint (5)
FRANC : FRANC{is} (saint) ['is' spurned]
11 One has to ask about balance (5)
POISE : POSE (ask) contains [about] I (one)
12 Obscure eastern doctrine recollected (9)
RECONDITE : Anagram [recollected] of E (eastern) DOCTRINE
13 Long ago got onto small problem for horse (4-4)
SWAY-BACK : S (small), WAY-BACK (long ago). SOED has: an inward curvature of the spine or back, esp. as caused by strain or old age; the condition characterized by this; an animal, esp. a horse, having this condition. L19. Arrived at from wordplay but I'd never heard of it. The only disease I associate with horses is 'the staggers'.
15 Cheers poker challenge? (3,3)
SEE YOU : Two meanings, the first said on parting, as in 'cheerio'
17 Await half-suppressed spits (6)
EXPECT : EXPECT{orates} (spits) [half-suppressed]
19 Think right, following Tory party (8)
CONSIDER : CON (Tory), SIDE (party), R (right)
22 Composer's Swiss mug? (9)
BERNSTEIN : Two meanings, Stein being German for 'beer mug' and German is one of the official languages of Switzerland.
BERN (Capital of Switzerland), STEIN (mug). Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990), the American composer, conductor and pianist.
23 Second-hand book starts to get you transported (5)
BUSED : B (book), USED (second-hand), a word that to me seems to call for double-S, but either spelling is correct
24 Drug, said to give Macbeth hallucination (5)
DAGGA : Sounds like [said] "dagger" [Macbeth hallucination]. "Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?" My LOI as I didn't know this one of many slang words for marijuana'. Today is its first appearance in a 15x15 apparently and it has had only one outing in a Mephisto.
25 Force wife, after adjusting, to meet everyone (9)
WATERFALL : W (wife), anagram [adjusting] of AFTER, then ALL (everyone). A meaning I didn't know until I learnt it from crosswords,
26 One of seven enzymes failing out of medium (6)
SNEEZY : Anagram [failing] of ENZY{m}ES [out of medium]. No prizes for guessing the musical treat in store for you today!
27 Abashed, wait to make good (7)
HANGDOG : HANG (wait), DO (make), G (good)
1 Furniture has notice inside square base (4-6,3)
FOUR-POSTER BED : POSTER (notice) contained by [inside] FOUR (square) + BED (base). Not a very helpful definition but the wordplay was generous and the enumeration came in handy.
2 Power in sacred object and a copy (7)
REPLICA : P (power) contained by [in] RELIC (sacred object), A
3 Blood round end of fingers, after touching this? (5)
GORSE : GORE (blood) contains [round] {finger}S [end]. &lit. You might have to work quite hard for it to draw blood!
4 Rhinestone, a national symbol (8)
SHAMROCK : Alternatively spaced this becomes SHAM ROCK which might describe a rhinestone. Strictly for Glen Campbell fans.
5 Slip carelessly on treacherous surface, not a success (2,4)
NO DICE : NOD (slip carelessly), ICE (treacherous surface). I think this meaning of 'nod' has come up before but it still hasn't entered my vocabulary and doesn't sit easily with me.
6 Group under attack puts off accepting downfall (9)
DEFENDERS : DEFERS (puts off) containing [accepting] END (downfall)
7 To lacerate is frightening, if poking inside (7)
SCARIFY : IF contained by [poking inside] SCARY (frightening). In this sense I believe it's a medical term.
10 First takes this money order, revolutionary symbol (9,4)
CHEQUERED FLAG : CHEQUE (money order), RED FLAG (revolutionary symbol)
14 With some footballers, speed is key (9)
BACKSPACE : BACKS (some footballers), PACE (speed)
16 Excellent spinner cut (3-5)
TOP-NOTCH : TOP (spinner), NOTCH (cut)
18 Model piece of text shortly disappeared (7)
PARAGON : PARA (piece of text), GON{e} (disappeared) [shortly]
20 Drop mark? Managed to keep it (7)
DISCARD : DID (managed) contains [to keep] SCAR (mark)
21 River's course under the sea (6)
MEDWAY : MED (sea), WAY (course). The river that separates Men of Kent from Kentish Men.
23 Number five brought into the world, inhaling oxygen (5)
BORON : BORN (brought into the world) containing [inhaling] O (oxygen). No 5 in the periodic table.
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