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QC 1465 by Hurley

There will be jubilation in certain quarters when I say that I honestly have no time to say anything this week except:

1. Medium difficulty
2. FOI: 5A
3. LOI: 13A
4. COD: 1A

Many thanks to Hurley for another entertaining cup of tea.

Definitions are underlined in italics. Everything else is explained just as I see it in the simplest language I can manage.

1 Country girl’s examination (7)
PERUSAL - PERU (country) + SAL (girl).
5 Signify average (4)
MEAN - double definition.
7 Traitor oddly missed in port (3)
RIO - miss out the odd letters of tRaItOr.
8 Aware lad’s suffering unfair treatment (1,3,4)
A RAW DEAL - straight anagram ('suffering') of AWARE LAD.
10 Got the odour of fish (5)
SMELT - double definition. As in 'I smelt the smelt'.
11 In natural movement edit books, English, on return (3,4)
EBB TIDE - EDIT + BB (books) + E (English) all reversed ('on return').
13 Doorman’s endless resilience (6)
BOUNCE - remove the end from BOUNCEr (doorman).
15 Genuine in path one’s taken (6)
HONEST - hidden word: patH ONES Taken.
17 Start to notice, we hear, area away from land (4,3)
OPEN SEA - OPEN (start) + SEA (sounds like SEE (notice)).
18 Excellent protest at noon (5)
DEMON - DEMO (protest) + N (noon). DEMON can be an adjective as in 'a demon card player' or 'a demon driver'.
20 Tess welcoming European I’d at first engaged in regional area (8)
TEESSIDE - TESS 'welcoming' E (European) + ID (I'd) + E (at first Engaged).
22 Originally filed under national merriment? (3)
FUN - first letters ('originally') of Filed Under National.
23 Colour clash? Yes, in part (4)
ASHY - hidden word: clASH Yes.
24 Frantically lug a new section of boat (7)
GUNWALE - straight anagram of LUG A NEW.
1 Abroad, broke, a shop providing help for translation? (6,4)
PHRASE BOOK - straight anagram ('abroad') of BROKE A SHOP.
2 With new start, shone in river (5)
RHONE - give SHONE a new start and you could get RHONE.
3 After fight, thanks copper and son, leader of revolt (9)
SPARTACUS - SPAR (fight) + TA (thanks) + CU (copper (chemical symbol)) + S (son).
4 Gloomy field retreat (6)
LEADEN - LEA (field) + DEN (retreat in the sense of study).
5 Foolish mother supported by daughter (3)
MAD - MA (mother) 'supported by' (i.e. 'on top of' in this down clue) D (daughter).
6 Greed, a bad habit, ensnaring artist on rise (7)
AVARICE - A VICE (bad habit) 'ensnaring' RA (artist) reversed ('on rise' in this down clue).
9 Relevance of net price uncertain around northeast (10)
PERTINENCE - anagram of NET PRICE ('uncertain') around NE (northeast).
12 Barn, abode, unusually for this vegetable? (5,4)
BROAD BEAN - straight anagram ('unusually') of BARN ABODE.
14 Stupid plea to economize? (7)
USELESS - a plea to economise might be USE LESS.
16 Darling, left out as reckless (6)
DARING - hardly needs explanation: take L (left) out of DARlING.
19 Criminal organisation’s aim to take in footballers all round? (5)
MAFIA - AIM 'taking in' FA (Football Association) 'all round', i.e. all reversed.
21 Catch sight of Bond perhaps (3)
SPY - double definition.

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