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Times 27484 - a solver in training

Time taken: 11:01. Relieved that this was correct as there is one answer that went in completely from wordplay, and I'm going to have to figure out how the definition plays in to things as I write it up (a quick check of Chambers does not help - it is 25 across).

I'm rather taken with this one - the surfaces are brilliant, there's some good puns and tricky wordplay, so my sort of puzzle. Hope you did well!

Away we go...

1 Stone seat from which one has furthest to rise? (4,6)
6 Means of dispatching members (4)
ARMS - double definition
9 Bed salesmen assuming new functions (10)
COTANGENTS - COT(bed), AGENTS(salesmen) containing N(new)
10 Disturb fairies, by the sound of it (4)
FAZE - Sounds like FAYS (or FAES if you are in the American South) for fairies
12 Record held by green worker, a better service provider (4,10)
TURF ACCOUNTANT -  ACCOUNT(record) inside TURF(green) and a worker ANT
14 Classical region's key citizen volunteers once, going west (6)
ATTICA - A(musical key), CIT(citizen), TA(volunteers) all reversed
15 Potentially dangerous mineral like prime salt (8)
ASBESTOS - AS(like), BEST(prime), OS(Ordinary Seaman, salt)
17 Our opponents adopting main rule of Olympians? (8)
THEARCHY - our opponents are THEY, insert ARCH(main)
19 Standard of Federation partially raised in tribute (6)
DOFFED - hidden inside standarD OF FEDeration
22 Reminder of past content expected in Good Friday sermon? (5-9)
CROSS-REFERENCE - double definition, the second one partly cryptic
24 Sentiment for those who perished on Scott's last journey (4)
TRIP - RIP(sentiment for those who perished) after the last letter in ScotT
25 Local office bar, one entered on a points system? (6,4)
BRANCH LINE - BRANCH(local office), LINE(bar). OK - I got this from wordplay and shows how little I know about trains, points are the switches that allow trains to move from one track to another. Don't tell anyone I'm the grandson of the stationmaster of Rockbank railway station.
26 Action man's love captured by Communist in Revolution (4)
DOER - O(love) inside RED(communist) reversed
27 "Gutsy" batting twice bagging international a half-century (10)
INTESTINAL - IN and IN (batting twice) containing TEST(international match), then A, L(50, half-century)

1 Naughty drivers close to boundary (4)
RACY - the drivers are RAC, then the last letter in boundarY
2 Queen possibly needing case for garment she's unlikely to wear (7)
CATSUIT - CAT(queen, possibly), and SUIT(legal case)
3 Supporter's complaint, on introduction of northern player (12)
BENEFACTRESS - BEEF(complaint) containing N(northern), then ACTRESS(player)
4 Extreme parts in twelfth edition come from such a source (6)
THENCE - the outside letters in TweftH EditioN ComE
5 Where to store stuff you formerly dumped in river (8)
OUTHOUSE - THOU(you, formerly) inside the river OUSE. Not the function I usually think of for this word, but it means any external building
7 Register liable to change again (7)
READAPT - READ(register), APT(liable)
8 Dismissed SA team lamented getting involved (5,5)
SWEPT ASIDE - SA SIDE(team) containing WEPT(lamented)
11 Baby bonnet, apparently, in secret storage space (5,4,3)
UNDER ONES HAT - love this clue - a baby bonnet could be an UNDER ONE'S HAT
13 Academist given extra time to work ground (10)
MASTICATED - anagram of ACADEMIST and T(time)
16 Fine fencing placed originally on a French pasture (5-3)
SHEEP-RUN - SHEER(fine) containing the first letter of Placed, then UN(a in French)
18 Gut-wrenching reason for going online? (7)
EMOTIVE - the reason for going online could be an E-MOTIVE
20 No one stands up to support particular sect (7)
FACTION - NO, I(one) all reversed after FACT(particlar)
21 Heartless orphan presented by the author as "spoilsport" (6)
MEANIE - remove the middle letter from orphan ANNIE, then put ME(the author) on top
23 Rock and roll dance north of the border (4)
REEL - double definition
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