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Times Quick Cryptic No 1462 by Mara


Hats off to any puzzle that makes me take 23 minutes to finish. I was well-stymied in the upper-right while trying to take care of kiddos... my head wasn't really in the game! Most of the puzzle was straightforward, but there was some lovely, deceptive wordplay in my last six or so clues.



1 Briefly look at rivet (4)
STUD - all but the last letter of (briefly) STUDY (look at)
Didn't get the wordplay until writing the blog.
4 Defect isn't [in] makeup (3,5)
WAR PAINT - WARP (defect) + AIN'T (isn't)
This one fooled me good!
8 A Romanic, twirly sort of pasta (8)
MACARONI - A ROMANIC (a Romanic) anagrammed (twirly)
9 Race around some land (4)
ACRE - RACE (race) anagrammed (around)
Also didn't see this one until late in the game, thinking it might be a reversal, and also trying to convince myself it was ASIA.
10 Opera star sending a short recording back (4)
DIVA - reversing (sending ... back) A (a) + shortened word for (short) VIDEO (recording)
11 Getting into fights, naughty child shakes (8)
VIBRATES - inside (getting into) VIES (fights) [is] BRAT (naughty child)
Got held up on this one because I assumed the naughty child was IMP.
12 Dirty child staggering around, edges away (6)
URCHIN - LURCHING (staggering around) without first and last letters (edges away)
14 Soare you sure? (6)
REALLY - double definition, the first adverbial
16 Yellow bloom, particular flower (8)
PRIMROSE - PRIM (particular) + ROSE (flower)
18 Horse / cut (4)
HACK - double definition
19 Nothing good with respect to giant (4)
OGRE - O (nothing) + G (good) + RE (with respect to)
20 Extremely confident, / jumping over (8)
VAULTING - double definition
I had EXULTANT for quite some time.
22 Group just out of the medals, we hear, began journey (3,5)
SET FORTH - SET (group) + FOURTH (just out of the medals) replaced by homophone (we hear)
(First through third place recieve medals.)
23 Weeds found in Idaho especially (4)
HOES - letters in (found in) IDAHO ESPECIALLY (Idaho especially)
Here 'weeds' is a verb.


2 More emotional row grabs attention (7)
TEARIER - TIER (row) around (grabs) EAR (attention)
3 Some spirit needed to put on a show (5)
DRAMA - DRAM (some spirit) + (needed to put on) A (a)
A 'dram' is a drink of alcohol (= spirit).
4 Court with outstanding officials, primarily (3)
WOO - WITH OUTSTANDING OFFICIALS (with outstanding officials) reduced to their first letters (primarily)
5 Compensate [for] first of redundancies, with me busier, somehow (9)
REIMBURSE - first letter of (first of) REDUNDANCIES (redundancies) + (with) ME BUSIER (me busier) anagrammed (somehow)
6 After a party, a mother [is] a state! (7)
ALABAMA - after (after) A (a) + LAB (party) [is] A (a) + MA (mother)
LAB for Labour Party, I believe.
7 Old Scandinavian feature inspiring reverence at first (5)
NORSE - NOSE (feature) around (inspiring) REVERENCE (reverence) reduced to its first letter (at first)
I kept trying to convince myself of CHI(R)N, until I finally got it from the definition.
11 North American city initially ushering in vehicle insurance (9)
VANCOUVER - first letter of (initially) USHERING (ushering) in (in) VAN (vehicle) + COVER (insurance)
This one really fooled me until I had enough crossing letters.
13 Translating Flemish, that man in the mirror? (7)
HIMSELF - anagram of (translating) FLEMISH (Flemish)
15 Allow change of scene after short story (7)
LICENSE - anagram of (change of) SCENE (scene) after (after) almost all letters of (short) LIE (story)
17 Villain, topping accent! (5)
ROGUE - removing first letter of (topping) BROGUE (accent)
18 Conspire to devise / an opening (5)
HATCH - double definition
21 Toughest part — that's horrible! (3)
UGH - TOUGHEST (toughest) contains the letters of the answer (part)

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