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Times Cryptic 27482

Solving time: 38 minutes. There were a couple of unfamiliar words here but the answers came easily enough from wordplay, which is as things should be so I have no complaints. Much more enjoyabe than yesterday's strange offering.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Hollow black blocks arrive (5)
COMBE : B (black) is contained by [blocks] COME (arrive). It's a hollow or valley at the side of a hill.
4 Baggage southern type brought back to Scotland (9)
ALBATROSS : ALBA (Scotland), then S (southern) + SORT (type) reversed [brought back]. SOED has ALBATROSS as : fig. usu. with allusion to Coleridge's Ancient Mariner: A heavy burden, a disadvantage, a hindrance. M20. ALBA is  Gaelic for 'Scotland' and the name of the BBC TV channel that broadcasts in that language.
9 Fellow respected in song about north country (9)
ARGENTINA : GENT (fellow) contained by [respected in] ARIA (song) itself containing [about] N (north). On edit, keriothe suggests the parsing GENT (fellow respected) contained by [in] ARIA (song), which on reflection I am inclined to agree with.
10 Worker taking order to ignore current in sea (5)
WATER : WA{i}TER (worker taking order) [ignore current - I]
11 Concocted tale splits pair married in capital (6)
WEALTH : Anagram [concocted] of TALE is contained by [splits] W...H (pair, married - Wife / Husband)
12 Commons vote brings disagreement (8)
DIVISION : Two meanings
14 Man needs good drink going for broke at casino? (10)
MARTINGALE : MARTIN (man), G (good), ALE (drink).  Never 'eard of it, but SOED has: A gambling system in which a player who is losing repeatedly doubles the stake in the hope of eventual recoupment. E19.
16 Small flute provided in further education (4)
FIFE : IF (provided) contained by [in] FE (further education)
19 Dubliners, say, unlikely to feature in such films? (4)
NOIR : NO IR (Irish - Dubliners, say). Another negative definition like the one I attempted to explain in the QC yesterday. I hope this speaks for itself.
20 Officer shortly brought in to transform meeting (10)
CONVERGENT : GEN (officer shortly) contained by [brought in to] CONVERT (transform)
22 Hard to stop copy cat finding point in orbit? (8)
APHELION : H (hard) contained by [to stop] APE (copy), LION (cat). Unknown to me, although it has appeared as an answer at least once before and has been mentioned in dispatches a couple of times. I arrived at it  by trusting to wordplay. SOED: The point in the orbit of a planet, comet, etc., at which the furthest distance from the sun is reached.
23 Order to begin shooting in battle (6)
ACTION : Two meanings, the first as said by a film director at the start of a shoot
26 Sanskrit teaching is just great, but oddly ignored (5)
SUTRA : {i}S {j}U{s}T {g}R{e}A{t} [oddly ignored]
27 Just one member keen on war - not the leader (9)
IMPARTIAL : I (one), MP (member), {m}ARTIAL (keen on war) [not the leader]. I wondered about 'keen on war' but then found 'fond of fighting' in the dictionary.
28 Scrambling device used for American helicopter (9)
EGGBEATER : Two meanings
29 Duke murdered and cut into pieces (5)
DICED : D (duke), ICED (murdered)
1 Daily executive, one to be unseated (9)
CHARWOMAN : CHA{i}RWOMAN (executive) [one to be unseated]. As Mrs Mopp used to say, "Can I do you now, sir?"
2 Rock periodical almost duplicated (5)
MAGMA : MAG (periodical), MA{g} [....almost duplicated]. MER because magma is molten and rock is solid.
3 Nineties eccentric or exceptional intellectual? (8)
EINSTEIN : Anagram [eccentric] of  NINETIES
4 Help needed to cross river that's dry (4)
ARID : AID (help) contains [to cross] R (river)
5 City lives taken in horror with 2 in flow (10)
BRATISLAVA : IS (lives) contained by [take in] BRAT (horror) + LAVA (2 - magma - in flow). The capital of Slovakia.
6 Individual in Bow no bumpkin? (6)
TOWNIE : OWN (individual) contained by [in] TIE (bow). Another negative definition as bumpkins are usually associated with the countryside.
7 At risk when circling narrow island (2,4,3)
ON THIN ICE : ONCE (when) containing [circling] THIN (narrow) + I (island)
8 Amritsar incident involves deadly agent (5)
SARIN : Hidden in [involves] {amrit}SAR IN{cident}
13 Margins too tight for soil manager (10)
AGRONOMIST : Anagram [tight - drunk] of MARGINS TOO
15 Wealthy speculator consumes energy in German diet (9)
REICHSTAG : RICH (wealthy) + STAG (speculator) contains [consumes] E (energy). 'Diet' as in parliament.
17 Caught in twisted net, fish died (9)
ENTANGLED : Anagram [twisted] of NET, then ANGLE (fish), D (died)
18 Shade raised around stack (5,3)
BRICK RED : BRED (raised) containing [around] RICK [stack - of hay]
21 Lorraine's partner almost too wonderful (6)
ALSACE : ALS{o} (too) [almost], ACE (wonderful)
22 Passage your compiler will read aloud (5)
AISLE : Sounds like [read aloud] "I'll" (your compiler will)
24 Trouble in Channel Islands that's upset hippy? (5)
ILIAC : AIL (trouble) contained by [in] CI (Channel Islands) all reversed [upset]. Pertaining to the ilium or hip bone.
25 Encourage son without stain to abandon east (4)
SPUR : S (son), PUR{e} (without stain] [abandon east]
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