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Times Quick Cryptic 1460 by Teazel

Solving time: 10 minutes but I needed at least 1 minute to find a clue that I could solve at first glance. Once I had got going it all fell into place fairly rapidly.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Casual juries condemned old dictator (6,6)
JULIUS CAESAR : Anagram [condemned] of CASUAL INJURIES
8 Lots of water, litres, to be taken during meal (5)
FLOOD : L (litres) contained by [taken during] FOOD (meal)
9 Gruesome as taxi is squashed by horse (7)
MACABRE : CAB (taxi) contained [squashed] by MARE (horse)
10 Mythical creature doesn't have one on the other hand (3)
YET : YET{i} (mythical creature) [doesn't have one]
11 Luxury car finished ends up on its roof (5,4)
ROLLS OVER : ROLLS (luxury car), OVER (finished)
13 Swelling: hospital creates paperwork (5)
BUMPH : BUMP (swelling), H (hospital). This is more correctly spelt 'bumf'  as it was originally an abbreviation of 'bum-fodder' meaning 'toilet paper' which by extension describes worthless literature and official documents and papers.
14 The place for substitute judges? (5)
BENCH : A cryptic definition based on two meanings with BENCH as a place where substitutes sit in a sports ground and judges sit in a court of law
16 Hungriest to change? Absolutely (4,5)
SURE THING : Anagram [change] of HUNGRIEST
17 Fairy putting an end to himself (3)
ELF : Hidden in [putting an end to] {hims}ELF. A rare hidden answer that doesn't span at least two words. Cue David Brent.
19 Girl, black, put out of action (7)
DISABLE : DI (girl), SABLE (black)
21 A carriage returns separately (5)
APART : A, TRAP (carriage) reversed [returns]
22 Refuse to agree reading in church is instructive experience (6,6)
OBJECT LESSON : OBJECT (refuse to agree),  LESSON (reading in church)
1 Second judge uncertain (5)
JIFFY : J (judge), IFFY (uncertain). A very short space of time - 'in a jiffy'.
2 Cat more domesticated? Not his (4-5)
LION-TAMER : LION (cat), TAMER (more domesticated)
3 Illicit to be drunk here (5,3,5)
UNDER THE TABLE : Two meanings starting with dodgy dealings
4 Arrive, extremely lively and attractive (6)
COMELY : COME (arrive), L{ivel}Y [extremely]
5 Intemperance by immoral girl that's costly at airport (6,7)
EXCESS BAGGAGE : EXCESS (intemperance),  BAGGAGE (immoral girl)
6 Church vestment used in several baptisms (3)
ALB : Hidden [used] in {sever}AL B{aptisms}. A white garment worn by some priests.
7 Look through crumbling arches (6)
SEARCH : Anagram [crumbling] of ARCHES
12 Day cutting grape plant is profitable for wine (3,2,4)
VIN DE PAYS : D (day) contained by [cutting] VINE (grape plant), PAYS (is profitable)
13 Next to boy, insect buzzing round (6)
BESIDE : BEE (insect) containing [buzzing round] SID (boy)
15 Strip club that's disreputable on street (6)
DIVEST : DIVE (club that's disreputable), ST (street)
18 In merriment see to mattress (5)
FUTON : TO contained by [in] FUN (merriment)
20 Loan for boat (3)
SUB : Two meanings for this abbreviation, subsistence and submarine

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