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Jumbo 1403

This blog has more verbose explanations of solutions than most of mine, as there were a couple of tortuous ones and I could not think of any more succinct way to explain them (1A, 22A, 31A, 41A in particular). I think I would have to take 41A as my favourite for the last part of the wordplay, although I did like 19A and the definition in particular. Given that I knew this was one I needed to blog on so needed to understand in a bit more detail it was not a smooth solve, but it was good to finally get everything clear in my mind.

At the point this appears online I should be in hospital recovering from a hip replacement so any responses to queries or corrections needed may be a bit delayed.

Thank you all for the good wishes and the confirmation regarding 1A. Home again after only 2 nights in hospital, but now the hard work begins to get fully mobile again.

1 SEDAN - S.E = South Eastern = maybe Kentish, DAN = tribe (although I can't find that word as a definition in my oldish version of Chambers both DAN and TRIBE can be classification divisions)
4 SMOKING GUN - SMOKING = harmful addiction, GUN = NZ expert
9 ABROAD - A, BROAD = far=reaching
15 THE WIZARD OF OZ - double definition, the first mildly cryptic
16 TUMBRIL - TUM = corporation, BRIL(l) = fish
17 PERINATAL - PAINTER*, AL(l) = everyone
18 ASHEN - AN = article, around SHE = that woman
19 LIQUID PARAFFIN - LIQUID = running, P(riso)n, around AFFAIR*. I like the definition as "evacuating agent"
22 ON TOP OF - although the solution was easy to see from checking letters I took some time to work out the justification and had to resort to the dictionary to confirm. The definition is "having mastery over". The wordplay is N = new and TOP = spinner, and OOF = money = the necessary, placed around these
25 ROUNDHOUSE - ROUND = circuit, HOUSE = put up. A roundhouse would be a circular maintenance facility in a railway yard with a turntable at the centre to allow engines to be directed to bays
30 HATER - H = hot, (w)ATER = drink
31 TAILPIPE - the ashen individual would be a PALE TYPE leading to the Spoonerism TALE PYPE which sounds like TAILPIPE
32 PERICLES - PERIL = danger, around C = 100, ES = tablets
35 MASTIFFS - MS = writing, around A STIFF = a body
36 READJUST - READ = register, JUST = at the last moment
37 MARIA - AIR = appearance, A.M. = before noon, all reversed
39 DO ONES HEAD IN - DOONE'S = Lorna's, HEAD = boss, IN = at the office
41 PUT A STOP TO - PUT = position, AS TO = respecting, P.T.O. = request to see back. Took some untangling to get the wordplay
45 BARGAINING CHIP - BAR GAINING CHIP = possible side effect of brawl
48 CATTY - C = charlie, AY = always, around T.T. = dry
49 OPERAGOER - OP = P.O. = sailor, reversed, ERA = time, GO "ER" = express hesitation
51 GLORY BE - GLOBE = planet, around RY = tracks
53 CRYSTAL PALACE - CRY = call, STALL = stop, around PA = dad, ACE = super
54 CHATTIEST - C.H. = companion, ATTEST = witness, around I = one
56 MECHANISED - ME(n), CHASED = stalked, around N.I. = province
57 RALLY - R(e)ALLY = extremely
1 SPLITS - double definition
3 NICER - REIN = control, around C(omrade), all reversed
4 SQUALID - SQUA(d) = band, LID = hat
5 ONE-UPMANSHIP - ONE = person, UP = eager, MAN SHIP = form crew
6 INTERWAR - TRAINER* around W = wife
7 GREEN - double definition
8 UNINTENDED - UN = an = the French part, INTENDED = engaged = the English part
10 BEDFAST - BED = DEB = girl coming out, reversed, FAST = quickly. Not a word I am familiar with
11 OFF-THE-PEG - double definition
12 DOZEN - DOZE = drop off, N = note
13 HALLE ORCHESTRA - cryptic definition
20 UNDER FIRE - double definition
21 FOOTPADS - FOOT = to pay for, PADS = accommodation
23 FORESHADOW - FORE = warning from driver, SHADOW = the person behind
24 ARCHIMEDES - ARES = Greek god, around CHIME = sound as a bell and D = died
26 OUT OF THIS WORLD - double definition
28 AXIOMATIC - A, XI = team, O.M. = order, AT = visiting, I = international, C = clubs
29 SPEEDIER - SEEDIER = more off, around P = page
33 LORD PRIVY SEAL - LORD = peer, PRIVY = can, SEAL = shut up
34 AUTUMN CROCUS - AUTUMN = fall, CU = copper in the alternate letters of CuRiOuS
38 MARBLE CAKE - cryptic definition
42 JACOBEAN - JEAN = Frenchman, around A COB = a horse
44 TRY IT ON - double definition
46 NIGGARD - NIG = GIN = spirit, reversed, GARD = DRAG = bore, reversed
47 NEATLY - NEARLY = almost, with the first letter of racket replacing the last
48 CACHE - C = cold, ACHE = pine
50 ABASH - A.B. = seaman, ASH = remains
52 OXTER - hidden in fOX TERrier


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Oct. 12th, 2019 06:17 am (UTC)
I'm not sure what 'that word' is, but DAN was one of the 12 tribes of Israel, and a SEDAN chair fits the def.
On edit: Having now actually read your intro, let me add my best wishes. My brother last year, and a friend the year before, had hip replacements, and are thriving. You couldn't tell if Rita (no, that's not my brother) had had one. Step carefully at first, though; the bro managed, on his first night home, to fall over on his way to the loo, fortunately on a thick carpet.

Edited at 2019-10-13 12:35 am (UTC)
Oct. 12th, 2019 08:01 am (UTC)
What Kevin Says, the Tribe of Dan was supposedly one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Hope the Hip Op went well!
Oct. 12th, 2019 09:46 am (UTC)
I was going to say the same on both counts. Hope you are fully recovered soon.

Thanks for explaining ON TOP OF - NHO OOF for money, although now I think of it, I think I've seen it in a crossword before.

I also didn't know that a ROUNDHOUSE was a railway maintenance shed.

This took me c 55 minutes so about 10 minutes than average.

I liked PUT A STOP TO best, once I saw how it worked.
Oct. 12th, 2019 02:06 pm (UTC)
Good luck with the hip op. I had a knee done 3 and a half years ago and it's brilliant. Main thing is to make sure you do the physio afterwards. It took me 73 and a bit minutes to do this puzzle, so hardish but not a total beast. I didn't know that ROUNDHOUSE was a railway workshop either. I had heard the term though. Thanks setter and sgh.
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