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Times Quick Cryptic No 1458 by Hurley

An enjoyable, average-difficulty puzzle from Hurley. I usually like to try the across clues first, which seemed like a slight handicap today, what with that nice big 7d on the far left - without it I managed only two along that side (17ac and 20ac). It never seems to make that much difference though: I find that if I work out from an easy opener I tend to get fixated on some clue with a checker or two that I feel I should get and forget to move on, so it sort of averages out. My slight hold up today, for no good reason, was the chestnutty girl at 22ac after which 16d fell quite quickly, and I came in just shy of 9 minutes. Good fun - many thanks to Hurley!

1 Organised fight in temporary accommodation, that’s clear (11)
TRANSPARENT - RAN (organised) SPAR (fight) in TENT (temporary accommodation)
8 Powerful body’s miserable cop-outs (7)
OCTOPUS - is an anagram (miserable) of COP OUTS. In the figurative sense of far-reaching influence.
9 Partly glad I thought about such a wave (5)
TIDAL - "Partly" in the letters of gLAD I Thought; about = reversed
10 Satchel, it’s adapted for sport (9)
ATHLETICS - anagram (is adapted) of SATCHEL IT
12 Humdrum existence of Rugby Union team originally (3)
RUT - RU (Rugby Union) T (Team "originally")
13 Fellow needing sleep first in Italian port (6)
NAPLES - LES (fellow) needing NAP (sleep) first
15 Not refined, bringing rowing gear into Church (6)
COARSE - OARS (rowing gear) into CE (Church of England)
17 Oddly silky and insidious (3)
SLY - "oddly" S i L k Y
18 Cricketer, sympathetic about trouble (4-5)
TAIL-ENDER - TENDER (sympathetic) about AIL (trouble). I was thinking of fielders, and got as far as "deep cover", which would have worked perfectly, if deep meant sympathetic, and over meant trouble, and it was hyphenated.
20 Ignoring outsiders, Suzy, with gesture, say, for this Asian (5)
UZBEK - "Ignoring outsiders" sUZy with BEK (sounds like ("say") BECK). Beck is an old contraction of the very old "beckon".
22 Girl’s card game, lost at the end (7)
BRIDGET - BRIDGE (card game) T (losT "at the end")
23 Some regret nag re-enters village courting couples frequented (6,5)
GRETNA GREEN - "some" of the letters of reGRET NAG REENters. If you thought that hiding Gretna Green in a sentence would be difficult, then this clue rather confirms it. Didn't stop me from missing it on the first read through though.

1 Problem getting new start for small person (5)
TITCH - HITCH (problem) gets a new starting letter. A clue will occasionally ask you to swap a letter (or perhaps two middle letters) with an unspecified one; embrace it into your 21d and rejoice that there are fewer random letters than there are random girls and boys.
2 A first part of timely gift now (2,7)
AT PRESENT - A T (first part of Timely) PRESENT (gift)
3 Excitedly kiss popular flier (6)
SISKIN - anagram (excitedly) of KISS; IN (popular)
4 Do something in law (3)
ACT - double definition.
5 At outskirts of Essen, German painter, one who’s lasted (7)
ENDURER - EN ("outskirts" of EsseN) DURER (German painter)
6 Be honest — order girl to include article on time (4,3,5)
TELL THE TRUTH - TELL (order) RUTH (girl) to include THE (article) on T(ime)
7 Rob hung jeans out in African city (12)
11 Twenty queue for final result (9)
SCORELINE - SCORE (twenty) LINE (queue)
14 Sound of dog, rising, talented, due now? (7)
PAYABLE - PAY (YAP = sound of dog, "rising") ABLE (talented)
16 Safety feature could be bargain? Almost (3,3)
AIR BAG - anagram (could be) of BARGAIn (almost = drop the last letter)
19 Eat eagerly, like at home (3,2)
DIG IN - DIG (like, as in "I dig it") IN (at home)
21 Man’s range of knowledge (3)
KEN - Double definition
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