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Times 27460 - hope you approached it 3

Time taken: 16:56. I found this quite difficult and ground to a halt for a while with two left (28 across and 6 down). I was surprised to see so many scores better than mine, so maybe I fell into a few well-laid traps.

I'm writing this fairly late at night here and if I have made a mistake or something needs to be cleared up, I probably will not be able to edit this until early afternoon UK time, so check the comments to see if questions have been answered.

Away we go...

1 I have joined in support, receiving something to chew over (8)
INDUCTEE - IN, TEE(support) containing CUD(something to chew) reversed
5 Doctor joins boat for capital (6)
MOSCOW - MO(doctor) and SCOW(boat)
9 Local people’s unusually big heads (3)
PUB - first letters of People's Unusually Big
10 Politicians resolve to dishearten ordinary people, — and nearly succeeded later (11)
REPUBLICANS - the outside letters of ResolvE, then PUBLIC(ordinary people), AN(AND, nearly), S(succeeded)
12 Failure to win game that’s raised to shut one out (10)
DRAWBRIDGE - DRAW(failure to win), BRIGHT(game)
13 Post spread by word of mouth (4)
JAMB - sounds like JAM(spread)
15 I had been concerned, short of energy, for a way to prove myself (2,4)
ID CARD - I'D *I had) then CARED(contented) missing E(energy)
16 Poor innings: one’s out for 9 (3,4)
INN SIGN - anagram of INNINGS (since 9 is PUB)
18 Pure English penned by member of church — only the first article appears (7)
ANGELIC - E(english) inside ANGLICAN(member of church) with the second AN removed
20 Take holiday somewhere near Indian state (2,4)
GO AWAY - near the Indian state may be the GOA WAY
23 Huntsman’s strip (4)
PEEL - double definition
24 An independent thinker, like Ariel finally? (4,6)
FREE SPIRIT - At the end of The Tempest, Ariel is freed
26 Entire rota is to be changed, you can bet on it (11)
TOTALISATOR - TOTAL(entire) then an anagram of ROTA,IS
27 Dance, nothing to swell blood pressure (3)
BOP - 0(nothing) inside BP(blood pressure)
28 A doctor in residence perhaps pulled back hospital screen (6)
PURDAH - A. DR(doctor), UP(in residence, perhaps) all reversed then H(hospital)
29 Came earlier and hunted food (8)
PREDATED - double definition

1 Some claim pedestrians get in the way (6)
IMPEDE - hidden in claIM PEDEstrians
2 Expert sort of radio operative (3,4)
DAB HAND - a DAB radio HAND(operative)
3 By using brain, convention latches on to cold beer that’s brewed (10)
CEREBRALLY -RALLY(convention)  after C(cold) and an anagram of BEER
4 Coppers stride out with pride in force (6,2,5)
6 Regretful woman is oppressed by sacred text (4)
OTIS - IS under OT(old Testament). My last one in - the reference is to "Miss Otis Regrets")
7 Man dealing with one piece of bread (7)
CHAPATI - CHAP(man), AT(dealing with) then I(one)
8 Small piece of fowl split between two? (8)
WISHBONE - cyptic definition
11 Encouraging line enclosed by speculator, one after money (7,6)
BEGGING LETTER - EGGING(encoraging) L(line), inside BETTER(speculator)
14 Not hindered, as forgetful picnickers may be? (10)
UNHAMPERED - double definition
17 Behave outrageously, seeing river bed higher (4,2,2)
CAMP IT UP - CAM(river), PIT(bed), UP(higher)
19 Bigger kitchen utensil announced (7)
GREATER - sounds like GRATER
21 In car boot, half empty, a broken tumbler (7)
ACROBAT - anagram of CAR, BO(o)T, A
22 An irrational boss comes across as foolish (6)
STUPID - PI(irrational number) inside STUD(boss)
25 Request enjoyment? Not certainly (4)
PLEA - PLEASURE missing SURE(certainly)
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