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Times Quick Cryptic No 1442 by Trelawney


I found this to be an easy, enjoyable puzzle, providing no major difficulties. Definitely a lot of mythology!

For those at the beginning of their puzzle-solving journey, I made a walkthrough my solve here: Hopefully some will find this video helpful!



1 Having less hair a bit rubbish (10)
BALDERDASH - BALDER (having less hair) + DASH (a bit)
8 One miserable smoker [is] irritating (7)
IRKSOME - I (one) + anagram of (miserable) SMOKER (smoker)
9 Goods initially carried by ancient ship (5)
CARGO - first letter of (initally) CARRIED (carried) + (by) ARGO (ancient ship)
The Argo is a ship from Greek mythology.
10 Heard two deer [and] an extinct bird? (4)
DODO - homophone of (heard) DOE DOE (two deer)
Reason for the question mark?
11 A horse with time to drink (8)
AMARETTO - A (a) + MARE (horse) + (with) T (time) + TO (to)
13 Young girl with old rope (5)
LASSO - LASS (young girl) + (with) O (old)
14 Iodine put in remedy [for] some radiation (5)
CURIE - I (iodine) in (put in) CURE (remedy)
A 'Curie' is the basic unit of radiation, named after Marie Curie.
16 Focuses on size: er, that’s unusual (6,2)
ZEROES IN - ON SIZE ER (on size er) anagrammed (that's unusual)
17 Assist a wager (4)
ABET - A (a) + BET (wager)
20 Oddly, loud child [is] coherent (5)
LUCID - odd-numbered letters of (oddly) LOUD (loud) CID (child)
Cid is a child's name, I guess. EDIT: jackkt pointed out that CID is just the odd-numbered letters in ‘child’.
21 Prohibit boy’s musical instruments (7)
BANJOES - BAN (prohibit) JOE'S (boy's)
22 Grave fellow [and] dangerous driver? (10)
UNDERTAKER - double definition
Didn't quite get the second definition here.  Do they mean that a stunt driver 'undertakes' dangerous stunts? EDIT: vinyl let me know the flavor of the second definition but I’m happy to let people who actually know the term elucidate in the comments.


1 A shade / insensitive (5)
BLIND - double definition
2 Dalek I set loose on harsh northern wilderness (4,8)
LAKE DISTRICT - DALEK I (dalek I) anagrammed (set loose) + (on) STRICT (harsh)
3 Greek god found in Homer, ostensibly (4)
EROS - letters in (found in) HOMER OSTENSIBLY (Homer ostensibly)
4 Vague padre, dismissing pa and girl (6)
DREAMY - PADRE (padre) without (dismissing) PA (pa) + (and) AMY (girl)
5 Sporting competition that’s in the bag? (4,4)
SACK RACE - cheeky definition
6 What could delay a novel bowlers' trick being used (7,5)
WRITERS BLOCK - BOWLERS TRICK (bowlers trick) anagrammed (being used)
7 Gloomy detective imprisons leader of Opposition (6)
MOROSE - MORSE (detective) contains (imprisons) first letter of (leader of) OPPOSITION (opposition)
12 Greek god [is] poisoned, unfortunately (8)
POSEIDON - POISONED (poisoned) anagrammed (unfortunately)
13 Slowly, plant covers centre of maze (6)
LAZILY - LILY (plant) around (covers) middle letters of (centre of) MAZE (maze)
15 Quick, some medication—I'm bleeding! (6)
NIMBLE - letters in (some) MEDICATION I'M BLEEDING (medication I'm bleeding)
18 Stare unhappily, [producing] weapon (5)
TASER - STARE (stare) anagrammed (unhappily)
19 Fly bite is raised up (4)
GNAT - TANG (bite) reversed (is raised up)

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