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Times Cryptic 27458

I've no solving time to offer for this one as I was interrupted and lost track of it, but somewhere between 40 minutes and an hour.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Shimmering in image around retina's start - of one perhaps (8)
MIGRAINE : Anagram (shimmering) of IN IMAGE containing [around] R{etina} [start]. Disturbed vision is one of the symptoms of  migraine. Take as much or as little as you need of the clue as the definition.
5 Party with great chat (6)
CONFAB : CON (party), FAB (great). I've always preferred 'conflab' myself, but both are valid.
9 Knitted cashmere? I don't know (6,2)
SEARCH ME : Anagram [knitted] of CASHMERE
10 Screen employees coming back into agency (6)
CINEMA : MEN (employees) reversed [coming back] and contained by [into] CIA (agency)
12 Hate crime, alternatively (5)
ABHOR : ABH (crime - Actual Bodily Harm), OR (alternatively)
13 Disgusted after losing rugby, Pacific nation gets sedentary (9)
NAUSEATED : NAU{ru} (Pacific nation) [after losing rugby - Rugby Union], SEATED (sedentary). I didn't know this country in Oceania.
14 Pitch drink containers in bins (5,7)
FIELD GLASSES : FIELD (pitch - sport), GLASSES (drink containers). 'Bins' is short for 'binoculars'.
18 Chippendale, say, for PM? (7-5)
CABINET-MAKER : Two definitions of sorts, the second referring to the Prime Minister's role of appointing (and sacking) Cabinet ministers.
21 The opposite of bad poet being listened to (4,5)
VICE VERSA : VICE (bad), then VERSA sounds like [being listened to] "verser" (poet). I thought this was a made-up word, but it's genuine!
23 Doctor welcoming green colour scheme (5)
DECOR : DR (doctor) containing [welcoming] ECO (green)
24 Cross Noah initially put in his boat? (6)
NARKED : N{oah} [initially], ARKED (put in his boat?) -  the second part tongue-in-cheek as indicated by the question mark
25 Depressed players dropped (4,4)
CAST DOWN : CAST (players), DOWN (dropped)
26 Tip remains of cigarette in a line on page (2,4)
EN DASH : END (tip), ASH (remains of cigarette). This is the shorter of the two dashes often seen in printing, the other being the 'em dash'.
27 Tiresome letters featuring what one had for lunch? (8)
OMELETTE : Hidden in [featuring] {tires}OME LETTE{rs}
1 Model cut after motorway accident (6)
MISHAP : M1 (motorway), SHAP{e} (model) [cut]
2 They use axes: fruit chopped has to be hollowed out (6)
GRAPHS : GRAP{e} (fruit) [chopped], H{a}S [hollowed out]
3 Backing off, agreeing to accept nothing - that'll produce noise from squeezed middle (9)
ACCORDION : ACCORDIN{g} (agreeing) [backing off] containing [to accept] 0 (nothing)
4 Toilet in all-female preserve being given handle? (12)
NOMENCLATURE : LAT (toilet) contained by [in] NO MEN (all-female) + CURE (preserve). 'Handle' is slang for 'name'. 'Lat' is short for 'latrine', more usually appearing in the plural form as 'lats'.
6 Old climber like Jacob? (5)
OVINE : O (old), VINE (climber). 'Jacob' is a breed of sheep.
7 Escape exam as fast as possible (8)
FLEETEST : FLEE (escape), TEST (exam). I can't find confirmation that this is a word but it sounds vaguely familiar in the context of someone being 'fleetest of foot'. Having said that, I think it would mean the fastest of a particular group rather than as fast as possible.
8 Rather dull, getting flatter (8)
BLANDISH : Two meanings of sorts
11 What's disturbed rural blag with weapon? (7,5)
BURGLAR ALARM : Anagram [disturbed] of RURAL BLAG, then ARM [weapon]
15 Reported cane toad swimming on top of lake (9)
ANECDOTAL : Anagram [swimming] of CANE TOAD, L (lake) or L{ake} [top of] - either would work in a Down clue
16 Shilling and cents repay search through rubbish (8)
SCAVENGE : S (shilling), C (cents),  AVENGE (repay)
17 Outside broadcasts restored in secret? (8)
OBSCURED : OBS (Outside Broadcasts), CURED (restored)
19 Approach from company's restricted by legislation (6)
ACCOST : COS (company's) contained [restricted] by ACT (legislation)
20 British football team in Lyon getting medal (6)
BRONZE : BR (British), ONZE (football team in Lyon - French for 11)
22 Opinions on western society are competing (5)
VIEWS : VIE (are competing), W (western), S (society)

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