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Times Quick Cryptic 1440 by Izetti

Solving time: 7 minutes. I found this very easy for an Izetti puzzle but I shall not be surprised if less-experience solvers have a few more problems. It's a pangram, meaning that every letter of the alphabet appears at least once.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

8 King and knight associated with a terribly wicked practice (7)
KNAVERY : K (king - chess or otherwise), N (knight - chess),  A, VERY (terribly - as in 'a very/terribly good book')
9 Composer left after wild party (5)
RAVEL : RAVE (wild party), L (left). Most famous perhaps for his Bolero.
10 Cry as TV doctor facing work (5)
WHOOP : WHO (TV doctor), OP (work). Usually a cry of excitement or triumph but neither of those when associated with a cough.
11 English Queen to go wrong, having unknown royal assistant (7)
EQUERRY : E (English), QU (queen), ERR (go wrong), Y (unknown). X,Y and Z are the most common 'unknowns'.
12 Mention school subject, and again, railing about it (9)
REFERENCE : RE (school subject - Religious Education), then FENCE (railing) containing [about]  RE (it - the school subject again)
14 After end of work I quietly sleep (3)
KIP : {wor}K [end], I, P (quietly). At one time a KIP was a cheap lodging house providing  a bed and overnight accommodation and from that it became a word meaning 'sleep'.
16 Mother wanting nuts sent around (3)
DAM : MAD (nuts) reversed [sent around]
18 Most cheerful relation, one taken in by joke (9)
JAUNTIEST : AUNT (relation) + I (one) contained [taken in] by JEST (joke)
21 Musician is beginning to talk with coterie (7)
CELLIST : CELL (coterie), IS, T{alk} [beginning]
22 Mum's right to follow friend (5)
MATER : MATE (friend), R (right)
23 Shouts disapprovingly, being heard finding alcohol (5)
BOOZE : Sounds like [being heard] "boos" (shouts disapprovingly)
24 Our dean arranged a piece of music (7)
RONDEAU Anagram [arranged] of OUR DEAN. The piece of music is more usually spelt 'rondo' in English, with 'rondeau' reserved for a type of lyrical poem, but this spelling can also be valid for music especially when it's written by a French composer e.g. this superb example by Rameau.
1 Pinned, as we are, stuck into desk working (8)
SKEWERED : WE'RE (we are) contained by [stuck into] anagram [working] of DESK
2 Got rid of loud female - nothing was uplifting (3,3)
SAW OFF : F (loud) + F (female) + 0 (nothing) + WAS all reversed [uplifting]
3 Noise made by buzzer - end of sleep (4)
BEEP : BEE (buzzer), {slee}P [end]. Who remembers this from 1958?
4 Wife terribly nervy seeing monster (6)
WYVERN : W (wife), anagram [terribly] of NERVY. In heraldry it's a winged dragon with a serpent's tail.
5 A frightful grunt when yours truly is involved in quarrel (8)
ARGUMENT : A, anagram [frightful] of GRUNT, with ME (yours truly) contained [involved]
6 Composer's drunk vodka penning end of lieder (6)
DVORAK : Anagram [drunk] of VODKA containing [penning] {liede}R [end]. Soothe all your troubles away with the first 4 minutes of this ...
7 Friend of everybody ending in ignominy (4)
ALLY : ALL (everybody), {ignomin}Y [ending]
13 I jeer so inappropriately when Charlie comes in and is elated (8)
REJOICES : Anagram [inappropriately] of I JEER SO with C (Charlie) contained [comes in]
15 Fade as apostle no longer favoured (5,3)
PETER OUT : PETER (apostle), OUT (no longer favoured)
17 Poet marks one line - character slightly lacking (6)
MILTON : M (marks - currency), I (one), L (line), TON{e} (character) [slightly lacking]
19 Expresses what guttersnipe is concealing (6)
UTTERS : Hidden in [concealing] {g}UTTERS{nipe}
20 Woman embraced by strangest hero (6)
ESTHER : Hidden in [embraced by] {strang}EST HER{o}. She has her own book in the Old Testament and was the subject of a work by Handel that's generally accepted as being the first English oratorio. Here's the overture.
21 Young animal going over a West Indian island (4)
CUBA : CUB (young animal), A
22 Seductive woman in furs, reportedly (4)
MINX : Sounds like [reportedly] "minks" (furs)
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