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Times Cryptic No 27450 - Saturday 07 September 2019. From frostbite to tropical heat.

From the ice of 1ac to the searing sun of 27ac, there wasn’t an answer here I didn’t know, but there were lots of clever clues and quite a sprinkling of humour. Thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle.

I particularly enjoyed the parliamentarians at 2dn and 4ac contributing to the crossword community, but I think my favourite clue was the gentle humour of 21ac.

Clues are blue, with definitions underlined. Answers are in BOLD CAPS, then wordplay. (ABC*) means ‘anagram of ABC’. Deletions are in [square brackets]. The blog is in Times New Roman font, as part of a gentle campaign to urge the club site to use a font in which it is easier to tell one’s stem from one’s stern.

1 House that has one turn and look inside (5)
IGLOO – I (one), LO ‘inside’ GO.

4 An MP in court. Delicious prospect? (9)
CAMEMBERT – A MEMBER (Honourable, ideally, although some might argue), inside CT.

9 Declines to drink with converts (9)
DOWNTURNS – DOWN with TURNS. The definition is a noun, not a verb.

10 More than half of Liverpudlians becoming addicts? (5)
USERS – more than half of [sco]USERS. Some local UK knowledge needed here.

11 Coppers in particularly nice bit of tree (7,6)
SPECIAL BRANCH – the primary definition (accompanied by a second, whimsical definition) is a particular subgroup of the police, and I wondered briefly whether the clue should indicate that. In the end I think it’s OK without.

14 Look hungrily around for roll (4)
REEL – Turn LEER ‘around’.

15 Refraining from bunking off, saving money (10)

18 Transported herd: all ten let loose (10)
ENTHRALLED – (HERD ALL TEN*), ‘let loose’.

19 Old painter retreats, shunning society (4)
AGED – DEGA[s], ‘retreating’. An elegant clue.

21 Trouble spending a penny? (13)
INCONVENIENCE – in Britain, you do or did “spend a penny” to go IN a CONVENIENCE. This clue had me on totally the wrong track.

24 Colonel born with foot impediment (5)
BLIMP – B (born), LIMP. Collins says Colonel Blimp was a cartoon character created by David Low (1891-1963).

25 Constant reorganisation of English lessons creates oppressive quality (9)
CLOSENESS – C is the constant, then (E LESSONS*) ‘reorganised’.

27 Stars puff on spliff around Her Majesty? There’ll be a complaint! (9)
SUNSTROKE – SUNS, then TOKE around R (Regina).

28 Feeble name for whiskey on the rocks? (5)
NEEDY – WEEDY is feeble. Change W for whiskey to N for name.

1 Dirt nieces dished up, being tactless (10)

2 Quiet “parliamentarian”, fifty, making way to top (3)
LOW – according to the traditional collective noun, a group of OWLs is a parliament. Move L (fifty) up to the top.

3 Get the better of idiot from Open University? (6)
OUTWIT – O (open), U (university), TWIT.

4 Instructions for washing farm machinery in field caught being lifted (4,5)
CARE LABEL – BALER (farm machinery), in LEA (field), then C (caught), all ‘lifted’. I didn’t know this term for the tags you see on everything, but it’s in the dictionary.

5 Swami’s erudition inspiring this curmudgeon (5)
MISER – hidden answer (‘inspired’).

6 The orator’s time for grief (8)
MOURNING – sounds like MORNING, indicated by ‘orator ‘.

7 Jumbo brought down by this? (8,3)
ELEPHANT GUN - I’m not sure this definition should be called cryptic. Have I missed something?

8 Drunkard turning on husband? Rubbish! (4)
TOSH – SOT ‘turning’, then H (husband).

12 Nice article about expert on Enlightenment? (11)
ELECTRICIAN – (NICE ARTICLE*) ‘about’. Lovely definition!!

13 Provokes Sally occasionally for no reason (10)
NEEDLESSLY – NEEDLE, then the odd letters of S-a-L-l-Y.

16 Doctor to free her thus (9)
THEREFORE – (TO FREE HER*), ‘doctored’.

17 The drugs that make you mad? (8)

20 Woman announcing she’s not straight? (6)
EILEEN – sounds like ‘I lean’.

22 Auditors guzzling half of chef’s exotic grub (5)
NACHO – the N.A.O. (National Audit Office), ‘guzzling’ CH[ef].

23 In the same place lives a creature with long legs (4)
IBIS – IB (ibidem), IS (lives). I was distracted by knowing that ‘ib.’ could also be abbreviated ‘ibid.’!

26 Examine pupil’s accommodation (3)
EYE – another double definition.
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