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If I had to pick one adjective to describe this puzzle, I'd say, straightforward. There is one word at 18a I didn't know beforehand, but it's deducible from the anagram fodder and the meaning. The rest is fair wordplay, some of it QC level, and I expect to see some fast times and a low SNITCH. If someone can explain 24a better, please do. But I enjoyed it, while it lasted, which wasn't very long. My CoD would be 4d for the smooth surface.

1 House publication with colleague's final tribute (6)
HOMAGE - HO = house, MAG = publication, E = end of colleague.
4 Traveller given licence to go on major road (7)
MIGRANT - GRANT on end of the M1.
9 The old man, looking hot, shaved (5)
PARED - PA is RED hot.
10 Strong suspicion, it's said, must be dealt with (6,3)
IRONED OUT - IRON = strong, ED OUT sounds like DOUBT = suspicion.
11 Procession of a woman and nasty fellow in church (9)
CAVALCADE - A, VAL (random woman), CAD (nasty fellow) inside CE = Church.
12 Test of political division putting British off (5)
TRIAL - TRIBAL loses its B. Three years ago I'd have queried 'of political division' meaning tribal, but now it feels somehow more appropriate.
13 Fox eats a nasty creature (4)
TOAD - TOD is a word for a FOX, insert A. I don't think toads are nasty creatures, we have a family of them living near our back door in a drain cover thing and they're quite cuddly.
14 Escape takes all day — it's nice to get outside (10)
DECAMPMENT - DECENT = nice, insert AM PM i.e. all day.
18 I'm holiest cleric, primarily exercising art of sermonising (10)
HOMILETICS - (IM HOLIEST C)*, the C = cleric primarily. Not a word I've ever used, but I guessed it from the HOMILY route / root.
20 Pick up body part by hospital (4)
HEAR - EAR on Hospital.
23 German woman departs to see swindler (5)
FRAUD - FRAU, D(eparts).
24 Caught in a bad act, ensnared by weird sister showing charm (9)
FASCINATE - A SIN = a bad act, insert C for caught > ASCIN, insert that into FATE; I presume here FATE is one of the three sisters / daughters of Ananke, who weaved things like destinies, but why they are weird I don't know.
25 Storm about proposal at meeting? Order must be kept (9)
COMMOTION - C (about) OM (order) MOTION (proposal at meeting).
26 Dosh foreign character keeps at home (5)
RHINO - Greek letter RHO keeps IN = at home.
27 Daughter is ecstatic making protest (7)
DISSENT - D IS SENT (ecstatic).
28 Farm needing good pasturage (6)
GRANGE - G, RANGE = pasturage.

1 Hard work followed by drink and game (9)
HOPSCOTCH -  H(ard), OP (work), SCOTCH (drink). My FOI.
2 A Gypsy heading north through European region (7)
MORAVIA - A ROM = a gypsy, singular of Roma, heading north = MOR A, VIA = through. It's the Easternmost province of what is now called Czechia.
3 Tribe sits on smart person seen as a pest (6)
GADFLY - GAD was one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Gad himself was the seventh son of Jacob, by Leah's handmaiden Zilpah, apparently, so handmaidens must have been fair game in those days.No worse than Anne Boleyn I suppose. FLY = smart. So I think here the definition is being applied to a person rather than just the annoying insect.
4 Animal imitates the noise of another, having minimal energy (5)
MOOSE - Our MOOSE imitates a cow so MOOS, add E = minimal energy.
5 Mammal to worry about fruit? The opposite (5,3)
GREAT APE - the opposite, in that the fruit GRAPE goes around EAT = worry.
6 Surprisingly, age is no worry (7)
7 Youngster, a learner unqualified (5)
8 Wire that's flimsy insulated by paper wrapping at home (8)
FILAMENT - LAME (flimsy, as in lame excuse) is wrapped by IN = at home, wrapped by FT the newspaper. F(I(LAME)N)T.
15 Blaming statement from book-keeper and swearing? That's not right (8)
ACCUSING - AC = account, statement from book-keeper; CURSING loses its R for Right.
16 Little maids from school possibly see mother coming out (9)
THREESOME - (SEE MOTHER)*. Reference the song in The Mikado: "Three little maids from school are we / pert as a school-girl well can be / filled to the brim with girlish glee ..." to which YUM-YUM says "Everything is a source of fun (chuckle)". Enough said.
17 Happy boys in game with yours truly (8)
GLADSOME - LADS = boys, inside GO a game, add ME.
19 Bad atmospheres spread about by mass media editor denied (7)
MIASMAS - Anagram of (MASS M(ed) IA)* where the ED is "denied". The plural of the Greek word miasma should be miasamata, but I expect dictionaries allow a sloppy, Anglicised, miasmas.
21 Joy's husband, for example, no Romeo (7)
ELATION - RELATION loses its R for Romeo. Is a husband a relation?
22 Reflect on one bishop being hugged by a thousand soldiers (6)
MIRROR - I (one) RR (bishop) inside M (a thousand) OR (ordinary ranks).
23 Met with coffee maybe when turning up (5)
FACED - DECAF coffee reversed.
24 Misleading action is weak, by the sound of it (5)
FEINT - sounds like FAINT.


Sep. 11th, 2019 10:50 am (UTC)
I managed 3/4 of this lickety-split but got completely stuck in the NE corner. Which was pretty thick of me considering what's been going on with MIGRANTs on the Southern border of the US lately, but no I had to trawl the alphabet for MOOSE before I could get there. Pip, I think the OR in 22d is "other" not "ordinary" ranks but that's an extremely small nit! 20.56
Sep. 11th, 2019 03:44 pm (UTC)
I stand (to attention) corrected, I had always assumed (wrongly and lazily) it was Ordinary, but NATO speak says Other as do you of course. My Dad would have known for sure, he had a Military Bearing like Major Bloodknock. P
Sep. 11th, 2019 04:02 pm (UTC)
Did he toss it in the air and catch it?