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Times Cryptic 27452

I needed only  36 minutes for this mostly very straightforward puzzle. I imagine the speed-merchants will have a field day. All good solid stuff with one really outstanding definition in my view.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Officer coming across a fine hole in one exposed seam (8)
COALFACE : COL (officer) containing [coming across] A, then F (fine), ACE ( hole in one - golf)
5 Find vessel inside, set back (4,2)
TURN UP : URN (vessel) contained by [inside] PUT (set) reversed [back]
10 Irish sea area, run down, gallons escaping (5)
MALIN : MALI{g}N (run down) [gallons escaping]. I didn't know it was Irish but worked it out from wordplay and recognised the name from the Shipping Forecast.
11 Be reasonable as men seek to be redeployed (4,5)
MAKE SENSE : Anagram [redeployed] of AS MEN SEEK
12 Large sea bream tormented ray (5,4)
LASER BEAM : L (large), anagram [tormented] of SEA BREAM
13 Grills fruits at Halloween, excluding family (5)
PUMPS : PUMP{kin}S (fruits at Halloween) [excluding family]
14 One million beans perhaps creating sudden urge (7)
IMPULSE : I (one), M (million), PULSE (beans perhaps). 'Pulse' in this sense is a noun that can denote singular or plural, apparently.
16 Old friend of Hamlet ignoring King's hunting call (6)
YOICKS : YO{r}ICK (old friend of Hamlet) [ignoring King - r], S. View halloo! Yoicks tally-ho! and all that.
18 One saying "No" does perhaps encapsulate part of UK (6)
DENIER : DEER (does perhaps) contain [encapsulate] NI (part of UK - Northern Ireland). 'Does perhaps' because they can also be rabbits, ferrets, rats or kangaroos.
20 Disease in granny's heart and chest, lacking oxygen (7)
ANTHRAX : {gr}AN{ny} [heart], TH{o}RAX (chest) [lacking oxygen]
22 Moneylender, ambiguous, dumping first of accounts receivable (5)
UNCLE : UNCLE{ar} (ambiguous) [dumping first of accounts receivable]. 'Uncle' is slang for 'pawnbroker', origin unknown but dating from at least 1756.
23 Legal advisor, hence authorised to meet troops (9)
SOLICITOR : SO (hence), LICIT (authorised), OR (troops - Other Ranks)
25 Bribe Society with tiny note, half-heartedly (9)
SWEETENER : S (society), WEE (tiny), TEN{n}ER (note) [half-heartedly]
26 Did exhaust part for American's car by day (5)
TIRED : TIRE (part for American's car), D (day). We spell it 'tyre'.
27 Still dealing with infringement (6)
RETORT : RE (dealing with), TORT (infringement). Remembered from school chemistry lessons, it's used for distilling liquids.
28 Hard to believe doing without credit, hard to swallow (8)
INEDIBLE : IN{cr}EDIBLE (hard to believe) [doing without credit]
1 Firm initially monitors scheme to import island's beef (8)
COMPLAIN : CO (firm), M{onitors} [initially], PLAN (scheme) containing [to import] I (island)
2 World book finally abridged (5)
ATLAS : AT LAS{t} (finally) [abridged]
3 Boxing manager's leisure time left creditor furious (7,8)
FUNERAL DIRECTOR : FUN (leisure), ERA (time), L (left), anagram [furious] of CREDITOR. Great definition! The one in the village where I was  born and raised marketed himself as 'Funeral Furnisher'.
4 Fifty fail to appear in entire contest (7)
COMPETE : COMP{l}ETE (entire) [fifty - L -  fail to appear]
6 Simple duties can, when mixed with this absorbing work (15)
UNSOPHISTICATED : Anagram [mixed] of DUTIES CAN THIS containing [absorbing] OP (work)
7 One hates dragging on small donkey in middle of fun run (9)
NONSMOKER : ON + S (small) + MOKE (donkey) contained by [in] {fu}N R{un} [middle]
8 Like green areas in gym (6)
PLEASE : LEAS (green areas) contained by [in] PE (gym). I had some difficulty reconciling 'like' and 'please' as synonyms but then I thought of the  example 'Do as you like / Do as you please'.
9 Philby stops one like him revealing a lot (6)
SKIMPY : KIM (Philby) is contained by [stops] SPY (one like him). Philby was a double-agent for the USSR revealed in 1963 as one of the Cambridge Five ring of spies.
15 Psychic here taking in Channel Islands (9)
PRESCIENT : PRESENT (here) containing [taking in] CI (Channel Islands)
17 Steer game where Blues won (8)
OXBRIDGE : OX (steer), BRIDGE (game). Players who represent Oxford or Cambridge universities at sport are called Blues.
19 Begrudge gift, heading off (6)
RESENT : {p}ESENT (gift) [heading off}. After 15dn perhaps  it's rather too soon for 'present' to appear again in wordplay.
20 Retailer only stocks flight controller (7)
AILERON : Is hidden in [stocks] {ret}AILER ON{ly}. It's a wing flap on an aircraft that controls its balance.
21 Horseman spots revolutionary engaging our lot (6)
HUSSAR : RASH (spots) reversed [revolutionary] containing [engaging] US (our lot)
24 Beat disease suffocating lion losing energy (5)
THROB : TB (disease) containing [suffocating] H{e}RO (lion) [losing energy]
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