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Mephisto 3079 - Don Manley

My main hold-up here I suspect is a typo in Chambers. Since I wasn't familiar with the language I looked up the answer to 7 down. In my copy of Chambers it is given as ESKUARA (which fits the wordplay). EUSKARIAN is there for Basque, and after an online search I can't find any support for ESKUARA. So that settled my problems with also being sure that 15 across was SIMMON, and we were away again.

With Mephisto, definitions can be verified in Chambers, so I will focus on wordplay elements. The definitions are underlined.

Away we go...

4 In windows see pets eating seed (9)
CASEMENTS - CATS(pets)... ahem... eating SEMEN (seed)
11 Phone order sent the wrong way leading to anger (6)
MOBILE - OM(Order of Merit) reversed then BILE(anger)
13 Memory coming back to old member of tribe (4)
MORO - ROM(Read Only Memory) reversedm then O(old)
14 Perverted hope to live as a goddess (6)
PHOEBE -  anagram of HOPE then BE(live)
15 Simple fellow having mark inscribed in tree (6)
SIMMON - Simple SIMON containing M(mark) - short for PERSIMMON
16 Dawn's taking a very long time to pen article (4)
EOAN - EON(a very long time) containing A(article)
18 Stop loveless marriage somehow — I want a realistic approach (11)
PRAGMATISER - anagram of STOP missing O(love) and MARRIAGE
19 Colourful stuff gives Spooner’s American friend trouble (7)
CUDBEAR - spoonerism of BUD(American friend) CARE(trouble)
21 Hesitation by artist to make pilgrimage (4)
UMRA - UM(hesitation), RA(artist)
22 Drug cut into small pieces (4)
HASH - double definition
25 Isn’t ale newly brewed outstanding? (7)
SALIENT - anagram of ISN'T,ALE
27 Remonstrate as old lover having claim (11)
EXPOSTULATE - EX(old lover), POSTULATE(claim)
30 Uncivilised person irritated husband (4)
GOTH - GOT(irritated), H(husband)
32 Girl appearing at end of drama inadequate, “not authentic” (6)
PLAGAL - GAL(girl) after PLA(y) (drama) refering to the musical cadence
33 A terrible maiden being held in respect (6)
ADMIRE - A, DIRE(terrible) containing M(maiden)
34 Vile ground, a swamp (4)
VLEI - anagram of VILE
35 Wine? This writer gets to deteriorate when consuming litres (6)
MERLOT - ME(this writer), with ROT(deteriorate) containing L(litres). I get the feeling Don Manley and I have the same opinion of this wine blend which is ridiculously popular over here
36 What one expects to observe is head of monastery showing faith (9)
PARSEEISM - PAR(what one is shooting for on a golf course), SEE(observe), IS, M(onastery)

1 One accusing troublemaker, a revolutionary disrupting monarch (9)
IMPEACHER - IMP(troublemaker), then A, CHE(revolutionary) inside ER(monarch)
2 Instruction to stop — it’s extremely hot inside (4)
TOHO - TOO(extremely) containing H(hot)
3 Sailor has ’idden stock — smuggled thus? (6)
ABOARD - AB(sailor) and HOARD(hidden stock) missing the aspirant
5 A glib, insane, unorthodox member of a sect (11)
6 What’s said to secure good fortune (4)
SEEL - sounds like SEAL(secure)
7 Basque language unusual in UK areas (7)
EUSKARA - anagram of UK,AREAS
8 English maiden getting married, a nineteenth-century story (4)
EMMA - E(English), M(maiden), M(Married), A
9 Insistence on observance of law upsetting 15 (6)
NOMISM - anagram of SIMMON, the answer to 15 across
10 The wanderer — he carried out legal procedure once (6)
TROVER - 'T, ROVER(wanderer)
12 Very good poems nevertheless included useless “flowery” bits (11)
PISTILLODES - PI(very good) ODES(poems) containing STILL(nevertheless)
17 The crafty drunk inclined to quarrel (9)
20 Measure of brightness seen in aged plant (7)
ASTILBE - STILB(a derived unit of brightness) inside AE(aged)
23 A team completely upset in a sort of depression (6)
AXILLA - A, XI(eleven, team) then ALL(completely) reversed
24 Old ball with harps playing around entrance initially (6)
SPHAER - anagram of HARPS surrounding E(ntrance)
26 French star to work with energy first and last (6)
ETOILE - TOIL(work) with E(energy) at the start and end
28 One knowing about law denying outsiders US protection (4)
EGIS - remove the outside letters from LEGIST(one knowing aout law)
29 King has foreign friend, a lord (4)
KAMI - K(king), AMI(foreign friend)
31 Trust cut price will go up (4)
TROW - WORT(h) (price) reversed
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