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Quick Cryptic 1434 by Breadman

Now, I'm going too stick my neck out and say this is a nice easy one that should generate some quick times, provided the mild general knowledge required doesn't cause trouble. 6dn my favourite

1 Churchmen smell a piece of chicken? (7,4)
PARSONS NOSE - straightforward double definition
9 In station, tape's readily available (2,3)
ON TAP - hidden word: statiON TAPe
10 Combat sport which often divides neighbours (7)
FENCING - double definition of sorts
11 See dry rot, unfortunately in naval vessel (9)
DESTROYER - anagram ('unfortunately') of SEE DRY ROY
13 Heroin regularly taken for a very long time (3)
EON - alternate letters of hErOiN
14 Steal the Spanish coin (6)
NICKEL - NICK (steal) + EL ('the' in Spanish)
16 Fashionable basin reportedly matching (2,4)
IN SYNC - IN (fashionable) + sounds like 'sink' (basin)
17 Father left friend (3)
PAL - PA + L
18 Conservative sold headless pack of fish (3-6)
OLD-SCHOOL - OLD is sold without its first letter, pack of fish is SCHOOL
21 Type of delivery completed by member (7)
OVERARM - OVER (completed) + ARM. Method of bowling in cricket, as opposed to underarm, famously deployed by the cheating Australians
23 Narcotic I dump at the centre, after work (5)
OPIUM - I + UM (centre of 'dump') with OP in front
24 Prayer that gives one a lift (11)
PATERNOSTER - Double definition. A paternoster lift is one without doors that moves continuously and passengers step on an off as required. So called because the whole device forms a loop like a rosary bead. PATER NOSTER means 'our father' in Latin, hence the prayer

2 Perform the role of accountant, lifted by words of gratitude (3,2)
ACT AS - CA is (chartered) accountant, upside down ('lifted') + the plural of TA
3 Comic-book star rose up magically, holding that lady (9)
SUPERHERO - anagram ('magically') of ROSE UP with HER (that lady) inside
4 Smart current newspaper in US city (5)
NIFTY - I (electrical current) + FT (newspaper) inside NY
5 Sister omitting nothing in part of speech (3)
NUN - Part of speech is NOUN, omit O (nothing)
6 Belt up one so nervous (7)
SHIVERY - SH (belt up) + I (one) + VERY (so). Nice. I like clues that make use of little words or even punctuation that the unnwary might disregard.
7 Badly done now? Oops! Here’s booby prize (6,5)
WOODEN SPOON - anagram ('badly') of DONE NOW OOPS
8 Depression in young man broadcast where personal problems are published (5,6)
AGONY COLUMN - anagram ('broadcast') of YOUNG MAN with COL inside. COL is a mountain pass, not sure it's really a depression but whatever
12 Unexpectedly encounter a mongrel under ladder (3,6)
RUN ACROSS - A + CROSS (mongrel) with RUN (ladder, as in tights) on top
15 Crater roughly enclosing tree (7)
CALDERA - CA (roughly) with ALDER inside. Volcanic crater, named after the Spanish for boiling pot.
19 Doctor in private room, a person of great energy (5)
DEMON - MO (doctor, Medical Officer), inside DEN
20 Fruit old and bad rejected (5)
OLIVE - O (old) + EVIL backwards
22 A sort of church expert (3)
ACE - A + CE (Church of England)
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