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Times 27448: Is 18 down a little more than deyard?

Time taken: 10:24

I rather enjoyed this puzzle, a very good one for fans of tricky wordplay, and some crafty definitions. At the time of writing up, with the puzzle having been out about three hours, I am fifth in the leaderboard, so it seems some of the earlier solvers breezed through a little more quickly than I did, though I am about a minute below what the snitch says is my average.

It has been a while since we have seen the device in 15 across in a Times puzzle.

Away we go...

1 Component of arm certain to be rejected after stink (7)
HUMERUS - SURE(certain) reversed after HUM(stink)
5 Cross cat’s sound recalled sound of bird (7)
CHIRRUP - the capital Greek letter CHI looks like an X, hence a cross, then PURR(cat's sound) reversed
9 Oppressed by false story about new mark (9)
UNDERLINE - UNDER(oppressed by) then LIE(false story) surrounding N(new)
10 Right time to don hat? (5)
TITLE - T(time) wearing TILE(hat). Legal right.
11 Finger given by this less restrained element? (7,6)
LUNATIC FRINGE - if you make an anagram of FRINGE you can get FINGER
13 Faithfulness — a leading feature of crucial church role (8)
ACCURACY - A, then the first letter of Crucual, then CURACY(church role)
15 French port regrettably claiming half of Channel Islands? (6)
CALAIS - ALAS(regrettably) with one half of CI(Channel Islands) inside, and one half outside. Unusual wordplay.
17 Daughter is coming in nearly frozen — having tried this? (6)
NUDISM - D(daughter), IS inside NUMB(frozen) missing the last letter. Fun clue!
19 Dismiss dance as a transient flashy thing (8)
FIREBALL - FIRE(dismiss), BALL(dance)
22 Run The Times with an odd approach to attracting readers (5,8)
HUMAN INTEREST - rather well-spotted anagram of RUN,THE,TIMES,AN
25 Desert allotment with no source of irrigation (3,2)
RAT ON - RATION(allotment) missing the first letter of Irrigation
26 Aquatic bird, one occupying familiar position of dam (9)
MATERNITY - TERN(aquatic bird), I(one) inside MATY(familiar)
27 Bizarre reduction in area around Woking — completely reduced (7)
SURREAL - SURREY(area around Woking) missing the last letter, than AL(l) (completely)
28 Confuse US crook facing law in Rome (7)
PERPLEX - PERP(criminal in the USA), LEX(law in Latin)

1 Activity linked to drawing room, we hear (4)
HAUL - drawing or dragging - sounds like HALL(room)
2 Purcell’s particular note? (6,1)
MIDDLE C - the MIDDLE letter of PurCell is C
3 Another chance to see sport through curtailed opening (5)
RERUN - RU(sport) inside RENT(opening) shortened
4 Lower back pain? Spies a nervous response in it (8)
SCIATICA - CIA(spies) and TIC(a nervours response) in SA(it)
5 Force Frenchmen out of business (6)
COERCE - remove MM(frenchmen) from COMMERCE(business)
6 I note rising worry over one contact (9)
INTERFACE - I, N(note) then a reversal of FRET(worry) then ACE(one)
7 Runs to the front of old plain dome (7)
ROTUNDA - move the R(runs) from O(old), TUNDRA(plain) to the top
8 Power line here’s flapping, ready for grasping (10)
PREHENSILE -P(power) then an anagram of LINE,HERE'S
12 Morning burden? Support embracing wife in evening, mostly (4,6)
DAWN CHORUS - ANCHOR(support) containing W(wife) all inside DUS(k) (evening)
14 Research formerly capturing an echo effect (9)
RESONANCE - RES(research) ONCE(formerly) containing AN
16 Evasive action that is needed in a month (8)
SIDESTEP - ID EST(that is) inside SEP(a month)
18 Goddess satisfied to block Diana’s target? (7)
DEMETER - MET(satisfied) inside DEER(the target of the huntress Diana)
20 An unfortunate situation besets most of the colony (3,4)
ANT HILL - AN, ILL(unfortunate situaton) surrounding TH(e)
21 Mother in love, in pursuit of a sensual man (6)
ANIMAL - MA(mother) inside NIL(love) after A
23 Slip perry and port out of their containers? (5)
ERROR - the interior letters of pERRy and pORt
24 Cat where birdies are to be had, we hear (4)
LYNX - sounds like the golf LINKS where better golfers than I can score birdies.
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