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Times Quick Cryptic No 1432 by Mara


I hesitate to say this, but I found this puzzle so easy that I didn't even have time to appreciate it. I'm not a speed solver, so it still took me 8:24 to finish it, although I believe I had all but the last three answers in about 5 minutes. I imagine the real pros will finish it even faster.

Sorry if anyone who struggled with this puzzle finds this introduction dismissive. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.



1 Priests struggling to keep going (7)
PERSIST - PRIESTS (priests) anagrammed (struggling)
5 Somewhere to live? / Bingo! (5)
HOUSE - double definition
Didn't know the second definition: "calling house" is an old-fashioned way of saying "Bingo!".
8 Unconventional items approaching traditional crossroads in New York (5,6)
TIMES SQUARE - anagram of (unconventional) ITEMS (items) + (approaching) SQUARE (traditional)
10 Yours truly fled country in Western Asia (4)
IRAN - I (yours truly) + RAN (fled)
11 I am into Italian poet, glittering stuff (8)
DIAMANTE - I (I) + AM (am) in (into) DANTE (Italian poet)
A word for 'costume jewelry'.
12 Treasures are so fancy, five hundred nicked (6)
ADORES - ARE SO (are so) anagrammed (fancy), D (five hundred) inside (nicked)
14 Hurt serving on panel? (6)
INJURY - IN JURY (serving on panel)
16 Loveless, Joe has a wretched, resentful feeling (8)
JEALOUSY - remove O from (loveless) JOE (Joe) + (has) A (a) + LOUSY (wretched)
18 Arm commanding officer and lieutenant (4)
COLT - C.O. (commanding officer) + (and) LT. (lieutenant)
20 Reveal plug [for] spectacular production (11)
SHOWSTOPPER - SHOW (reveal) + STOPPER (plug)
22 A blooming thing happened (5)
AROSE - A (a) + ROSE (blooming thing)
23 Terror around the structure of a wing (7)
FEATHER - FEAR (terror) around (around) THE (the)
I don't know the word 'structure' in this way; I would have thought the word 'component' would be more appropriate.


2 Type of apple [in] a tree, damaged (5)
EATER - A TREE (a tree) anagrammed (damaged)
3 Name is wrong, right class (7)
SEMINAR - NAME IS (name is) anagrammed (wrong) + R (right)
4 Relative calmness ultimately exists (3)
SIS - CALMNESS (calmness) reduced to its last letter (ultimately) + IS (exists)
6 In bloom, a happy US city (5)
OMAHA - the answer is inside (in) BLOOM A HAPPY (bloom a happy)
7 Top teaser puzzling, wife admitted (7)
SWEATER - TEASER (teaser) anagrammed (puzzling), W (wife) inside (admitted)
9 High standard correspondence, though not originally (7)
QUALITY - EQUALITY (correspondence) without the first letter (though not originally)
11 Talk about athletics event, summer's first (7)
DISCUSS - DISCUS (athletics event) + SUMMER's (summer's) first letter (first)
13 Stage assistant / part of the furniture? (7)
DRESSER - double definition
Someone who dresses others versus something that contains clothing.
15 Lift head up, [getting] first prize (7)
JACKPOT - JACK (lift) + TOP (head) reversed (up)
17 [Are] those seen in Mali on safari? (5)
LIONS - the answer is in (seen in) MALI ON SAFARI (Mali on safari)
19 Grand-scale composition of Elgar (5)
LARGE - anagram of (composition of) ELGAR (Elgar)
21 Love of French poem (3)
ODE - O (love) + OF (of) in French (French)
'Of' in French is 'de'.

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