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Times Quick Cryptic 1421 by Jalna

You wait ages for a new setter to arrive then two come along at once. Welcome Jalna. A quick search reveals that Jalna is a 16 book series of novels by the Canadian writer Mazo de la Roche. Jalna is the name of the fictional manor house in which the Whiteoak family lives. The name comes from Jalna, a city in west-central India. I’m not familiar with these works - if I’m missing something do let me know.
As for the puzzle, I found it harder fare than yesterday’s (12 minutes) with a slightly different feel and a good sprinkling of anagrams. 15dn gets my COD. Several answers were very biffable - here’s how I worked out the word plays - see if you agree.


1. Drunken snob with no taste devours a simple meal (5,2,5)
BEANS ON TOAST - anagram (drunken) of SLOB NO TASTE including a (A).
8. One taking to a certain party, say booze (5)
CIDER - homophone (say) of sider - one who sides with a certain party.
9. Trailer parking right alongside edge of rifle range (7)
PREVIEW - parking (P) right (R) alongside (back) edge of rifl(E), range (VIEW). Tricky wordplay. I think right is R as it’s edge not edges of rifle - also range=view is this connected with range of vision?
10. Start in earnest to embrace foreign food (7)
TARTINE (an open sandwich, esp one with a rich or elaborate topping - the 'foreign' bit can be explained by C21: from French, diminutive of tarte) - embraced in the clue - s(TART IN E)arnest.
11. Warning: she may lead you astray (5)
SIREN - double definition.
12. Comeback from a Republican claiming “fake news” (6)
ANSWER - a (A) and Republican (R) claiming (holding) an anagram (fake) of NEWS.
14. Paint Raymond keeps something for pending tasks (2-4)
IN-TRAY - in the clue (keeps) pa(INT RAY)mond.
17. Important final pieces of tape disguised how paintwork may be vandalised (5)
KEYED (keys being scraped along a car's paintwork) - important (KEY) final pieces of tap(E) disguise(D).
19. Show Mal bizarre scientific theory (4,3)
OHMS LAW - anagram bizarre of SHOW MAL
21. Remarkable reason you can’t book a restaurant? (7)
NOTABLE - no table - no booking.
22. County name from French and German? (5)
DEVON - from in French (DE) and German (VON).
23. MC: I dare say it represented the end of the war (9,3)
ARMISTICE DAY - anagram (represented) of MC I DARE SAY IT.


1. Provide funds for hunting in retreat (12)
BACKTRACKING - provide funds for (BACK), hunting (TRACKING).
2. Some scared lads up a tree (5)
ALDER - some sca(RED LA)ds- upwards.
3. After the last of chips are almost finished, eat fish (7)
SARDINE - after chip(S), are almost (AR)e, eat (DINE).
4. Planes flying somewhere in Italy (6)
NAPLES - anagram (flying) of PLANES.
5. Writer entering big public competitions (5)
OPENS (golf - US Open etc) - writer (PEN) entering big (OS - outsize).
6. Troublemaker tries, stupidly, to protect gutless rioter (7)
STIRRER - anagram (stupidly) of TRIES to protect (hold) (R)iote(R).
7. Showing excellent vision, Tokyo won this Olympic bid (6-6)
TWENTY-TWENTY - double definition.
13. Disreputable lawyer, retiring and mostly stern (7)
SHYSTER - retiring (SHY), mostly stern (STER)n.
15. Wandering around, detective wears no protective clothing (7)
NOMADIC - detective (DI) wears no (NO) and protective clothing (MAC).
16. Mammal's lair covered with rubbish (6)
RODENT - lair (DEN) covered with rubbish (ROT).
18. American friend turns up with excellent port (5)
DUBAI - American friend - bud - turns up (DUB), excellent (AI).
20. Be, for the most part, extremely ill-disposed and very cross (5)
LIVID - be for the most part (LIV)e, extremely (I)ll-dispose(D).
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