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Times Quick Cryptic No 1407 by Teazel


Filling in this week. A very enjoyable puzzle, which I did not finish, on account of needing to look up shore birds at 1 Across, and Russian rivers at 2 Down. Teazel made me think, and I really had to grind out clues like 3 Across, 11 Down, and 22 Across. Some lovely answers like 21 Across and 13 Down.



1 Shore-bird [making] roughly a mile an hour (4)
KNOT - double definition
'Knot' is a bird as well as a nautical speed, 1.15 miles per hour.
3 One that flies first class, refusing at the start to go by sea (7)
AIRSHIP - AI ("first class", as in A1) + REFUSING ("refusing") reduced to the first letter ("at the start") + SHIP ("to go by sea")
8 Batsman / who is vigilant in the dark? (13)
NIGHTWATCHMAN - double definition
The former, from cricket.
9 Vegetable [that’s] sweet as a flower? (3)
PEA - double definition
'Sweet pea' is a kind of flower. Tricky, if it weren't a three-letter clue!
10 Hastened to cut up cedar (5)
RACED - anagram of ("to cut up") CEDAR ("cedar")
12 Staggering drunkenly? [That’s] rich (7)
ROLLING - double definition
Both are (according to Collins, anyway) British slang, so this was a guess on my part, although the word is descriptive enough, and we do have "rolling in it" in the US.
14 In November, mud affects island (7)
BERMUDA - the answer is inside ("in") NOVEMBER MUD AFFECTS ("November mud affects")
16 Cold meat with no fat [is] uncontaminated (5)
CLEAN - C ("cold") + LEAN ("meat with no fat")
I hadn't really though of 'lean' as a noun, until I remembered "...could eat no lean".
17 Perhaps cat[’s] offended feeling (3)
PET - double definition
20 Corn hurt — enter for surgery [and] start to recover (4,3,6)
TURN THE CORNER - CORN HURT ENTER ("corn hurt enter") anagrammed ("for surgery")
21 Seaside entertainer [is] rubbish at his place of work (7)
PIERROT - ROT ("rubbish") next to ("at") PIER ("his place of work")
22 Take the bait, we hear, [getting] a little information (4)
BYTE - BITE ("take the bait") replaced by homophone ("we hear")
I kept trying to convince myself of HYPE and finally ground out the correct answer.


1 Sea creature bracing unnaturally to support end of neck (4,4)
KING CRAB - BRACING ("bracing") anagrammed ("unnaturally") under ("to support") last letter of ("end of") NECK ("neck")
2 Heading off from Russian river, a local girl? (4)
OLGA - first letter removed from ("heading off from") VOLGA ("Russian river")
'Local' refers to the surface reading, meaning that the girl is in Russia.
3 Computer icon [shows] tank surrounded by regular cavalry characters (6)
AVATAR - VAT ("tank") in ("surrounded by") every other letter of ("regular") CAVALRY ("cavalry characters")
4 Memory about the offertory (12)
RECOLLECTION - RE ("about") + COLLECTION ("the offertory")
5 Crime [brings] one set of detectives into house (8)
HOMICIDE - I ("one") + CID ("set of detectives") in ("into") HOME ("house")
6 Feeble wordplay at end of story (4)
PUNY - PUN ("wordplay") + ("at") last letter of ("end of") STORY ("story")
7 [Having] mistaken path, gestured [for] member of family (12)
STEPDAUGHTER - anagram of ("mistaken") PATH GESTURED ("path gestured")
11 Insouciant, about to take charge of match, but not in the middle (8)
CAREFREE - CA ("about") + REFEREE ("to take charge of match") without the middle letter ("but not in the middle")
Everything about this one is lovely.
13 Policeman [in] danger, messing with me (8)
GENDARME - DANGER ("danger") anagrammed with ("messing with") ME ("me")
15 A phosphorus match [is] most convenient (6)
APTEST - A ("a") + P ("phosphorus") + TEST ("match")
18 Prevent containers falling over (4)
STOP - POTS ("containers") reversed ("falling over")
19 Just working, extremely leisurely (4)
ONLY - ON ("working") + first and last letters of ("extremely") LEISURELY ("leisurely")

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