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Quick Cryptic 1404 by Joker

Not a difficult one, although NW corner took a moment or two to get going. Some real gems - love 1dn, love the use of 'glance' as definition in 2dn, and some interesting anagrams. 7 minutes for me.

1 Warm coat extended some length (7)
FURLONG - FUR (warm coat) + LONG (extended). 22 yards, originally 'furrow length', the distance that a team of oxen coould plough without stopping.
7 Sterile space, it must be treated (7)
ASEPTIC - anagram ('must be treated') of SPACE IT
9 Want, we hear, briefly to question hair product (7)
LACQUER - LAC (sounds like 'lack', want) + QUER(Y)
10 Mostly respect a large ship’s commander (7)
ADMIRAL - most of ADMIR(E) + A + L
11 Source for drug company has beginnings in Central America (4)
COCA - CO + C + A
12 One lets up with changes abounding (9)
PLENTEOUS -  anagram ('with changes') of ONE LETS UP
14 Big guns badly interrupting main traffic route (9)
16 List of options of chaps before university (4)
17 A number for instance in winter going topless (7)
20 Practical computer program gave a false answer (7)
APPLIED - APP is a computer program, LIED is gave a false answer
21 Bronwen’s desperate for a fresh addition to the family (7)
NEWBORN - anagram ('desperate') of BRONWEN
22 Team boss has time for married bird (7)
TANAGER - MANAGER is team boss, swap T (time) for M (married)

1 Wishing well — life’s upset before throwing coin at it (12)
FELICITATION - anagram ('upset') of LIFE, then anagram ('throwing') of COIN AT IT
2 Glance from wealthy alien holding company (8)
RICOCHET - RICH + ET (alien) with CO inside. 'Alien' is ALWAYS 'ET'
3 Responsibility of working with United States (4)
ONUS - ON (working) + US
4 Style of music coming back — for instance a piece by Joplin (6)
GARAGE - EG A RAG all backwards
5 Tory EGM frantic about European subject (8)
GEOMETRY - anagram ('frantic') of TORY EGM with E
6 Famous entertainer deserts, upset (4)
STAR - RATS backwards
8 Turn down joint that’s far from warm (4-8)
COLD-SHOULDER - self-explanatory
12 Multi-lingual parrot reportedly acquired outside Lima (8)
POLYGLOT - POLY (sounds like POLLY, a parrot) + GOT outside L (phonetic alphabet)
13 Sacrifice of iron circlet? (8)
OFFERING - OF + FE (iron) + RING
15 Queen to speak wildly? That’s out of place (6)
ERRANT - ER (Queen) + RANT
18 Area that’s developed to west and north (4)
TOWN - TO + W + N
19 Turn quickly in parking in serious error (4)
SPIN - P inside SIN
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