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Times Cryptic 27410

This is my 400th 15x15 blog for Times for the Times, my first having been on 23rd November 2007.  I've done a few Quickies too, but I'm still some way off my next milestone in that department. I remember how nervous I was on the first occasion and a little over-awed at the thought of sharing my efforts in such illustrious company. Of course it became easier with practice and I eventually found a style of presentation that seems to be acceptable to most so I stick to that, and  apart from the commentary on individual clues I follow a fairly rigid routine which saves time. Also to be mentioned when it comes to time-saving are the template scripts developed by Mohn2 and johninterred which transformed the whole blogging experience. Prior to that, for about 200 blogs,  it had been a slow process which for me involved a lot of copying and pasting into Excel where I ran my own script written in Visual Basic to knock the html codings into shape before posting into Live Journal.

Back to today's puzzle, this is another easy one, completed just within my target time of 30 minutes, so without further ado off we go...

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Fabric of short double lines (5)
TWILL - TWI{n} (double) [short], LL (lines)
4 Team’s oddly overwhelmed by failure in cup (9)
DEMITASSE - T{e}A{m}S [oddly] contained [overwhelmed] by DEMISE (failure). I'm not entirely convinced by the definition in the wordplay but Collins has 'failure' and 'demise' as synonyms.
9 Extravagant praise welcomes favourite tasty morsel (9)
APPETISER - Anagram [extravagant] of PRAISE contains [welcomes] PET (favourite)
10 Pair omitted from introduction cleverly escape (5)
ELUDE - {pr}ELUDE (introduction) [pair omitted]
11 Place of worship has visitor at last in sunny weather (6)
SHRINE - {visito}R [at last] contained by [in] SHINE (sunny weather). Give yourself a treat and listen to this... Sinatra at the peak of his powers and an exquisite arrangement by Don Costa that's to die for.
12 Constant stimulation in wild party (8)
CAROUSAL - C (constant), AROUSAL (stimulation)
14 Urge excavation for road is something to be kept out of the paper (5,7)
PRESS CUTTING - PRESS (urge), CUTTING (excavation for road). For railways too; 23 Railway Cuttings East Cheam is a famous address from the vintage days of  British  comedy.
17 Eccentric in life, not all conform (4,4,4)
FALL INTO LINE - Anagram [eccentric] of IN LIFE NOT ALL
20 A distant body, Daisy has no way to prove who she is (8)
ASTEROID - ASTER (daisy), 0 ID (no way to prove who she is). ASTER turned up in my QC blog yesterday clued as 'old Times proprietor' but today's wordplay is somewhat easier to unravel.
21 Such weather beginning to suffocate cat (6)
SMOGGY - S{uffocate} [beginning], MOGGY (cat). A composite word derived from 'smoke' and 'fog'.
23 Leave after pet is safely hidden (5)
DOGGO - DOG (pet), GO (leave). And true to the natural order of things, following the moggy we have the doggy!
24 Enamelwork is being worn in replica (9)
CLOISONNE - IS +  ON (being worn) contained by [in] CLONE (replica). This has appeared a number of times over the years but hasn't stuck in my brain, so each time it comes up I have had to rely on wordplay.
25 Without sin, but assets nil, unfortunately (9)
STAINLESS - Anagram [unfortunately] of ASSETS NIL. SINLESS yesterday and STAINLESS today - are they trying to tell us something?
26 Left on stomach move thus? (5)
CRAWL - CRAW (stomach), L (left). CARW is part of the gullet of certain birds but can be used figuratively for the stomach or throat of humans.
1 Wing practice one missed over a month (8)
TRANSEPT - TRA{i}N (practice) {one missed}, SEPT (month). This is either of two wings of a church at right angles to the nave. 'Practice' appears as a noun in the surface of the clue but in order to mean TRAIN it has to be interpreted as a verb which in English English would be spelt 'practise'. No such problem for our American friends though.
2 I have left, and passed on (8)
IMPARTED - I'M PARTED (I have left).  A straight definition preceded by a cryptic hint relying on alternative spacing and punctuation plus  a certain looseness of grammatical construction.
3 Release inhibitions? Soon draw the line, as ordered (3,4,4,4)
LET ONES HAIR DOWN - Anagram [as ordered] of SOON DRAW THE LINE
4 Female swallows small, measured amount (4)
DOSE - DOE (female - a deer, a female deer) contains [swallows] S (small)
5 Notice an award for theatre work, playing this? (4,6)
MARK ANTONY - MARK (notice), AN, TONY (award for theatre work). As noted here before, the official name is 'Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theater'.
6 “Trappist” show? Yes and no (3,5,2,5)
THE SOUND OF MUSIC - After the female deer at 4dn we are back in Salburg, Austria for this one in which 'Trappist' is a pun on the family name, Von Trapp (so, 'yes'), and on the Trappist order of monks (so, presumably, 'no').  I'm out of my depth on the religious angle, but in the show Maria did enter a Benedictine monastery with the intention of becoming a nun and Trappists follow the Order of St Benedict so I'm not sure that 'no' is quite so cut and dried.
7 Sport drink (6)
SQUASH - Double definition
8 With such regularity one appears in lounge (6)
EVENLY - {l}O{u}N{g}E [with...regularity]
13 No seats to be had upstairs? Back to the start? (4,6)
FULL CIRCLE - Two defintions of sorts
15 Roman poet mostly upset at home over a girl (8)
VIRGINIA - VIRGI{l} (Roman poet) [mostly], IN (at home) reversed [upset], A
16 Fit a sort of light shaft (4,4)
VERY WELL - VERY (a sort of light), WELL (shaft). Much helped here by VERY having turned up in the most recently blogged Sunday Times puzzle from which I am happy pinch this definition as posted by Guy: a pyrotechnic signal in a system of signalling using white or coloured balls of fire projected from a special pistol.
18 Late, missing year: one’s a time-traveller (6)
TARDIS - TARD{y} [late] [missing year], I (one), 'S.  "Time And Relative Dimension (s) In Space". It's a time-travel device introduced in the BBC-TV series 'Doctor Who' in 1963 characterised by being larger on the inside than on the outside.
19 Bad mark? It’s replaced by good mark: 50 per cent (6)
STIGMA - Anagram [replaced] of IT'S, G (good), MA{rk} [50 per cent]
22 Intelligence is almost a waste of time? (4)
NOUS - NO US{e} (a waste of time) [almost]
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