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Times Quick Cryptic 1400 by Orpheus

Solving time: 10 minutes. By a quirk of fate I get to blog the milestone QCs ending with -00 and always look to see if the setter has chosen to mark the occasion in some way. There is nothing special in today's as far as I can see but we still get to enjoy an excellent workout by Orpheus, one of the original QC setters whose first offering was QC #8 and this is his 129th to date with many more to come we hope.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Assemblage of tents originally pitched by river (4)
CAMP - CAM (river - in Cambridge), P{itched] [originally]
4 Union everyone in church accepts first of all (8)
ALLIANCE - ALL (everyone), then IN contains [accepts] A{ll} [first], CE  (church)
8 Evade argument for shrubby border (8)
HEDGEROW - HEDGE (evade), ROW (argument)
9 Notes about Mike’s celebrity status (4)
FAME - FAE (notes) contain [about] M (Mike - NATO alphabet). Bunches of letters clued by musical notes, points of the compass etc are not too popular with some, but it's a standard cryptic device and many solvers here are on a learning curve so we need to be reminded of it occasionally.
10 Alert knight on board connected with conflict (4)
WARN - WAR (conflict), N (knight on board). The chess piece is generously clued by the addition of 'on board' which also enhances the surface.
11 Rustic friend entertaining old Times proprietor (8)
PASTORAL - PAL (friend) containing [entertaining] ASTOR (old Times proprietor). Despite this being a QC, it's good for solvers to be stretchd occasionally and this clue fills that particular need, and then some! John Jacob Astor was proprietor of The Times from 1922-1966. Even this oldie didn't know that, and I doubt that many under the age of about 65 would do so.
12 Oddball’s party by dam (6)
WEIRDO - WEIR (dam), DO (party)
14 Expenditure always dogging dismissed Liberal (6)
OUTLAY - OUT (dismissed), L (Liberal), AY (always). 'Dogging' here is a positional indicator in the sense of 'following' or 'tailing'. It adds to the surface and cunningly misdirects the unwary.
16 Like wasted youth, girl shut up (8)
MISSPENT - MISS (girl), PENT (shut up)
18 Animal noise originally recorded in sea inlet (4)
BRAY - R{ecorded} [originally] contained by [in] BAY (sea inlet)
19 Where one may reside even? (4)
FLAT - Two meanings
20 Power duke has over lackey (8)
DOMINION - D (duke), O (over), MINION (lackey)
22 Shabby and worn — like the setter, perhaps? (3-5)
DOG-EARED - A definition with a cryptic hint not referring to our esteemed compiler, we trust!
23 Island involved in risky enterprise (4)
SKYE - Hidden [involved] in {ri}SKY E{nterprise}. Now joined to the mainland by a bridge.
2 Mean to declare how long one has lived (7)
AVERAGE - AVER (declare), AGE (how long one has lived)
3 Heathen taking cooking vessel across Georgia (5)
PAGAN - PAN (cooking vessel) contains [across] GA (Georgia)
4 Scottish port employing lawyers regularly (3)
AYR - {l}A{w}Y{e}R{s} [regularly]
5 Most inferior of teashops initially in Suffolk resort (9)
LOWESTOFT - LOWEST (most inferior), OF, T{eashops} [initially]
6 Insult a female over appearance (7)
AFFRONT - A, F (female), FRONT (appearance)
7 Fellow graduate catching minute butterfly (5)
COMMA - CO-M.A. (fellow graduate) containing [catching] M (minute)
11 Professional salesperson’s alternative spelling for animal feed (9)
PROVENDER - PRO (professional), VENDER (salesperson’s alternative spelling). The seller is more usually spelt 'vendor'.
13 What we learn by accepting standard award (7)
ROSETTE - ROTE (what we learn by) containing [accepting] SET (standard)
15 Loving declaration of Conservative, for one? (7)
AMATORY - AM A TORY. A straight definition and a cryptic hint relying on alternative spacing.
17 Crossing head of glacier I look at old Inuit house (5)
IGLOO - I + LO (look at) + O (old) containing [crossing] G{lacier} [head]
18 Primarily bear responsibility for extra dividend (5)
BONUS - B{ear} [primarily], ONUS (responsibility)
21 Managing Director crosses union leader, getting bad name (3)
MUD - MD (Managing Director) contains [crosses] U{nion} [leader]
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