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Times Cryptic Jumbo No 1390 – 6th July. Me Kitty: am snail

Hi everyone.  I can’t give you a time for this as I’ve been redonculously busy lately and have had to fit solving into spare moments, often on crowded trains … but I suspect if I could I’d be finding an excuse not to!  Considerably chewier than the last Jumbo I blogged, I think it’s safe to say.  I needed to look up a few things post-solve to understand everything, so it’s been educational as well as fun.  Thanks, setter!

Definitions are underlined in the clues below.  In the explanations, quoted indicators are in italics, [deletions] in square brackets, and I’ve capitalised and emboldened letters which appear in the ANSWER.

1 Mark places of learning installing area for oriental tree (9)
MACADAMIA M (mark) + ACADeMIA (places of learning) with A (area) replacing E (oriental) (installing area for oriental)
6 For sale, non-uniform prison tankard (4,3)
TOBY JUG TO B[u]Y (for sale) without U (non-uniform, uniform = U in the NATO alphabet) + JUG (prison, slang)
10 Collect fool's confession (5)
AMASS — A fool might possibly admit AM ASSPossibly.  This fool would be more likely to say, “I cannot brain today: I has the dumb”
13 One recommends a screen to protect duke (7)
ADVISOR A VISOR (a screen) around (to protect) D (duke)
14 In the air? Not initially -- on the ground (5)
LYING — [f]LYING (in the air) without the first letter (not initially)
15 Impossible to improve without billions? That's not acceptable from restaurant (9)
UNEATABLE UN[b]EATABLE (impossible to improve) without B (billions)
16 Make difficulties and honk when respirator wasn't adjusted (5,1,7,2,3,5)
17 Enlarge muscle; fail to keep it (6)
DILATE — The muscle is LAT, and DIE (fail) is to surround (to keep) it
18 Haggle about a shilling, and finally buy instrument (8)
PSALTERY PALTER (haggle) around (about) S (a shilling) and the last letter of (… finally) buYPalter meaning haggle was knew to me
19 Given to burner regularly, short fat strips (7)
UNROBES — Most of (… short) OBESe (fat) is appended to (given to) regular letters of (… regularly) bUrNeR
22 Unfair comment about DNA pioneer ending in court (3,7)
NOT CRICKET NOTE (comment) around (about) CRICK (Francis Crick, discoverer of the structure of DNA), then the last letter of (ending in) courT
23 Look, I escaped, flying in ever-changing patterns (12)
KALEIDOSCOPE LOOK I ESCAPED, anagrammed (flying)
27 Steer half of relatives into charity (5)
OXFAM OX (steer) and half of FAMily (relatives)
29 Partly undressed, losing one's head? (7)
TOPLESS — The answer could also mean without a head
30 Party indoors with whiskey for starter a disadvantage (8)
DOWNSIDE DO (party), then iNSIDE (indoors) with W (whiskey) replacing the first letter (for starter)
32 Exercises joint that doesn't allow one to lug cargo across (8)
TRANSHIP TRA[i]NS (exercises) + HIP (joint) without (that doesn’t allow) I (one)
34 Live, introducing choir to rock and roll (7)
BRIOCHE BE (live) with the insertion of (introducing) CHOIR anagrammed (to rock)
36 Pressure in water channel rose fast (5)
LEAPT P (pressure) in LEAT (water channel).  I have learnt that a leat is a trench for bringing water to a millwheel, etc.
39 Writer's sporting portmanteau covering cape (6,6)
TRUMAN CAPOTE — An anagrammed (sporting) PORTMANTEAU surrounding (covering) C (cape)
41 Lead actors in play concerning priests (10)
SACERDOTAL LEAD ACTORS made into an anagram (in play)
44 Shy, but entice into pub (7)
INDRAWN DRAW (entice) goes into INN (pub)
46 Trumpet that fleece is off? (4-4)
RAMS-HORN — A fleece might come from a RAM SHORN
48 Look good with weapon (6)
GLANCE G (good) with LANCE (weapon)
50 Enormous company of mounted soldiers heard of in Arabian saga (3,8,3,3,6)
53 Satisfying answer, using gas for cooking (9)
ASSUAGING A (answer), and USING GAS anagrammed (for cooking)
54 A Nevada city shortly acquires a stadium (5)
ARENA A (from the clue) and most of (… shortly) RENo (Nevada city) acquires the other A from the clue
55 In orchestra, you are heard with a plucked instrument (7)
BANDURA BAND (orchestra) and the letters which sound like (… heard) U (you) and R (are), with A (from the clue).  In a reversal of the 18a situation, here I needed the wordplay to find the unfamiliar instrument
56 Pair failing to thwart special occasion (5)
EVENT — The dropping of (…failing) PR (pair) from [pr]EVENT (thwart)
57 Half-past ten? Ridiculous, we snort (3-4)
NOR-WEST — An anagram of (ridiculous) WE SNORT
58 Account book held page for dining-room extension (5,4)
TABLE LEAF TALE (account) with B inside (held), then LEAF (page)

1 Implied insect's introduction? (5)
MEANT ME ANT could be the self-introduction of an ant with a Tarzan-like way of speaking
2 Fielder not apparently engaged on field catches hit eventually, having to run far (5,1,3,2,6)
COVER A LOT OF GROUND — The combination of COVER (fielder) and ALOOF (not apparently engaged) preceding (on, in a down answer) GROUND (field) contains (catches) the last letter of (… eventually) hiT
3 Ruin server, dropping one in dirty liquid (9)
DISHWATER DISH (ruin) + WA[i]TER (server) without (dropping) I (one)
4 Miserable doctor was promoted (6)
MOROSE MO (doctor, Medical Officer) + ROSE (was promoted)
5 Complete success of worker not yet in the chimney? (1,5,5)
A CLEAN SWEEP A CLEAN (chimney-)SWEEP could be such a worker before getting started on the chimney
6 Shape of kitchen item (8)
TRIANGLE — Two definitions, the kitchen here being the percussion section of an orchestra
7 Actor grand in part of stage role finally (7)
BOGARDE G (grand) in BOARD (part of stage) + the last letter of (… finally) rolEMy last in, by quite a way
8 Where lovers meet in play? (8,3)
JOURNEY’S END — "JOURNEYS END in lovers meeting, Every wise man's son doth know." -- Feste, the fool in Twelfth Night.  Also, a play by R. C. Sherriff.  This went in easily enough, but I needed to do some research to understand it properly.  I’m not up on my Shakespeare
9 Uranium in hydrogen compound? Want to bet on it? (9)
GREYHOUND U (uranium) in an anagram (compound) of HYDROGEN
10 Pacifist soldier perhaps I advise to conceal name (7)
ANTIWAR ANT (soldier perhaps), I (from the clue), and WAR[n] (advise) without (to conceal) N (name)
11 Light resin (5)
AMBER — A double definition
12 Measures I back shortly for one who hated Cinderella (10)
STEPSISTER STEPS (measures) + I + STERn (back) without its last letter (shortly)
17 I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue team full of news (5)
DUNNO DUO (team) containing (full of) N N (news: two copies of the abbreviation for new, N)
20 American woman finding actors for audience in Art Deco building (12,5)
BROADCASTING HOUSE — A charade of BROAD (American [word for a] woman), CASTING (finding actors for), and HOUSE (audience).  I’ve been to many recordings of radio shows there, but that didn’t help me find it terribly quickly on this occasion!
21 Corner of Yorkshire offering strong drink (6)
SCOTCH — SCOTCH Corner is a road junction in North Yorkshire.  New to me: the drink went in quickly (naturally!) but I needed to go on a journey to find the corner
24 Attack Christmas revelry, needing to lose weight (6)
ASSAIL — [w]ASSAIL (Christmas revelry) without (needing to lose) W (weight)
25 Girl, one bound up in rope fibre (5)
SISAL LASS (girl), with I (one) inside (bound up in)
26 You Tube's about to lose European sort of agreement (3-3)
YES-BUT YE (you) + TUB[e]S reversed (about) without (to lose) E (European)
28 Special food not able initially to support fellow (5)
MANNA — First letters of (… initially) Not Able are to follow (to support, in a down answer) MAN (fellow)
31 One greeting little childless person (6)
WEEPER WEE (little) + PER[son] without SON (childless).  I didn’t know that to greet could mean to weep; I do now.  (Whether I will know tomorrow, however …)
33 Perhaps briefly disturbed by rage: his work sends him up the wall (11)
PAPERHANGER — An anagram of (… disturbed) PERHAPs cut short (briefly) next to (by) ANGER (rage)
35 Seer vainly involved with actor (11)
CLAIRVOYANT VAINLY anagrammed (involved) together with ACTOR
37 Movement of water across lake in wavy line (5)
TILDE TIDE (movement of water) around (across) L (lake)
38 Revelatory performance by band interrupted by drinks (10)
STRIPTEASE STRIPE (band) containing (interrupted by) TEAS (drinks)
40 Old officer, badly neurotic, back from expedition (9)
CENTURION — An anagram of (badly) NEUROTIC followed by the last letter of (back from) expeditioN
42 Virtually exhausted in social function, a waste of time (9)
DALLIANCE — Most of (virtually) ALL In (exhausted) goes in DANCE (social function)
43 Part of leg that is way the most glossy (8)
SHINIEST — A charade of SHIN (part of leg), IE (that is), and ST (way)
45 Essentially a danger when river moves south (2,5)
AT HEART A THREAT (a danger) with R (river) moved lower down in the word (when river moves south)
47 Intervene, having no time to ponder at length (7)
MEDIATE — Without (having no) T (time), MEDI[t]ATE (to ponder at length)
49 Rower's newly-washed hairstyle? (3,3)
WET BOB — A WET BOB is a rower at Eton.  (I think I’d heard that before, but had clean forgotten it.) It could also be a bob hairstyle just after washing
51 Follow, to make certain of downing resistance (5)
ENSUE ENSU[r]E (to make certain of) with the removal of (downing) R (resistance)
52 No way out of town for employees (5)
STAFF — O RD (no way) taken out of STAFF[ord] (town)

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