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Times Quick Cryptic No 1399 by Breadman - Stormy petrel on a breadstick

A lovely puzzle from Breadman today with an interesting array of vocabulary and General Knowledge. It helps to know your Old English alphabet, Scottish towns, ancient highways, paper sizes and Arthurian legends, for example, but the answers are all readily gettable from the wordplay, I think. Well I managed not to get stuck, anyway, finishing in just under 4 1/2 minutes. Thank-you Breadman for the entertainment. How did you all get on?

Definitions underlined in bold italics, (Abc)* indicating anagram of Abc, deletions and [] other indicators.

1 Refund arranged by motorway business somewhere in east Scotland (11)
DUNFERMLINE - (Refund)* [arranged] [by] M (motorway) LINE (business, as in "What's your line?"). Dunfermline is a town and former Royal Burgh, and parish, in Fife, Scotland, on high ground 3 miles from the northern shore of the Firth of Forth. I've passed it many times heading further north (or home again) but never stopped there.
8 Munch, say, French bread with endless seabird (7)
PAINTER - A definition by example [say]; PAIN (French bread) TERn [endless] (seabird). I enjoyed the surface. I hope you didn't get sidetracked into looking for a synonym of "munch". But why you would eat a seabird with your bread? Albatross! I digress. The example painter in question, of course, is Edvard Munch, famous for "The Scream".

National Gallery and Munch Museum Oslo
9 Brush sleeping area when Ed leaves (5)
BROOM - BedROOM (sleeping area) without the Ed [when Ed leaves].
10 Rather smart bar is in outskirts of Christchurch (9)
CLEVERISH - LEVER (bar) IS [in] outer letters [outskirts] of CristchurcH. Fortunately our already rather eclectic general knowledge today doesn't extend to New Zealand urban geography.
12 Daughter favoured loud noise (3)
DIN - D (daughter) IN (favoured, like "Gin is the in drink this year").
13 Second American drinking tea, for example (4,2)
SUCH AS - A bit of a sneaky one. Were you thinking we had another definition by example, perhaps? It is S (second) US (American) outside [drinking] CHA (tea).
15 Constellation Greek character starts to recognise using specs (6)
TAURUS - TAU (Greek alphabet character) and the first letters of [starts to] Recognise Using Specs.
17 Turkish leader Afghan regularly avoided (3)
AGA - Alternate letters [regularly avoided] of AfGhAn.
18 Sword European unknown primarily carried before burial at sea (9)
EXCALIBUR - "Is there a word for burial at sea?", I thought initially. But that's not the definition, "sword" is. We take E (European) X (unknown, like X-factor) with the first letter of [primarily] Carried and (burial)* [at sea], to get the famous one found stuck in a stone.
20 Visual representation that is covering magazine (5)
IMAGE - I.E. (id est, that is) outside [covering] MAG (magazine).
22 Horseracing venue isn't gratis, except for female (7)
AINTREE - AIN'T (isn't) fREE (gratis), without [except for] the F (female). Home of the Grand National.
23 Amiable sound of horse, big and sturdy, circling ring (11)
NEIGHBOURLY - A friendly clue to finish the acrosses. NEIGH (sound of horse) and BURLY (big and sturdy) ouside [circling] O (ring).
1 Road runs through disreputable place (5)
DRIVE - R (runs) inside [through] DIVE (disreputable space). I needed the D from 1a to see this - being misled, at first, into thinking "place" was the definition.
2 Cathedral reflected on woody plant around embankment (5,4)
NOTRE DAME - I biffed this when solving. The answer is constructed thus... NO (on backwards; [reflected]) TREE (woody plant) [around] DAM (embankment).
3 Secretly listen in on insect (6)
EARWIG - Double definition.
4 Doctor constrains old disorderly crowd (3)
MOB - M.B. (Bachelor of Medicine, or in Latin: Medicinae Baccalaureus; doctor) outside [constrains] O (old).
5 Popular religious fraternity operating appropriately (2,5)
IN ORDER - IN (popular) ORDER (religious fraternity, such as the Capuchins).
6 Stoats reportedly deal with major English road (6,6)
ERMINE STREET - ERMINES (stoats) TREET [reportedly] (sounds like) TREAT (deal with). One of the four highways of mediaeval England, Ermine Street ran from London to York via Lincoln. The other 3 are the Icknield Way, Fosse Way and Watling Street. So now you know!
7 Remote observatory room with office (5,7)
SPACE STATION - SPACE (room) STATION (office; place where (e.g. police) officers are based). I came across this decoration above the bijou old police station in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire last weekend...

Little boy blue. Geddit?
11 Top act, male, extremely assured on ship (9)
HEADLINER - HE (male) with the outside letters of [extremely] AssuredD [on] LINER (ship).
14 Indian side-dish bloke consumed shortly before one (7)
CHAPATI - CHAP (bloke) ATe (consumed) without the E [shortly] I (one, the roman numeral).
16 Ring tax company about book of a certain size (6)
OCTAVO - O (ring) VAT (Value-added Tax) CO (company) all reversed [about]. Read all about book sizes here.
19 British fighting force is nuts (5)
BARMY - B (british) ARMY (fighting force). The Barmy Army certainly got something to cheer about last Sunday. Blimey!
21 Old English letter seen in archive throughout (3)
ETH - Hidden in archivE THroughout. Don't know your futhorc runic alphabet? Learn about it here.
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