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Times 27,407: A Toast To The Happy Couple?

About as easy as Times 15x15s get, pace a few interesting words like 5dn and 17dn. There seems to me to be a nonzero chance that this puzzle is to celebrate a wedding, if 10ac, 11ac, 13ac, 16ac, 26ac, 8dn, 23dn and 27dn are anything to go by - have I missed any others? Perhaps the name of the couple is 4dn, as this seems to be central too somehow. Anyway sincerest congratulations to them both if this is actually what is going on - I wish you a long life of joy and Times Crossword puzzles together!

7 Kind of rock wayward genius has put in ring (7)
IGNEOUS - (GENIUS*) ["wayward"] has put in O [ring]

9 Somehow, is crop circle a sign? (7)
SCORPIO - (IS CROP O*) ["somehow"]

10 United duo having just achieved goal in match? (9)
NEWLYWEDS - cryptic def. We're talking about the sacred institution of marriage, not the even more sacred one of football, here.

11 Daughter and a friend, ignoring the odds, took on challenge (5)
DARED - D + A + {f}R{i}E{n}D

12 Method of paying, initially, that could be catch (3)
COD - or, alternatively punctuated, C.O.D., the acronym for Cash On Delivery.

13 Its consumers are celebrating achievement of union (7,4)
WEDDING CAKE - cryptic def. Again we're talking about people getting married. Is this puzzle dedicated to an actual pair of 10 perchance?

15 Finishes off any new ale — one way to work on glass (6)
ANNEAL - AN{y} NE{w} AL{e}

16 Records a pair of names, too — endlessly together (6)
ANNALS - A + N N + ALS{o} [too, "endlessly"]

20 They extend a line — casts twice end badly (11)

22 Original piece of art framed in fine 4 (3)
OAK - A{rt} in OK [fine]. 4dn = WOOD.

24 For example, working with 4 boats (5)
CRAFT - Double def. 4dn still = WOOD.

26 Desirable feature of house that's comprehended by groom, in essence (9)
ROOMINESS - hidden in {g}ROOM IN ESS{ence}

28 Literary great, in time, was told about book (3,4)
THE BARD - T [time] + HEARD [was told] "about" B [book]

29 Dog that is with novelist from same part of world (7)
SCOTTIE - I.E. [that is], with SCOTT [novelist who is from Scotland, like the dog. There's a clue to their provenance in both their names, really]

1 Easy task? Part of it could be a piece of cake (6)
PICNIC - Double def. If this is a thematic puzzle, maybe the cake is wedding cake.

2 Unable to move under white blanket (6,2)
SNOWED IN - cryptic def

3 Fish from front or stern of dinghy (4)
DORY - or, put another way, the D OR Y of "dinghy"

4 Duke attached to court in deal, for example (4)
WOOD - D [duke] attached to WOO [court]

5 Ornamental shrub is feature of cathedral area (6)
SPIREA - SPIRE A [feature of cathedral | area]

6 Unable to deliver speech in exceptionally low dress (8)
WORDLESS - (LOW DRESS*) ["exceptionally"]

8 Place with company, finally, as regular partner (6)
STEADY - STEAD [place] with {compan}Y

9 Bird appearing as one's sitting in hide (6)
SISKIN - I'S [one's] "sitting in" SKIN [hide]

13 Practice a craft, as setter and solvers have stated (5)
WEAVE - homophone of WE'VE [setter and solvers have]

14 Casual garments, we hear — they're passed on by parents (5)
GENES - homophone of JEANS [casual garments]

15 Including account in financial check, said why that's bold (8)
AUDACITY - including AC [account] in AUDIT [financial check] + Y ["said" WHY]

17 Transformed art tome with old representation of Cupid (8)
AMORETTO - (ART TOME*) ["transformed"] + O [old]

18 Really liked a party on extreme left (6)
ADORED - A DO RED [a | party | on extreme left, like Ken]

19 Cause of tears known to the cognoscenti? (6)
ONIONS - and the cognoscenti "know their onions"

21 Does some gardening work in suit (6)
SPADES - double def

23 Satisfied with endless show of affection? That's fate (6)
KISMET - MET [satisfied] with KIS{s} ["endless" show of affection]

25 Timber used in the afterdeck, being extremely selective (4)
TEAK - T{h}E A{fterdec}K

27 Revered person adding line to acceptance speech (4)
IDOL - add L [line] to I DO [acceptance speech]
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