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Times Quick Cryptic No 1398 by Tracy

I found this easier than yesterday's, which I did just beforehand, but I was aware of that nice experience, notable by its rarity, where for a good number of the clues the first thing that sprang to mind ended up being the correct answer. I don't know if that's wavelength or luck - I suppose the flitting mind is subject to a degree of chance - or perhaps it's more to do with well-crafted nudges from a setter in a generous mood. Anyway, I was a bit over 10 minutes for yesterday's and a bit under 6 for this, which is about as quick as I get. So obviously I found this a most pleasant solve - many thanks to Tracy! Oh, and you'll be pleased to have the Rotter back this time next week.

1 Wintry weather in south at present (4)
SNOW - S(outh) NOW (at present)
4 View of country importing gold (8)
PANORAMA - PANAMA (country) importing/bringing in OR (gold)
8 Dwelling of a French girl in Cockney area (8)
BUNGALOW - UN ("a", French) GAL (girl) in BOW (cockney area)
9 Beginning to describe strange percussion instrument (4)
DRUM - D (beginning to Describe) RUM (strange)
10 Wrong about grand gesture (4)
SIGN - SIN (wrong) about G(rand)
11 Islamic symbol in curved street (8)
CRESCENT - double definition
12 Fellow cut rent for ski lodge (6)
CHALET - CHAP (fellow), cut [the last letter]; LET (rent)
14 I'm sadly having to go back for a highly seasoned sausage (6)
SALAMI - IM, ALAS (I'm, sadly) going back/returning
16 Food sent back, and, for Fritz, last of barley wine (8)
BURGUNDY - BURG (grub = food) sent back, UND ("and" in German/for Fritz) Y (last in barleY)
18 Thin fog may be avoided, we hear (4)
MIST - we hear the same as MISSED (avoided)
19 Help retired head of lyceum to make call (4)
DIAL - DIA (aid = help, retired/returned) L (head of Lyceum)
20 Target of ridicule in genuine denial (8)
REBUTTAL - BUTT (target of ridicule) in REAL (genuine)
22 Displaced persons, finally, receive an answer (8)
RESPONSE - anagram (displaced) of PERSONS, E ("finally" receivE)
23 Fine Hungarian wine needing no introduction (4)
OKAY - TOKAY (Hungarian wine) without the introductory letter. I had a cheapish bottle of Tokaji furmint not so long ago and remembered the name, but I hear the Tokay or Tokaji region does produce some rather fine wine.

2 Initially, neither of us is hard to feed (7)
NOURISH - N ("initially" Neither) OUR (of us/belonging to us) IS H(ard)
3 Joker aboard truck (5)
WAGON - WAG (joker) ON (aboard)
4 Comrade, drink up! (3)
PAL - LAP (drink) up/reverse
5 Very recently made top state (3,6)
NEW JERSEY - NEW (very recently made) JERSEY (top)
6 Extremist spoke about start of communism (7)
RADICAL - RADIAL (spoke) about C (start of Communism)
7 Medical Officer on vessel gets to wear black, perhaps (5)
MOURN - MO (Medical Officer) on URN (vessel)
11 Escape quickly after seeing copper close to flat with ladder (3,3,3)
CUT AND RUN - CU (copper) T ("close" to flaT) AND (with) RUN (ladder, in tights, etc.)
13 Members cheek fielder (3,4)
LEG SLIP - LEGS (members/limbs) LIP (cheek). Slightly odd sounding surface, meaning: [club] members [give] cheek [to] fielder.
15 A blemish covered by mother's cosmetic (7)
MASCARA - is A SCAR (a blemish) covered by MA (mother)
17 Join squad, English (5)
UNITE - UNIT (squad) E(nglish)
18 Saw bishop out of bed, having risen (5)
MOTTO - take B(ishop) out of BOTTOM (bed), and reverse it (having risen). Saw/axiom/adage/etc.
21 Extra purchase, reportedly (3)
BYE - sounds like ("reportedly") BUY (purchase) - an extra in cricket.
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