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Times 27405 - sink or swim

I swam or 20a quickly through this one, 15 or 16 minutes, pausing only to think about 22a and my LOI 27a in terms of parsing. Nothing else very scary or exciting. A few obvious anagrams should get you well on the way.

Next week my learned colleague Olivia will be doing the honours again while I move house, so none of my nonsense!

1 Man from another planet intercepted by copper (6)
MARCUS - An easy one for Verlaine, perhaps? CU goes inside MARS.
5 Worthless plane makers suffering setback — evidence of metal fatigue? (8)
GIMCRACK - Our usual Russian MIG is reversed, followed by a CRACK.
9 Time of revolution finishing — grand for short time (8)
GERMINAL - TERMINAL has its T replaced by a G.
10 Phone city in Alabama (6)
MOBILE - Double definition. Different pronunciations.
11 Hard world where things can get very hot (6)
12 Threat to health, minute one found in time (8)
LISTERIA - LIST = minute, as in minute of a meeting; ERA has I inserted.
14 Unease of party politician with nothing certain (12)
DISCOMPOSURE - DISCO = party, MP = politician, O SURE = nothing certain.
17 One rogue's run off — “brainy” operator? (12)
20 Lifelong publishing employee made fast progress (8)
CAREERED - CAREER = lifelong, as in 'career ambition'; ED in publishing.
22 Youngster, said by Australian to be a chip off the old block? (6)
SHIVER - I'm not big on Oz speak, but my Australian seafaring uncle used to call me "The Shaver" when I was eight or nine, so I guess this is an Oz pronunciation of SHIVER as 'SHYVER' for shaver, and shiver is a synonym for a sliver or shard.
23 Month seeing end of winter has sheep getting grass (6)
MARRAM - MAR(ch), RAM = sheep. Marram grass is that coarse stuff which grows on sand dunes.
25 Cooking two fish to cover starter for dinner (8)
CODDLING - COD and LING have D(inner) inserted.
26 Alarming changes on the border (8)
27 Revolutionary period involved in no end of vile execution by drowning (6)
NOYADE - DAY reversed inside NO (vil)E = no end of vile. From French noyer to drown, notably execution by said method as practised in the "Reign of Terror" at Nantes in 1793-4.

2 Mountain features exist, appearing above ascending group (6)
ARETES - ARE = exist, TES = SET reversed.
3 Friendship of dear America going awry (11)
4 Oddly saying academic work offers reconciliation of ideas? (9)
SYNTHESIS - S a Y i N g > SYN, THESIS = academic work.
5 Miss one constellation as astronomer with primitive telescope (7)
GALILEO - Miss = GAL, I = one, LEO constellation.
6 Notes a particular male going the wrong way (5)
MEMOS - SOME M reversed.
7 Difficulty chipping end off stone (3)
RUB - RUB(Y). As in "aye, there's the rub" spoken by Hamlet.
8 Underground workers using dogs to catch snooper finally (8)
COLLIERS - COLLIES dogs catch an R from end of snooper.
13 Industrial German city — it upset colleague, by its very nature (11)
ESSENTIALLY - ESSEN on the Ruhr, IT reversed, ALLY = colleague.
15 Journalists meeting knotty situation to the north kept going (7,2)
PRESSED ON - PRESS = journalists, NODE = knotty situation, reversed.
16 Type of information encountered — notice a brief acknowledgement (8)
METADATA - MET = encountered, AD = notice, A, TA = brief thanks.
18 A bitter uprising separating two sides on the left? (7)
RADICAL - R and L = two sides, insert A and ACID reversed. R (A DICA) L.
19 Was monarch no good to be restricted? (6)
REINED - REIGNED loses its G = no good.
21 Dish on Japanese menu? Head of restaurant has the final word (5)
RAMEN - r(estaurant), AMEN = final word.A Japanese dish with noodles in a broth.
24 Charity event in tabloid? (3)
RAG - Double definition.

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