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Times Cryptic 27404

I needed 59 minutes to complete this one but on refelection I'm not sure why. I shall be interested to read how others fared.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Siamese location on main line (4-5)
SEAL-POINT - SEA (main), L (line), POINT (location). It's a variety of Siamese cat. It has come up before in a couple of long-forgotten 15x15s, on both occasions as a 9-letter word. More recently (well, in 2016) it was in a Jumbo as (4-5)
6 Day needed to bottle Irish rum (5)
WEIRD - WED (day) containing [to bottle] IR (Irish)
9 Repeatedly thanks plumber, finally turning taps (3-1-3)
RAT-A-TAT - Reverse [turning] of TA TA TA (repeatedly thanks), {plumbe}R [finally]. Taps on the door.
10 Brutal Scotsman masking new and unpleasant whiff (7)
INHUMAN - IAN (Scotsman) containing [masking] N (new) + HUM (unpleasant whiff). A surface reading best not thought about if solving over breakfast!
11 Cloth Asians wrap around copper piping inside (5)
DHOTI - HOT (piping) contained by [inside] DI (copper - Detective Inspector)
12 Green specialist in City loves squeezing large marrow (9)
ECOLOGIST - EC (City), 00 (loves) containing [squeezing] L (large), GIST (marrow - the vital or essential part of e.g. an idea or argument)
13 Faculty has objective bringing in Liberal (5)
FLAIR - FAIR (objective) containing [bringing in] L (Liberal)
14 Clear to me, suffering, one gets there eventually? (9)
LATECOMER - Anagram [suffering] of CLEAR TO ME
17 Wasted the bacon sandwiches one cut (9)
AITCHBONE - Anagram [wasted] of THE BACON contains [sandwiches] I (one). SOED has: A cut of beef lying over the buttock or rump bone.
18 Some drivel in edition with ruling (5)
LINED - Hidden in [some] {drive}L IN ED{ition}. As in 'lined notepaper'.
19 Pet having to tolerate an arboreal creature (5,4)
HONEY BEAR - HONEY (pet - terms of affection), BEAR (tolerate), aka kinkajou, sun bear and sloth bear, or so Collins informs me.
22 Minimal information about English female in suit (5)
BEFIT - BIT (minimal information) containing [about] E (English) + F (female)
24 Improve gag about old uniform (7)
RETOUCH - RETCH (gag) containing [about] O (old) + U (uniform)
25 University student is clear to return gadget (7)
UTENSIL - U (universtity), then L (student) + IS + NET (clear) reversed [to return]
26 500 on ship wear formal clothes (5)
DRESS - D (500), RE (on), SS (ship). As in 'dress for dinner'.
27 Strip staff member giving support in tent (9)
RIDGEPOLE - RIDGE (strip), POLE (staff). I'm assuming this from Collins accounts for 'member' in the clue: a component part of a building or construction.
1 Actor finally in cast gets smallest part (5)
SHRED - {acto}R [finally] contained by [in] SHED (cast)
2 One to depart this world like man strapped in tight? (9)
ASTRONAUT - AST (like), RON (man) contained by [strapped in] TAUT (tight)
3 Pawn courts one escaping wealthy tribal leader (9)
PATRIARCH - P (pawn), ATRIA (courts), R{i}CH (wealthy) [one escaping]
4 Wearing but a smile as fitness keeps love secure in Bury (2,3,10)
IN THE ALTOGETHER - HEALTH (fitness) contains [keeps] 0 (love) + GET (secure), all contained by [in] INTER (bury). Two rather coy ways of referring to nakedness, the one in the answer reminding me of this as sung by Danny Kaye in the first film I ever saw.
5 Meagre dinner though not badly cooked (4,2,3,6)
THIN ON THE GROUND - Anagram [badly cooked] of DINNER THOUGH NOT
6 Sorted how to contain area round burning bush (5)
WAHOO - Anagram [sorted] of HOW contains A (area), O (round). A word unknown to me, but it's a shrub and apparently one variety of WAHOO has the nickname 'burning bush'.
7 Metrical patterns in book one French friend carries (5)
IAMBI - I (one), AMI (French friend) contains [carrries] B (book)
8 Made inedible with teeth, all at first tucking in (9)
DENATURED - A{ll} [at first] contained by [tucking in] DENTURED (with teeth).Another word unknown to me. I thought 'false' was missing from the reference to teeth but apparently 'denture' can mean a set of natural teeth.
13 Exploit ambassadors, visibly embarrassed having got down (9)
FEATHERED - FEAT (exploit), HE (ambassadors), RED (visibly embarrassed). I think we may have a stray S on 'ambassadors' here as H.E. stands for 'His/Her Excellency' which in the plural would be 'Their Excellencies' so presumably the abbreviation would not apply.
15 Broccoli in clear base that's reconstituted (9)
CALABRESE - Anagram [reconstituted] of CLEAR BASE
16 Policy statement complicated by means of it? (9)
MANIFESTO - Anagram [complicated] of MEANS OF IT
20 Fool around, producing explosive component (5)
NITRE - NIT (fool), RE (around). Can RE really mean 'around'? I don't think so.
21 Heard tropical disease is for the solver to deal with? (5)
YOURS - Sounds like [heard] "yaws" [tropical disease]. I didn't know the tropical disease but took on trust that 'yaws' or 'yawes' would exist as such.
23 Duke in hat to see señorita's wiggle (5)
TILDE - D (duke) contained by [in] TILE (hat). Delightful definition!
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