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Times Quick Cryptic 1396 by Hurley

There seemed to be a few unusual bits and pieces going on in this which all made it fun. It didn’t seem that easy so I was pleased to finish just inside 10 minutes. Loi 6dn.
As well as the fast timers, it’s always good to hear from others who may be taking a bit longer or just pleased to finish (or nearly finish, maybe). We love to hear from everyone on this site, especially if it gives encouragement to/sympathy with others going through similar experiences - a tip of the hat here to the justly famous SCC - self-styled slow coach club - where we all started at some time or other.


1. Initially seen as crazy, keep bringing up the old musical instrument (7)
SACKBUT - (S)een (A)s (C)razy (K)eep (B)ringing (U)p (T)he. I’d heard of sackbut - quite why I don’t know - but I didn’t know it was a medieval form of trombone.
5. Caught by publicity about group (5)
CADRE - caught (C), publicity (AD), about (RE).
8. A race star turn, on the move, dining here? (10,3)
RESTAURANT CAR - anagram (on the move) of A RACE STAR TURN. Doubly good as one dines here when on the move.
9. Gain control over law-enforcing group, extremely sedulous (7)
POSSESS - law-enforcing group (POSSE), (S)edulou(S).
10. Let in a Duke with German (5)
ADMIT - a (A), (D)uke, with in German (MIT). A level German swung smoothly into gear here - I hope everyone else was OK with this as it’s usually just 'the', 'in' and 'a' in French/German in Crosswordland.
11. Digress in law and err (6)
WANDER - in la(W AND ER)r.
13. After sleep, left in the morning uproar (6)
BEDLAM - sleep (BED), left (L), morning (AM). Whilst I would agree with anyone who thinks that going to bed can be different from going to sleep, Collins has bed = sleep or rest (as in time for bed).
15. Wild, hit out regularly? Silly (5)
IDIOT - w(I)l(D) h(I)t (O)u(T). Silly as a noun sounds a bit odd but a silly-billy or 'you silly' = and idiot.
16. He tries tips from Erasmus, say, with indication of hesitation (7)
ESSAYER - (E)rasmu(S), say (SAY), indication of hesitation (ER).
19. Government not in control of this soldier faction meeting other ranks (7,6)
PRIVATE SECTOR - soldier (PRIVATE), faction (SECT), other ranks (OR).
20. Stealing article, flees town at first (5)
THEFT - article (THE), (F)lees (T)own.
21. That will never happen, road men at work (5,2)
DREAM ON - anagram (at work) of ROAD MEN.


1. Cancel fight (5)
SCRAP - double definition.
2. Touchy after legal proceedings seeing H and h as different? (4-9)
CASE-SENSITIVE - touchy (SENSITIVE) after legal proceedings (CASE). Good to see a rather different type of clue.
3. Splendid bachelor party (5)
BRAVE - bachelor (B), party (RAVE). Brave as in fine, splendid - a brave sight/attempt - or in the case of both teams at Lords on Sunday - a brave display/performance.
4. Nonsense about Henry’s beat (6)
THRASH - nonsense (TRASH) about Henry (H).
5. Conservative with word of warning referring to type of lens (7)
CONCAVE - conservative (CON), world of warning (CAVE). From Collins - Cave = watch out! Word origin of 'cave' from Latin cavē! beware! Anyone else try 'contact lens'?
6. Ten at heart of it, my cadet smiles, enigmatically (7,6)
DECIMAL SYSTEM - anagram (enigmatically - cracking anagram indicator) of MY CADET SMILES, and an unusual definition.
7. This shows mistake was made — “maturer” is wrong (7)
ERRATUM - anagram (is wrong) of MATURER.
11. Wife greeting Papa with favourite dog (7)
WHIPPET - wife (W), greeting (HI), papa (P), favourite (PET).
12. Competitor in from France managed to get into Tourist Trophy (7)
ENTRANT - 'in' from France (EN), managed (RAN) to get inside TOURIST TROPHY (TT) - annual motorcycle races held in the Isle of Man.
14. Famous person’s stage of journey coming to close (6)
LEGEND - stage of journey (LEG), close (END).
17. Tantrum noticed by sound of it (5)
SCENE - homophone (by the sound of it) of noticed - seen.
18. Second showing somewhat nearer university (5)
RERUN - some of nea(RER UN)iversity.
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