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QC 1395 by Teazel

Well having had my first PB for a long time two weeks ago I now have another one that has taken me under the 6-minute mark. So many thanks to Teazel for giving me that milestone (and it is most appropriate as I believe my first ever blog puzzle was a Teazel). I think that after being a natural paper solver these many years I have now managed to get used to how the online version deals with overwriting of letters so that I don't waste so much time re-entering stuff. Onwards and upwards from here I hope!

FOI was 1A as God intended. After that most of the rest of the across clues went in pretty easily although not all on the first pass, but then practically everything went in in the down department so that when I came through again it was all ptretty straightforward. LOI was, I think, 12A. No particular clue really stands out for difficulty so I'll give my COD to the neatest surface which I judge to be 5D.

Not so much as a twitch on the NATRAF.

Definitions are underlined and everything else is explained just as I see it in the simplest language I can manage.

1 Throne for baby? (4,5)
HIGH CHAIR - cryptic definition.
6 Something lacking in a student’s year (3)
GAP - double definition.
8 Within radius, one has exclusive knowledge (7)
INSIDER - INSIDE (within) + R (radius).
9 Miss capturing rook — feeble! (5)
FRAIL - FAIL (miss) 'capturing' R (rook, as in the chess piece).
10 City casino — francs wasted (3,9)
SAN FRANCISCO - straight anagram ('wasted') of CASINO FRANCS.
12 Complain aloud, getting cut (4)
MOWN - homophone ('aloud') of MOAN (complaint).
13 Fearsome type making some progress (4)
OGRE - hidden word ('some'): prOGREss.
17 But older women can also take this trip (6,6)
MAIDEN VOYAGE - cryptic definition.
20 Not demanding illumination (5)
LIGHT - double definition.
21 Repel it, horrible snake? (7)
REPTILE - straight anagram ('horrible') of REPEL IT. Question mark included in the definition as other forms of reptile are available.
23 On the wagon, consuming zero alcoholic drink (3)
TOT - TT (teetotaller, i.e. on the wagon) 'consuming' O (zero).
24 Paraded, like some foods? (9)
PROCESSED - double definition.
1 Song is heard: one may succeed (4)
HEIR - homophone of AIR (song). An HEIR succeeds to an estate.
2 Special postage for secret police (7)
GESTAPO - straight anagram ('special') of POSTAGE.
3 Fish not paid for till it arrives (3)
COD - double definition (COD = Cash On Delivery).
4 A minor thoroughfare, not in the UK (6)
ABROAD - A + B ROAD (minor thoroughfare).
5 Beef regularly served in clergy-house dining room (9)
REFECTORY - EF (bEeF 'regularly') 'served in' RECTORY (clergy-house).
6 Informer that may be regularly 12? (5)
GRASS - something that may regularly be MOWN (cross refer to 12 across above as there is no 12 down).
7 Cheek raised on soft cushion (6)
PILLOW - LIP ('cheek') reversed (i.e. 'raised' in this down clue) 'on' (again in this down clue) LOW (soft, as in a low whisper or voice)
11 Such delicate control: grip net if loose (9)
FINGERTIP - straight anagram ('loose') of GRIP NET IF.
14 Recovers, for example, in the wet season (7)
REGAINS - EG (for example) 'in' RAINS (wet season).
15 A drug-smuggler on time? This may be lucky (6)
AMULET - A + MULE (drug smuggler) 'on' T (time) in this down clue.
16 Exaggerate what lover doubtfully admits (6)
OVERDO - hidden word ('admits'): lOVER DOubtfully.
18 At home, received what may be gold (5)
INGOT - IN (home) + GOT (received).
19 Drop article into cot (4)
BEAD - A (indefinite article) 'into' BED (cot).
22 Exercise, having eaten one baked dish (3)
PIE - PE (exercise) having 'eaten' I (one).
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